Freshsales vs Salesforce: Which CRM Is Right for You?

Freshsales and Salesforce are two popular CRM solutions. Compare features and more to decide which CRM is right for your business.

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Freshsales and Salesforce are both high-quality CRMs, but each has unique strengths and weaknesses. Freshsales is affordable and intuitive, with renowned AI-powered sales tools and strong feature value for cost. Salesforce, on the other hand, comes with both a larger price tag and a massive array of features and customization options. Learning what sets these CRMs apart from one another will help you choose which one best suits your business.

 Here are the situations when businesses might use one or the other:

  • Freshsales: Best for businesses that need an inexpensive, scalable CRM with AI tools and a low learning curve (free to $69 per user, per month)
  • Salesforce: Best for larger organizations wanting an all-in-one CRM they can tailor specifically to their sales teams through customization features ($25 to $500 per user, per month)

While Freshsales and Salesforce are both great choices, they might not be right for you and your business. If that’s true, we suggest expanding your search with our articles on the best overall CRMs and best industry-specific CRM solutions. Otherwise, check out this overview of both platforms.

Freshsales vs Salesforce at a Glance

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Price Range (Annual)Free to $69 per user, per month$25 to $500 per user, per month
Core FeaturesAI-powered content and lead insightsAdvanced lead, pipeline, and contact management tools
Ease of UseAccessible setup and usabilityBest for experienced CRM users
Customer Service24-hour weekday support for all plans24/7 chat support for basic plans; advanced support costs extra
ReportingGraphical reports and simple dashboardsIncredibly customizable reports and dashboards
Workflow AutomationBasic automation for a variety of categoriesComprehensive workflow automation options
Mobile AppUseful for calls and data viewingCustomizable offline access available
App IntegrationsBasic integrations like calendar and emailOver 7,000 apps, about 1,700 are free
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Freshsales and Salesforce are alike in many ways, but also have their fair share of contrasts. Continue reading to learn more about what sets these two platforms apart from one another in six major categories, plus critical CRM features such as reports and dashboards, workflow automation, and mobile applications. Or, skip down to see how we scored each software.

Best for Pricing: Freshsales

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Free-for-Life OptionYes (3-user maximum)No
Free Trial21 days30 days
Starting Price (Annual)$15 per user, per month$25 per user, per month
Pro Price (Annual)$39 per user, per month$80 per user, per month
Enterprise Price (Annual)$69 per user, per month$165 per user, per month
Monthly BillingYesNo
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Winner: Freshsales is the more economical option, with its low price compared to the features it offers.

Freshsales is the less expensive choice compared to Salesforce. While Freshsales’ free-for-life option is admittedly bare-bones, it serves as a useful tool for contact and account management. Their three paid plans offer a denser suite of features and higher customization options, and their low prices give you exceptional value for your money. Their monthly rate is slightly more expensive, but offers further flexibility for your budget.

freshsales vs salesforce pricing freshsales

Salesforce is the more expensive option, especially considering the costs of higher-tier plans. However, the starter tier offers a robust suite of tools for sales cycle management, as well as custom reports and dashboards. Higher levels offer further customization and insight features, including opportunity and lead scoring, along with comprehensive workflow automation options. The unlimited plan includes a suite of built-in Einstein AI insights.

freshsales vs salesforce pricing salesforce

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Best for Core Features: Salesforce

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Contact Management360-degree contact view; activity timeline for engagement-trackingComplete contact view; syncs with Gmail or Outlook; option to pull social media data
Lead ManagementAI-powered lead analysis; custom auto-assignmentAutomated lead routing; deep customization options
Pipeline ManagementVisual pipeline; AI-powered analysis and predictionsLead and opportunity views; highly customizable
Advanced FeaturesLead scoring; Freddy AI insights Multiple pipelines; custom field forecasts
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Winner: Salesforce is one of the most feature-rich CRM options out there, and takes the win over Freshsales.

Freshsales has a solid suite of features. The software’s Freddy AI enables users of the Pro plan and up to retrieve useful insights from their leads and deals, using historical data to provide real-time recommendations. Its lead scoring features are also available on more plans than Salesforce. Its customization is limited, however, only offering up to 10 pipelines on its highest tier.

freshsales vs salesforce core features freshsales

Salesforce, meanwhile, has a richness of features that is rarely matched. It extracts contact data from Gmail and Outlook, and its lead and opportunity pipeline management tools are incredibly customizable. Salesforce’s contact pages allow you to store comprehensive client information, and easy search filters and views let sales teams draw all manner of insights and forecasts.

freshsales vs salesforce core features salesforce

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Best for Ease of Use: Freshsales

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Ease of SetupQuick and easyTime-intensive and involved
Learning CurveLowSteep
Common Positive ReviewsUser-friendly, great value for priceGreat customization, comprehensive features and integrations
Common Negative ReviewsFrequent bugs, poor customer supportExpensive, too complex
Knowledge Base
Community Forums
Certification ProgramsFreshworks AcademyTrailhead Academy
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Winner: Freshsales’ simple setup and easily understandable interface put it above Salesforce in this category.

