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Who We Are

Selling Signals is an online publication with the mission to provide the most comprehensive and actionable advice for sales professionals on the Internet. Written by salespeople for salespeople, our audience of top producers take advantage of our clear, comprehensive, and highly relevant articles to grow revenues, beat sales goals, and accelerate careers.

Topics we cover include lead generation, lead nurturing, deal-closing, sales management, sales software, and more. Join our community of high performers for sales insights, tips, and strategies that’ll help you crush the competition.

Our Story

Co-founded by proven salespeople and small business owners, Selling Signals was created as a sales-specific online resource for sales professionals. Identifying a gap in sales-centric publications online, Selling Signals fills that void via useful and actionable sales content, written by a team of sales experts with a wealth of real-world experience.

While most online publications hire generalist writers (or are generalist publications themselves), our editorial team consists of verified experts with experience on everything from ground-floor lead generation to executive sales leadership. Regardless of your specific question, need, or problem, we have top-notch insights to help.

Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy is driven by our mission to provide the best and most actionable advice for sales professionals. To ensure our content is unbiased and useful to our audience, we rely on the following parameters: 

  • Accuracy: Our advice is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.
  • Clarity: Our advice is easy to digest, understand, and ultimately, take action on.
  • Authority: We give our advice in a way that’s trustworthy, expertly written, and comprehensive.
  • Objectivity: Our advice is unbiased and objective. Our only goal is to provide our audience with the best information possible; this includes any purchase recommendations we make.
  • Specificity: Our goal is to provide advice and insights that are specific and actionable, helping our audience solve real-world problems and answer real questions.
  • Accessibility: We know our audience is comprised of busy salespeople who need detailed information, and we focus on giving advice in a way that’s both scannable and in-depth.

To ensure we meet these standards, we ask ourselves the following:

  • Who: Who is the specific audience we’re speaking with?
  • What: What do they specifically want to know or solve?
  • What Else: What related advice might our audience need to know?
  • Where: Where is our audience in terms of understanding a concept? Do they need help with a definition, step-by-step guide, or purchase decision?
  • How: How can we best deliver our information so our audience can understand and take action?

Contact Us

For editorial, media, or partnership inquiries, feel free to reach out to info @ sellingsignals.com. Remember to make your subject line clear so we can best direct your inquiry.

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