Pipedrive CRM Review: Pros & Cons, Features, Pricing for 2023

Pipedrive is a powerful customer relationship management platform. Read our review to learn about its features, pricing, and pros and cons.

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Pipedrive is an easy-to-use, sales-centric CRM with robust pipeline management. Its graphical UI and low monthly costs will suit small businesses seeking an accessible and affordable CRM. However, companies looking for a 3-in-1 platform with sales, marketing and service features may need to consider something else. Our Pipedrive review will help you decide if it’s right for your team, and offer alternatives if you want a CRM with sales, marketing, and service tools.

Pipedrive at a Glance

Pipedrive provides a no-frills approach to deal and contact management. Small businesses and newbies to CRM software will appreciate the visual interface and basic sales tools, but enterprises might need more advanced functions.

Price Range: $14 to $99 per user, per month (14-day trial)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Cost star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Core Features star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Customer Support star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Customization star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Advanced Features star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full


  • Intuitive & visual user interface
  • Superb pipeline management
  • All tiers are reasonably priced
  • 24/7 chat support with all plans


  • Users report inconsistent support
  • Limited reporting & analytics tools
  • Features could be more customizable
  • CRM may be prone to bugs at times

Pipedrive may be rated as an above-average CRM, but it’s important to think beyond generalities, including situations where sales leaders should consider adopting the CRM and some instances where it may not be as useful. Continue reading to learn more about Pipedrive’s use cases, pricing, key features, usability, and customer support, including what people think of Pipedrive and its alternatives. For a breakdown of our scoring logic, see our evaluation below.

When to Use Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a straightforward CRM that’s easy to implement and use so reps don’t have to divert too much time away from fostering client relationships and generating revenue. Companies seeking a reliable core of sales tools with an emphasis on pipeline management will find it in Pipedrive, along with around-the-clock access to user support should things go awry at any time. It’s also appealing to businesses on a tight budget thanks to its low monthly costs.

Click below for a complete list of the reasons to consider Pipedrive:

  • You Need to Implement a CRM Quickly: Pipedrive is ready to use almost immediately, as its simple sales features and preset elements yield a quick setup.
  • Your Team Is New to CRM Software: A clean and simple UI plus a vast knowledge base will help ease reps who are new to Pipedrive (and CRM software in general).
  • You’re a Small Business With a Limited Budget: Although it doesn’t offer a free-for-life version, Pipedrive’s entry-level plan includes a solid suite of sales functions from only $14.90 per user, per month — ideal for solopreneurs and startups.
  • You Only Need Sales Features: Pipedrive’s core functionality is centered around the sales process. It’s absent of any key marketing or customer support features.
  • You’re Seeking a Better Way to Organize Pipelines: Every Pipedrive plan comes with unlimited visual sales pipelines that are easy to build and track.
  • You Don’t Have In-House Tech Support: With 24/7 access to live chat and email support standard with all plans, Pipedrive is a good choice for companies that don’t have a dedicated tech staff available to troubleshoot CRM issues.
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If you’re interested in learning more about what this CRM can do, check out Pipedrive’s full list of plans for information on pricing and features — which you can cross-reference against your sales goals and budget. You can also test drive the software risk-free for 14 days.

When Not to Use Pipedrive

The simplicity and ease of Pipedrive make it an excellent option for most small-to-medium businesses looking for something they can use almost immediately. However, enterprises will be left wanting due to Pipedrive’s basic reporting, low-level customization, and absence of advanced features such as AI-powered automation. Pipedrive is also not an ideal choice for cross-department collaboration with marketing teams, as it’s strictly a sales-focused CRM.

Here are the scenarios where Pipedrive might not be the right fit:

  • You’re Looking for a CRM With Advanced Features: Pipedrive may be too lean for companies that need broader automation capabilities and stronger AI-powered tools.
  • You Also Need Marketing Tools: Although Pipedrive’s upcoming Campaigns add-on will imbue it with key marketing features, the base platform is purely sales-centric.
  • You Want a Highly-Customizable CRM: Large enterprises, in particular, may feel too limited by Pipedrive’s simplistic approach to customer management software.
  • You’re a Data-Driven Company: Pipedrive can generate basic CRM reports but falls short when it comes to deeper analytics and more flexible reporting options.
  • You’re a Solopreneur Wanting a Free, Scalable CRM: Pipedrive is one of the most affordable CRMs out there, but it doesn’t have a free-for-life version.
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Should Pipedrive not meet your criteria, check out our list of the best CRM software, which offers a detailed breakdown of the top CRM platforms according to use case and budget. You can also jump down to our list of the best Pipedrive alternatives.

