Pipedrive vs Salesforce CRM | 2023 Comparison

Compare Pipedrive vs Salesforce to find the best CRM for your business. Read our in-depth comparison to make the right decision.

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Pipedrive and Salesforce are high-quality CRMs, each with unique advantages for different buyers. Pipedrive is affordable and easy to use, and its features are focused on the sales aspects of contact management. Meanwhile, Salesforce is pricier and more complex but has a breadth of robust features, including functionality for sales as well as marketing and support. Learning about the differences between these CRMs will help you select the right one for you.

Here are the situations when businesses use Pipedrive or Salesforce:

  • Pipedrive: Best for small-to-medium businesses in need of a highly visual, sales-focused CRM that they can easily roll out ($14 to $99 per user, per month)
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: Best for larger businesses that want an all-in-one CRM with in-depth reporting and countless customization opportunities ($25 to $330 per user, per month)

Although Pipedrive and Salesforce are both great choices in general, it could be that neither is right for your business. If you’re looking for other options, read our articles on the best overall CRM solutions and the best industry-specific CRMs. Otherwise, read on for at-a-glance information about these two CRMs.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce at a Glance

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
Price Range (Annual)$14 to $99 per user, per month$25 to $330 per user, per month
Core FeaturesEssential CRM features, but a focus on the sales toolsDeep functionality spanning sales, marketing, support
Ease of UseEasy to set up and use, even for those new to CRMsSteep learning curve, even for experienced CRM users
Customer Service24/7 email and chat support for all plans; phone support starts at Power planBusiness hours phone, email, and chat support for all plans
ReportingFocused on revealing insights about sales performanceCustom and template reports for all CRM activities
Sales AutomationCan automate various sales and communication actionsBuild custom workflows to automate any CRM task
Mobile AppCRM app with great task management featuresFind information and get AI-backed analytics on the go
App IntegrationsIntegrate with 400+ apps via Pipedrive MarketplaceAccess over 7,000 apps to further customize platform via AppExchange
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Pipedrive and Salesforce are similar in many ways, but they contrast in various dimensions as well. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between the two platforms in six main criteria as well as in crucial CRM features such as sales automation, reporting, and mobile application, or skip down to see how we evaluated each software.

Best for Pricing: Pipedrive

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
Free-for-Life OptionNoNo
Free Trial14 days30 days 
Starting Price (Annual)$14 per user, per month$25 per user, per month 
Enterprise Price (Annual)$99 per user, per month$330 per user, per month
Add-OnsFrom $6.70 per user, per monthFrom $5 per user, per month
Monthly BillingYesNo
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Winner: Pipedrive is the thriftier choice because of its low-priced plans, especially its Advanced plan, which gives affordable access to CRM automation.

Pipedrive is an economical option for businesses in that its plans start at $14 per user, per month, offering basic contact management features, and end at $99 per user, per month, giving users access to advanced customization, reporting, and support. Notably, its entry point to workflow automation functionality is lower than that of most other CRMs, clocking in at $29 per user, per month with the Advanced plan. Pipedrive also has a 14-day free trial.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce pricing Pipedrive

Salesforce is the more expensive choice, especially for businesses that want complete access to platform customization and automation. Its Unlimited plan is $330 per user, per month. While you can get Salesforce’s Starter plan for the low cost of $25 per user, per month, this is best for users who just want basic CRM features like contact and deal management. But, because of Salesforce’s complexity, these buyers might be better off purchasing a more user-friendly CRM.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce pricing Salesforce

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Best for Core Features: Salesforce

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
Contact ManagementOverview of lead’s activity, communications, and historyHolds all crucial data about each of your contacts
Lead ManagementLead pool filtering, integrated chatbots, lead prioritizationAutomatic lead scoring and routing, lead tracking
Pipeline ManagementVisual pipeline view, custom pipelines reflecting processSales opportunity tracking, activity-needed notifications
Advanced FeaturesAI Sales Assistant, sales goal setting, custom fieldsEinstein GPT, marketing campaign tracking
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Winner: Salesforce’s cross-departmental feature set beats out Pipedrive when it comes to its depth and flexibility.

