Alison Barretta

Alison is a Philadelphia-based technology writer, editor, and curator with 13 years of experience in the digital space. Her specialties include comparison guides and reviews across eCommerce and SaaS products as well as lifestyle. In her free time, Alison has received two HubSpot certifications plus a TEFL certification, as well as leads an online martial arts learning program.

9 Best CRMs for Salespeople & Sales Teams

Check out our independent editorial review of the best crm software for sales professionals, including use cases for each option.

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Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM: Choose the Best Option for You

Check out our breakdown of Salesforce vs HubSpot CRM features, pricing, and more, then decide whether either CRM is right for your business.

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8 Best CRMs for Financial Advisors in 2021

If you’re a financial advisor, learn why a CRM makes sense for you, and read our independent review of the best CRM for financial advisors.

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How to Implement Your CRM in 9 Steps (+ Free Checklist)

Follow our step-by-step guide for successful CRM implementation with your business, from choosing a CRM to monitoring post-launch performance.

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Top 18 Essential CRM Features & Which Ones You Need

Before you invest in a CRM, check out our guide to essential CRM features and learn which ones will most benefit your team and business.

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8 Best Lead Distribution Software for Lead Routing 2021

Learn how lead distribution software can streamline your sales process, then take a look at the eight best options in our independent review.

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Industry-Specific CRM: Find the Best Option for Your Niche

Discover the ways industry-specific CRM software can make your business more competitive in your field in our comprehensive guide.

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CRM Dashboard: How It Works + How to Create & Use One

Learn how a CRM dashboard can benefit your business, along with steps on how to set one up yourself in order to make better decisions.

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CRM Reporting: Essential Types & How to Create Them

Find out how CRM reporting can help you make better business decisions, then learn how to set up your own actionable CRM reports.

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