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive has five subscription tiers. The entry-level Essential plan costs $14.90 per user, per month for basic lead and deal management, limited customization, and all-hours access to live chat support. Upper-level plans add workflow rules, a built-in phone system, and security alerts. Every Pipedrive subscription comes with a 14-day risk-free trial and no seat limits. Here’s a breakdown of Pipedrive’s pricing structure:

Annual Plan Monthly Rate$14 per user, per month$29 per user, per month$49 per user, per month$64 per user, per month$99 per user, per month
Monthly Plan Monthly Rate$24 per user, per month$39 per user, per month$64 per user, per month$79 per user, per month$129 per user, per month
Free Trial14 days14 days14 days14 days14 days
Key FeaturesLead & deal management, customizable pipelines, 24/7 live chat supportWorkflow builder, email sync & tracking, meeting schedulerIn-app dialer, free Smart Docs add-on, unlimited visual dashboardsPhone support, free Projects add-on, custom onboardingNo feature limits or restrictions, security alerts & rules, free add-ons
Custom FieldsUp to 30Up to 100Up to 300Up to 500Unlimited
ReportsUp to 15 per userUp to 30 per userUp to 150 per userUp to 250 per userUnlimited
Workflow RulesN/AUp to 30Up to 60Up to 90Up to 180

Users can enrich their Pipedrive plan with a handful of add-ons. These extras cost between $6.70 and $49 per company, per month depending on whether you opt for annual billing or a month-to-month plan. Pipedrive add-ons fortify the platform with lead management tools plus advanced document management for its lower-tier plans.

Pipedrive Add-Ons


Web Visitors

Smart Docs



This add-on is a robust lead generation tool and allows sales teams to interact with inbound leads via chatbots, live chat widgets, and web forms. It also includes Prospector, an outbound search tool that sources quality leads from a database of over 400 million profiles. LeadBooster is available for any Pipedrive plan for $32.50 per month annually (or $39 month-to-month).

Pipedrive Leadbooster

The Web Visitors add-on reveals information about how leads discover a company’s site — and which elements of their webpage aid in converting those leads into customers. Users can install a simple tracker that filters out unhelpful website traffic from high-quality leads. It can be included with any Pipedrive plan for $41 per month annually (or $49 month-to-month).

Pipedrive Web Visitors

Smart Docs is available in the Essential or Advanced levels for $32.50 per month annually (or $39 month-to-month). However, this add-on comes standard with Professional, Power, and Enterprise. It enables businesses to send and track quotes, proposals, and contracts from within the CRM, collect electronic signatures, and sync with documentation apps.

Pipedrive Smart Docs

Subscribers to Power and Enterprise plans can take advantage of Pipedrive’s online project management tool, and lower-tier users can purchase this add-on for $6.70 per month annually (or $8 month-to-month). Launch after-sales activities, customize milestones, and collaborate with your team with the Projects add-on’s templates, kanban boards, tasks, files, and notes.

pipedrive review projects

Send attractive emails to the right customers with the Campaigns add-on for $13.33 per month annually (or $16 month-to-month). This email marketing software includes an email builder, an analytics tool, and a segmentation feature. It allows you to create emails from scratch or templates and identify which ones drive the most conversions with its real-time reporting.

pipedrive review campaigns

Pipedrive Features

Pipedrive’s main purpose is to streamline the sales process through an uncluttered interface, with an emphasis on pipeline management. Of course, it also offers tools for contact management, basic sales automation, and activity tracking, to name a few. Head below for a list of the standout core CRM features found in Pipedrive.

Pipeline Management

All plans include unlimited kanban-style pipelines created by dragging and dropping the client or lead data you need throughout the appropriate stages. These sales pipelines are highly visual and easy to follow so teams can track deals from start to finish. Users can customize stages to fit their unique sales cycles, filter results according to reps or stage, and draw attention to key points using color-coded tabs.

Our independent editorial review of the best pipeline management software places Pipedrive among the top options.