Built by salespeople for salespeople, Pipedrive has all the CRM tools a sales team needs. It helps you perform the right actions at the right time to move deals forward while providing you with basic reporting to measure performance, standard automation to eliminate repetitive tasks, and sales tech stack tools to optimize your sales processes. Where Pipedrive’s functionality falls short is in other aspects of customer management, primarily marketing and business analytics.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce core features Pipedrive

Salesforce, on the other hand, has features for marketing and customer support as well, making it a more holistic CRM. And when it comes to sales, Salesforce still outshines Pipedrive, providing its users with top-notch lead and opportunity management tools for tracking deals and deeper analytics to uncover ways to close more sales and get more out of the software. Its Enterprise and Unlimited plans offer incredibly powerful reporting and automation functionality.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce core features Salesforce

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Best for Ease of Use: Pipedrive

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
Ease of SetupFairly quick and simpleLabor-intensive
Learning CurveGentleSteep
Common Positive ReviewsClean interface, visual pipelines, simple navigationCustomizable, easy to use features once learned
Common Negative ReviewsLimited AI, analytics, email marketing capabilities, and integrationsSetup can be confusing, hard to get team-wide adoption
Knowledge Base
Community Forums
Certification ProgramsPipedrive AcademyTrailhead Academy
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Winner: Pipedrive is one of the easiest CRMs to use because of its clean user interface, simple setup process, and visual pipelines.

Pipedrive was built from a salesperson’s perspective with a remarkably easy-to-learn user interface and intuitive navigation, which receives glowing reviews from real users online. You can also customize its Kanban-style pipelines to visualize and track a deal’s progress from start to finish, as well as drag and drop contacts into different stages. Users can leverage its blogs, knowledge base, and forums to find answers and learn CRM courses via Pipedrive Learn.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce ease of use Pipedrive

Salesforce is notoriously difficult to learn in full, but once you’ve mastered it, the platform is pretty simple to navigate. Of course, its sprawling feature set makes this education quite the undertaking, inspiring many users to join Salesforce’s Trailhead Academy or, unfortunately, just give up on some of its advanced functionality. Managers might run into adoption problems where their team isn’t using the platform to its fullest, which can reduce the ROI in the CRM.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce ease of use Salesforce

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Best for User Support: Pipedrive 

Pipedrive Logo salesforce logo
Standard Business Hours24/7 supportWeekdays during local business hours
Support ChannelsPhone (Power and Enterprise plans only), email, live chatPhone, email, live chat for all plans
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Winner: Pipedrive gets the nod here because of the overall quality of its support staff based on customer reviews.

Pipedrive provides access to email and live chat support 24/7, regardless of your plan, and its Power and Enterprise plans add phone support to the mix. Notably, compared with Salesforce, its average quality of support ratings on review sites such as G2 and Capterra are higher, and its average score is tied to TrustRadius. On top of its inclusions per plan and great ratings, users state that Pipedrive’s staff is quick to respond and comprehensive in their assistance.

Pipedrive vs Salesforce user support Pipedrive

All Salesforce plans come with email, phone, and live chat support during local business hours. Regardless of their current plan, users can pay extra for premium support that includes features like 24/7 support, one-on-one sessions, faster response time, and even discounts on Trailhead Academy courses. For larger businesses that can afford this premier option, Salesforce might be a good option. But companies that want to avoid extra costs might want to look elsewhere.

Salesforce Sales Cloud user support - Pipedrive vs Salesforce

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Best for Reporting: Salesforce

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
Basic Report TemplatesAll plansAll plans
Custom ReportingProfessional: Max 150 reports per user
Enterprise: Unlimited
All plans
Advanced ReportingProfessional and EnterpriseEnterprise and Unlimited
Reporting DashboardEssential and Advanced: 1 dashboard per user
Professional and Enterprise: Unlimited dashboards
Limit of 20 reports per dashboard
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Winner: Salesforce gives you reporting functionality to extract insights about your opportunities, customers, and performance to make data-driven choices.

Pipedrive offers basic deal, activity, and goal reporting templates across all plans, allowing users to find insights like the likelihood of a deal closing and why, the average number of cold calls it takes to generate a lead, or how close they are to their revenue quota. Pipedrive only starts to offer advanced reporting like custom fields and reports or revenue forecast reports at the Professional tier. Ultimately though, its reports are easy to build but lack sophistication.

Pipedrive sales reporting

Salesforce, by contrast, gives all users the fields, filters, groupings, and charts to build deeply insightful custom reports on almost anything they’d like to know regarding sales performance, deal management, or forecasting. Its advanced features, reserved for its Enterprise and Ultimate plans, include cross filters and bucketing that allow users to easily organize data. Plus, Einstein GPT provides reps with advice on what actions to take or the score of a lead.

