Trey LaRocca

Trey is a former salesperson and current Orange County-based tech, sales, and finance writer. His specialties include sales guides, personal finance articles, and reviews across financial and credit products. In his free time, Trey writes fiction and practices boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

How to Find Email Addresses for Sales Prospecting Success

Learning how to find email addresses? Check out the top 12 legitimate ways to find and verify email addresses for outbound sales prospecting.

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How to Create & Deliver an Elevator Pitch (+ Examples)

Master the elevator pitch with our ultimate guide, complete with steps and examples to help you sharpen your pitching skills.

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Top 11 Sales Closing Techniques for More Deal Wins

Learn the best ways to close a sale with our top eleven sales closing techniques, complete with guides and examples to help you along.

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How to Ask for the Sale: 19 Questions, Statements & Tips

Learn how to ask for the sale through our top sales transition statements, closing questions, and closing statements plus expert tips.

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What Is a Lead vs Prospect vs Opportunity?

Learn the differences between a lead vs prospect vs sales opportunity, as well as how to convert each one, in our handy guide.

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Top 75 Sales Statistics to Improve Any Selling Situation

Check out our curated list of key sales statistics for salespeople, including lead generation, lead nurturing, deal-closing, and management stats.

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Top 21 Door-to-Door Salesperson Tips 2022

Check out these top door-to-door salesperson tips for improving your results, including the best strategies for before, during, and after your visits.

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Top 62 Business Networking Statistics for Salespeople

Check out our compilation of key business networking statistics, including networking’s benefits, associated failures, and future outlook.

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Door-to-Door Sales: The Ultimate Guide

Check out our ultimate guide on door-to-door sales, including how it works, who it's right for, and how to do it well.

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