Contact Management

Pipedrive Contact Management

Unlimited contact records are standard with every Pipedrive subscription. Basic contact management features enable you to group contacts by people or companies, then track all activity and correspondence. For a streamlined approach to data entry there’s smart contact data — available with Pipedrive Advanced and up — which enriches contact profiles with info from LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Lead Management

Pipedrive Lead Management

Pipedrive’s lead management is closely linked to its pipeline. Add lead information manually or through information scraped from web forms and chat widgets. From there, Pipedrive will pool leads into a leads inbox until you’re ready to qualify them. Once leads are qualified, they can be converted into a deal and sent right to the pipeline. The LeadBooster add-on (from $32.50 per month) introduces lead prospecting and lead nurturing tools to the base CRM.

See where Pipedrive lands on our list of the best lead management software for qualifying, tracking, and nurturing leads.

Reporting & Dashboards

Pipedrive Reporting & Dashboards

Pipedrive’s reporting module may be too limited for data-driven organizations, but for small businesses just needing to track CRM metrics regarding deal performance, activities, and email opens, it offers plenty. All plans come with a dozen report templates, and its two highest tiers include a custom report builder. All reports can be added to its eye-catching visual dashboards, which displays up to 25 reports at once.

Learn how CRM reporting and CRM dashboards can work together to provide your business with actionable insights — whether you use Pipedrive or another CRM.

AI Sales Assistant

Pipedrive AI Sales Assistant

A modest AI-powered Sales Assistant comes with every plan. Its primary function is to analyze past sales activity and offer feedback on how reps can improve their performance — along with which CRM or third-party tools they can use to achieve that. Pipedrive’s Sales Assistant also produces weekly progress reports to show reps how close they are to reaching their personal and team sales goals.

Sales Automation

Pipedrive Sales Automation

All Pipedrive plans (except Essential) have a basic workflow builder. You’ll be able to automate tasks related to deal stage progression and message sends through a simple visual point-and-click interface. Workflows can either be made from scratch or through any of Pipedrive’s customizable templates. You can even create your own workflow recipes to share with other Pipedrive users.

Workflows are a fantastic way to optimize your sales process; find out how to set up your own automated tasks in our complete guide to CRM automation.

Email Inbox

Pipedrive Email Inbox

Pipedrive’s integrated inbox (included with Pipedrive Advanced and up) syncs with all major email clients, including Gmail and Outlook. This allows you to send and receive messages right in the CRM, track email opens and clicks, and create custom signatures. To send bulk emails more quickly, use the customizable templates and pre-populated merge fields for a personal yet timely touch.

Check out our list of the best email marketing software, which places Pipedrive as a top CRM option for salespeople.

Document Management

Pipedrive Document Management

Subscribers to Pipedrive Professional and Enterprise have access to Smart Docs — which is also available as an optional add-on with Pipedrive’s lower plans. It enables Pipedrive to integrate with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive for sending and tracking quotes, proposals, and invoices. Other features include esignatures, autofill documents, and collaborative editing.

Mobile App

Pipedrive Mobile App

Pipedrive has a free mobile app for iOS and Android. Like its desktop counterpart, Pipedrive Mobile has an organized visual UI, but its app-exclusive features make it worth downloading. Notably, it offers offline access for contact and sales data so field reps can get the information they need even without a decent Wi-Fi connection. The Pipedrive mobile app also logs calls, schedules follow-ups, and integrates with Google Maps and other popular third-party apps.

If you’re looking for a CRM to take on the road, our list of the best mobile CRM apps features Pipedrive plus other options to consider keeping in your pocket.

Third-Party Integrations

Pipedrive Third-Party Integrations

The Pipedrive base platform may be somewhat lean beyond key sales functions — which is where its vast library of integrations comes into play. The Pipedrive Marketplace hosts over 300 apps spanning lead generation, email marketing, productivity, and much more. Notable integrations include Slack, Zoom, Trello, and even HubSpot CRM. Beyond native apps from Pipedrive Marketplace, you can also add integrations via Zapier or develop your own.

Your ideal CRM can be made even better when you add the right CRM integrations — check out our comprehensive guide to see how to install these external apps.