Salesforce reporting dashboard - Selling Signals

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Best for Sales Automation: Salesforce

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
Workflow Editor InterfaceVisual drag-and-dropVisual point-and-click
Workflow TypesUpdating deals, sending emails, deal assignmentDeal management, task creation, approval requests
Workflow Rule LimitsEssential: 0 rules
Advanced: Up to 30 rules
Professional: Up to 60 rules 
Power: Up to 90 rules
Enterprise: Up to 180 rules
Starter: 0 flows
Professional: Up to 5 flows 
Enterprise: No limits
Unlimited: No limits
Workflow Templates
Workflows From Scratch
Visit PipedriveVisit Salesforce

Winner: Salesforce wins because it can automate numerous CRM and sales tasks, helping managers to enforce standard operating procedures and reps to save time.

Pipedrive offers simple automation features meant to increase the productivity of salespeople. Its Professional plan and above come with 36 premade automation templates and customizable workflow templates that can automate five types of tasks: creating and assigning activities, sending emails, creating opportunities, moving deals to new stages, and converting leads to deals. However, its automation is limited in relation to comparable CRMs.

Pipedrive workflow builder - Selling Signals

Salesforce, on the other hand, has more complex automation functionality. Its Process Builder provides a point-and-click interface where you can create processes to automate countless administrative and client communication tasks, from deal discount approval processes to email follow-up. You can also create workflows that guide salespeople through their deals, recommending the right action to take next, thereby enforcing your best practices.

Salesforce process builder - Selling Signals

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Best Mobile App: Salesforce

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
Mobile App CostFreeFree
Mobile App PlatformsiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Mobile Sync With CRM
Offline ModeMultiple itemsMultiple items
Standout FeaturesVoice notes, task management, email templates, visual pipelines, smart contact dataAI-backed insights, customizable interface, marketing features, dashboards and reports
Visit PipedriveVisit Salesforce

Winner: Salesforce wins this category thanks to its customizable user interface and access to AI-powered analytics while on the go.

Pipedrive offers a simple mobile app designed to help salespeople stay on schedule, track essential tasks, and find and update contact information in real time, even offline. The organized dashboard shows reps their upcoming calls or meetings, and the search function allows them to quickly find notes or information to prepare for those events. It also comes with convenient features like pre-written email templates to reschedule meetings as well as voice notes.

Pipedrive mobile app - Selling Signals

Salesforce offers an easy-to-navigate mobile app that makes it easy for salespeople to log emails and calls and access critical information about their prospects while on the move. Reps also are able to pull up real-time reports on the app, along with dashboards displaying important metrics. Reps can also easily customize the layout to personalize it to their needs (no coding required). The coolest of all is the ability to talk to Einstein GPT to make data-driven decisions.

Salesforce mobile app

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Best for App Integrations: Salesforce 

Pipedrive Logosalesforce logo
App MarketplacePipedrive MarketplaceSalesforce AppExchange
Number of Total Apps400+7,000+
Number of Free Apps100+1,700+
Visit PipedriveVisit Salesforce

Winner: Salesforce edges Pipedrive in app integrations because of the sheer number of apps users can add to customize their experience.

Pipedrive supports a healthy number of third-party integrations with many popular tools like PandaDoc, Slack, and QuickBooks via Pipedrive Marketplace. Users can integrate with 400+ integrations and choose from various app categories like lead generation, phone solutions, email marketing, and more. Pipedrive also offers an API for users to build out their own apps.

Pipedrive app integrations - Pipedrive vs Salesforce

Salesforce integrates with apps most reps are already using, like Google Cloud, Mailchimp, and LinkedIn. Moreover, the Salesforce AppExchange offers 7,000+ pre-integrated apps you can install to the CRM to further tailor the platform to your specific needs. Over 1,700 of these apps are free, but the rest require payment, typically in the form of a subscription.

Salesforce Sales Cloud app integrations - Pipedrive vs Salesforce

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Who Shouldn’t Use Pipedrive & Salesforce?

Pipedrive and Salesforce are both excellent CRM options. But some people still might be better off selecting a different CRM altogether. Below are some types of businesses and teams that may want to avoid buying either of the two platforms.