Freshsales has a very user-friendly interface, as reported by a multitude of customers. Higher levels of customization do increase complexity, but its easily-navigable support page contains answers to many possible user questions, sorted by a dozen different subjects. Negative reviews reported bugs and an unhelpful customer support team, but overall, Freshsales is incredibly accessible.

freshsales vs salesforce ease of use freshsales

Salesforce’s suite of tools and features comes with the side-effect of a steep learning curve. Many sales teams will hire a software expert to streamline the process, but that requires time and resources. Once that curve is surmounted, though, many customers praise Salesforce’s breadth of options and depth of customization. In addition, Salesforce’s learning center Trailhead supplies helpful classes and modules for subscribers to upgrade their CRM skills.

freshsales vs salesforce ease of use salesforce

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Best for Customer Service: Freshsales 

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Standard Business Hours24 hours on weekdaysWeekdays during local business hours (24/7 for higher plans)
Support ChannelsPhone, email, live chat for all plansPhone and live chat for all plans
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Winner: Freshsales wins this category for its email support functionality and availability to more basic plans.

Freshsales’ customer service is available all day on weekdays, and has comprehensive phone, email, and live chat support. While some people have had less helpful experiences with the support team, the breadth of availability increases the chances that someone will be able to help with your concern. Freshsales also includes complimentary 1:1 sessions with an expert to onboard your organization and tailor the software to your goals.

freshsales vs salesforce customer service freshsales

Salesforce, meanwhile, does have strong customer service options available–for a price. Its Premier Success Plan offers 24/7 support, but it only comes with Unlimited; users of other plans must pay 30% of their net license fees. On the Standard Success Plan, phone support is limited to business hours and serious issues. Salesforce has a customizable onboarding system that organizations can set up to teach their employees relevant basic skills with the software.

freshsales vs salesforce customer service salesforce

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Best for Reporting: Salesforce

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Basic Report TemplatesAll paid plansAll plans
Custom ReportingAll paid plansAll plans
Advanced ReportingPro and EnterpriseEnterprise and Unlimited
Reporting DashboardUp to 6 reports per dashboardUp to 20 reports per dashboard
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Winner: Salesforce wins for best reporting due to its incredibly customizable reports and dashboards.

Freshsales has strong visual dashboards that allow up to six reports each. Its reports allow for viewing of granular metrics, along with custom and premade widgets for graphs and displays. These graphs can present several metrics at once, allowing you to group relevant data and visualize how certain measures affect one another. Advanced dashboards on higher plans can show team performance insights and sales trends.

freshsales vs salesforce reporting freshsales

Salesforce offers basic and custom reports and dashboards for all plans, with advanced reporting features like joint reports and buckets available at higher tiers. Its dashboards allow up to 20 reports, giving sales teams a truly comprehensive view of their sales and pipelines. Salesforce offers a wide variety of filters, views, and variables for you to customize reports to your organization’s precise needs.

freshsales vs salesforce reporting salesforce

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Best for Workflow Automation: Salesforce

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Workflow Editor InterfaceVisual point-and-clickVisual point-and-click
Workflow TypesContacts, email sends, lead qualificationsDeal management, approval requests, notifications
Workflow Rule LimitsFree: No workflows offered
Growth: Up to 20 flows
Pro: Up to 50 flows
Enterprise: Up to 100 flows
Starter: No workflows offered
Professional: Up to 5 flows
Enterprise: No limits
Unlimited: No limits
Workflow Templates
Workflows From Scratch
Visit FreshsalesVisit Salesforce

Winner: Salesforce offers a staggering amount of customization in its workflows, and no limits at higher plans.

Freshsales users can create custom workflows for leads, contacts, accounts, deals, tasks, meetings, and call logs. Its workflow interface is easy to understand, and it contains a variety of options for triggers, conditions, and actions. Pro and Enterprise plans provide time-based workflows that operate daily, weekly, or monthly.

freshsales vs salesforce workflow automation freshsales

Salesforce offers more customization and variety for workflow automation. From data and task management to marketing functions to report creation and beyond, Salesforce has the tools to help you automate whatever processes your team needs done so you can focus on sales. Its flow-chart process builder allows for high levels of process management, delivered in an easy-to-see visual fashion.

freshsales vs salesforce workflow automation salesforce

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Best for Mobile App: Tie

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
Mobile App CostFreeFree
Mobile App PlatformsiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Mobile Sync With CRM
Offline ModeView and create records and activitiesVarious items, customizable
Average User Rating4.5/5 stars (iOS Store)
4.2/5 stars (Google Play)
4.7/5 stars (iOS Store)
3.8/5 stars (Google Play)
Standout FeaturesVirtual phone number, intuitive UIReal-time reporting, mobile dashboards
Visit FreshsalesVisit Salesforce

Winner: Both mobile apps have unique features and high usability, putting them on equal footing.