Pipedrive Ease of Use

Pipedrive was developed by a group of former sales professionals who wanted a CRM that catered to the exact needs of the individuals who go out and sell every day. That mission has culminated in one of the most intuitive CRMs ever made, boasting a tidy UI that’s simple to navigate and access. Pipedrive is especially renowned for its visual kanban-style pipelines, which can be customized via drag-and-drop.

Since Pipedrive is a CRM made with busy salespeople in mind, implementation is a fairly swift process. Most people should be able to pick up the software without much formal training; however, Pipedrive does have a few channels anyone can turn to if they encounter an issue or need some guidance — an extensive knowledge base, an active user community, and the Pipedrive Academy, which includes courses and tutorials on various aspects of the CRM.

Pipedrive user community

Pipedrive Customer Service

All Pipedrive plans include 24/7 access to live chat and email support. Enterprise and Power subscribers with account setting access are also eligible for phone support and optional custom onboarding. If you’d like to know more about the onboarding process, you can also visit the Pipedrive community to interact with other members. Overall, the CRM has a mixed reputation, but note that your mileage may vary depending on why you’re requesting help.

For technical matters, many users claim that Pipedrive staff are generally quick to reply to queries and offer comprehensive assistance across all support channels. However, when it comes to billing issues, several people have said that the quality of service they received was insufficient. Thus, it may help to do your due diligence by carefully reading the terms and conditions of your Pipedrive subscription and staying on top of any proposed billing changes.

pipedrive review customer service
Pipedrive contact support

What People Think of Pipedrive

What is the consensus on Pipedrive? We’ve browsed three of the top software review sites (Capterra, TrustRadius, G2) for ratings and comments to provide a more complete take on what users think of this popular sales-centric CRM.

Capterra LogoTrustRadius logo inlineG2 logo
4.5 / 5 stars8 / 10 stars4.2 / 5 stars
2,800+ total reviews400+ total reviews1,600+ total reviews

Pipedrive has accumulated a solid score from thousands of reviews from certified sites, but it helps to know the stories behind these ratings. We’ve combed through large swaths of reviews to reveal the most common reasons why sales professionals like Pipedrive — plus reasons why they may prefer alternative CRM software.

What People Like About Pipedrive

Ease of use is a major selling point for Pipedrive — and a bulk of its positive reviews reflects this. Fans of Pipedrive appreciate how simple it is to set up and navigate; its tidy and intuitive graphic interface has enabled many sales professionals to better manage and track their pipelines stage-by-stage. And while it may be a lightweight platform in terms of native features, users say Pipedrive’s vast library of third-party app integrations more than makes up for that.

What People Wish Pipedrive Did Better

Pipedrive’s quality of customer support is inconsistent, per a selection of accounts. While plenty of users have sung its praises for being timely and thorough, several disgruntled customers reported that their poor experience with Pipedrive support tainted an otherwise positive experience with the software itself. From a functionality standpoint, criticism for Pipedrive largely centers around its lack of flexibility in reporting, customization, and automation.

Alternatives to Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a fantastic option for small-to-medium companies that want a reasonably-priced CRM their sales team can use right out of the box. On the other hand, Pipedrive won’t appeal to larger organizations that are willing to pay a premium for complex sales and marketing features, richer reporting capabilities, and a vast array of customizable elements. Below are five CRMs we believe are the best Pipedrive alternatives:


Zoho CRM

HubSpot CRM



Freshsales is our winning CRM with a focus on AI automation. Freddy AI forecasts revenue, scores leads, interacts with prospects, and much more. Freshsales is priced similarly to Pipedrive; however, Freshsales is a better choice for teams wanting deeper AI-powered tools, a robust built-in phone system, and a malleable platform that can be tailored to suit any industry. Freshsales’ free plan supports three free users; paid plans go up to $69 per user, per month.

Read our comprehensive Freshsales review to learn more about this CRM and decide whether this platform is the right option for your business.

Pipedrive Alternatives - Freshsales

Zoho CRM is a top-rated marketing CRM with robust multichannel nurturing tools, premium features at a reasonable price ($14 to $52 per user, per month), and a free-for-life version available for up to three users. Organizations with a strong social media presence will like Zoho CRM’s tight integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, Zoho might not be as easy to set up as Pipedrive, and customizing it can be overwhelming for beginners.

See our in-depth Zoho CRM review to see if this popular sales and marketing CRM is the right one for your business.