Who Shouldn’t Use Pipedrive

The following types of businesses and teams could be a poor fit for Pipedrive:

  • Large or Complex Businesses Needing Extensive Customization: Pipedrive’s feature set, flexibility, and app marketplace might be limiting for large enterprises.
  • Businesses That Want In-Depth Analytics and Reporting: Pipedrive’s analytics and AI insights are superficial when compared to similar CRMs.
  • Marketing and Customer Support Teams: While the CRM is great for salespeople, you'll have to buy other software platforms to aid in customer support and marketing.

If Pipedrive seems like a poor fit, don’t immediately hop over to Salesforce’s website. Instead, take a look at our complete Pipedrive review for an editorially-independent analysis and user roundup. You can also check out the reasons below why you might not consider Salesforce.

Who Shouldn’t Use Salesforce

The businesses below may want to consider a CRM other than Salesforce:

  • Small Businesses and Startups: Salesforce’s extensive feature set and customization capabilities could prove too overwhelming and expensive for smaller companies. 
  • Businesses Wanting to Implement a CRM Quickly: The learning curve for Salesforce is steep, so sellers must spend time learning the system before they can use it effectively.  
  • Businesses That Want a Basic Sales-Focused CRM: Those who just want to manage and track leads and opportunities visually are better off choosing a less sprawling platform. 

Don't be too quick to discount Salesforce if these use cases sound like you. Instead, check out our full Salesforce CRM review for an independent analysis of the software and its alternatives. If neither option sounds like a good choice, check out our top-rated alternatives below.

3 Best Alternatives to Pipedrive & Salesforce

Pipedrive and Salesforce are both high-quality platforms with thousands of happy customers, but there’s a chance neither is right for you. Whether you want a free CRM or more affordable CRM software with marketing and project management features, you have options. The below software platforms are the top substitutes for Pipedrive and Salesforce:


HubSpot CRM

Zoho CRM

Freshsales is our top-rated CRM overall, which offers a great alternative for those needing robust sales features and an easy-to-use interface for a reasonable price. They offer a free version for up to three users as well as premium paid tiers with advanced AI automation and lead generation features. Check them out today to see if it's a better option for you. However, if you need a more robust free version with a better mix of marketing features, try HubSpot CRM.

freshsales crm example

HubSpot CRM is a leading free CRM software offering essential sales features like deal tracking and basic reporting, as well as a solid mix of sales and service features. Upgrade into one of its paid tiers for advanced sales features such as forecasting, lead scoring, and workflows. However, it can be pricey for solo users or those with smaller teams, in which case we recommend Freshsales for sales features or Zoho CRM for a mix of marketing and sales.

hubspot pipeline example

Zoho CRM is a robust marketing and sales CRM with a basic free tier and advanced paid tiers with AI-powered sales tools and multichannel marketing tools such as social media management, email campaigns, and live chat integration. While it provides the best and most advanced mix of sales and marketing features for a reasonable price, its user interface can be difficult to navigate. For a more user-friendly option, consider Freshsales or HubSpot CRM.

Zoho CRM Sales Pipeline Software

Check out our lists of the best Pipedrive alternatives and the best Salesforce alternatives to learn about the other options and pick which is best for your business. In the articles, you’ll learn their pricing, feature sets, use cases, and more.

How We Evaluated Pipedrive vs Salesforce

To help you choose which CRM is more suitable for your business, we picked six main factors that are most important for sellers who need a strong sales CRM. From there, we identified six weighted categories, divided them into key subcriteria, and assigned an overall score out of five to determine the winner of each category.

Evaluation Criteria

We placed most emphasis on core features and pricing since salespeople who are considering Pipedrive and Salesforce need an affordable CRM software with robust sales-focused tools and options to upgrade as they scale. Next, we looked into the platform’s ease of use, customer support available, customization capabilities, as well as advanced features offered.

Core Features:
Ease of Use:
Customer Support:
Advanced Features:

Bottom Line: Pipedrive vs Salesforce

Although Salesforce wins when it comes to features and customization, Pipedrive is on top for usability and affordability. Ultimately, the ideal CRM will solve your business’s current issues, fit into your budget, and offer tools that align with your team’s goals. Consider scheduling a live demo with one of their sales reps to learn more about one of these software, or read our guide on the top CRM features to know which tools you should look for in each CRM option.

This article was written by Sam Rinko and updated by Kezia Jungco.

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