Pipedrive Alternatives - Zoho

Like Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM is renowned for being one of the easiest to use platforms on the market. However, HubSpot CRM isn’t strictly sales-focused, as it also includes a number of inbound and outbound marketing tools. Plus, there’s a free version of HubSpot CRM that hosts up to 2,500 seats and is quite robust in features — ideal for cost-conscious solo workers and startups. Premium upgrades are available starting at $18 per month for two users.

Our complete breakdown of Pipedrive vs HubSpot CRM will help you decide which one of these user-friendly CRMs is right for your business.

Pipedrive Alternative - HubSpot CRM

Salesforce Sales Cloud is customizable CRM software offering advanced sales features, custom reporting, and AI-powered automations. While Salesforce is sales-focused like Pipedrive, it also includes campaign management and a Chatter tool for marketing teams. Its entry-level Starter plan costs $25 per user, per month while its Unlimited tier is priced at $330 per user, per month. Users can test run any of its plans with a 30-day free trial.

Read our comparison of Pipedrive vs Salesforce to learn how these two CRMs differ — and discover the ways in which they’re similar.

pipedrive review salesforce

Pipedrive and Insightly are both affordable and accessible CRMs, but they stand out for different reasons. While Pipedrive’s core features center around the sales process, Insightly’s emphasis is on project management. As easy as Insightly is to harness, it also features a selection of advanced sales tools to appease veteran CRM users. Insightly costs between $29 and $99 per user, per month; there’s a limited free-for-life version for up to two users, as well.

Check out our Insightly vs Pipedrive analysis to discover if either of these budget-friendly CRMs will sufficiently suit your sales needs.

Pipedrive Alternatives - Insightly

Take a look at our list of the best Pipedrive alternatives for even more details regarding the costs, usability, and features of Pipedrive’s main competitors.

How We Evaluated Pipedrive

To accurately assess Pipedrive, we identified six main categories essential to businesses looking for a sales-centric CRM with affordable paid tiers, robust core features, and an intuitive user interface. For each category, we determined key weighted subcriteria and assigned an overall score out of five to know how Pipedrive performed across the six major categories.

Evaluation Criteria

We put most weight on Pipedrive’s pricing and core features, since these factors are important for businesses or sales teams looking for a strong yet cost-effective sales platform. We then proceeded to assess its ease of use and customer support, which users needing intuitive software are likely to consider. Lastly, we looked into its customization and advanced features.

Core Features:
Ease of Use:
Customer Support:
Advanced Features:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Pipedrive CRM & What Are Its Key Features?

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM platform popular for its intuitive user interface and suite of robust sales tools for reps, teams, and businesses. Its key features include visual sales pipelines, contact management features, and a user-friendly platform that’s easy to set up and implement. Pipedrive also provides a la carte add-ons for document management, project management, lead generation, and email marketing campaigns.

Is Pipedrive CRM Suitable for Small Businesses, or Is It Better Suited for Larger Enterprises?

Pipedrive is suitable for both small businesses and larger enterprises, thanks to its scalable features and customizable platform. However, small businesses might find Pipedrive more beneficial, especially for its easy-to-use platform and affordable pricing. Large enterprises that rely on more complex automation might find Pipedrive lacking, since its AI sales assistant might not be considered as robust as other CRMs’ such as Einstein GPT, Zia AI, and Freddy AI.

Are There Any Limitations to Using Pipedrive That Users Should Be Aware Of?

Pipedrive is famous for its sales-focused and visual interface, but it also lacks in different aspects. First, Pipedrive doesn’t have built-in marketing tools that businesses might need, and users need to purchase higher tiers or add-ons to launch campaigns. Pipedrive’s reporting is also not its strongest suit, so data-driven companies might consider looking into alternatives. Lastly, it has limited AI capabilities needed to create more complex workflow automations.

Bottom Line: Pipedrive Review

Over 100,000 people around the globe rely on Pipedrive to manage their deals and leads. Upon reading this review, you may either decide to add to that number or seek another option. No matter which action you choose, remember to do your due diligence first. To fully understand this CRM, read in-depth Pipedrive reviews (like this one), test the software for yourself via a free trial or demo, or see our list of the top CRMs for salespeople to learn more about other available options.

This article was written by Alison Barretta and updated by Kezia Jungco.

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