Freshsales’ mobile app offers access to many of its core desktop features and unique mobile functionality. Its most useful feature is its virtual phone number, which allows salespeople to make calls from their personal devices without surrendering their own number to a client or business. Its offline functions are a bit limited, only containing three available functions: Read access, create new records or sales activities, and sync later when online.

freshsales vs salesforce mobile app freshsales

Salesforce’s mobile app lets you access smart dashboards and custom notifications. Its offline mode is incredibly customizable, allowing you to select up to seven items to be available when not connected to the internet; options include tasks, dashboards, contacts, accounts, leads, and more. However, like its desktop counterpart, its interface can be unintuitive and possess a steep learning curve.

freshsales vs salesforce mobile app salesforce

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Best for App Integrations: Salesforce

Freshsales logoSalesforce logo
App MarketplaceFreshworks MarketplaceSalesforce AppExchange
Number of Total AppsUnder 1,000Over 7,000
Number of Free Apps36Over 1,700
Visit FreshsalesVisit Salesforce

Winner: Salesforce wins this category due to its substantial offering of free and paid app integrations.

Freshsales’ lack of app integrations is one of its biggest downsides. However, it does have access to several crucial integrations, such as email, calendar apps, and Slack. You will probably be able to satisfy whatever basic integration needs you have; if you want to do something fancier or use more niche apps, though, you might have some difficulty accomplishing that with Freshsales.

freshsales vs salesforce app integrations freshsales

Salesforce’s AppExchange offers a staggering number of free and paid integrations, from the basics and beyond. Its app compatibility adds to the customizability of the software. Alongside email, calendar, and communication integration, Salesforce has access to thousands of apps that improve efficiency, manage data, add ecommerce options, and more. Some integrations may take more work to implement, though, so choose carefully based on your needs.

freshsales vs salesforce app integrations salesforce

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Who Shouldn’t Use Freshsales & Salesforce?

Freshsales and Salesforce are, ultimately, reasonably different softwares. Both have their pros and cons, and there are definitely reasons not to select either as your CRM of choice. Ultimately, each sales team should consider what they need from their CRM, and decide which product meets their unique sales needs.

Who Shouldn’t Use Freshsales

Organizations like these don’t usually find Freshsales to be the right fit:

  • Teams Needing Third-Party Sales Tools: Freshsales’ lack of app integration means that its third-party support is limited.
  • Teams Needing Project Management Support: Freshsales does not offer any project management tools in its CRM.
  • Marketing-Heavy Organizations: While Freshsales does have some marketing features, marking-reliant teams likely need more than they have available.

If your team falls into those categories, don’t immediately decide on Salesforce. For a complete perspective on when you may want to use Freshsales, check out our detailed Freshsales CRM review. Then, consider who shouldn’t use Salesforce below.

Who Shouldn’t Use Salesforce

Businesses such as the following often want to avoid Salesforce:

  • Small Businesses and Startups: Salesforce’s extensive feature set and high price point will be prohibitive for small teams.
  • Sales Teams New to CRMs: Unless you have expert support, Salesforce’s learning curve can be daunting to those new to CRM software.
  • Companies That Need Strong Tech Support: Salesforce is only available 24/7 to those who pay for higher plans.

Don’t immediately discount Salesforce if you resonate with these groups, though. For a full grasp of Salesforce’s features and use cases, check out our detailed Salesforce CRM review.

3 Best Alternatives to Freshsales & Salesforce

Zoho CRM


HubSpot CRM

Zoho CRM is a reasonably-priced marketing and sales CRM with multichannel touchpoints and strong social media integration. Its free-for-life version and paid plans starting at $14 per user, per month offer both sales and marketing tools, including Zia AI. Its breadth of customization options might make it inaccessible to new CRM users, however; for a more user-friendly option, check out Pipedrive.

freshsales vs salesforce zoho

Pipedrive is an intuitive CRM with visual sales pipelines that help you track your sales from beginning to end. There’s no free tier, but starting at $14 a month, teams can follow the platform’s soft learning curve and quickly develop an understanding of its features. Pipedrive uses kanban-style boards that you can customize using its drag-and-drop function. If you’re looking for a more robust CRM, though, try Zoho CRM.

freshsales vs salesforce pipedrive

HubSpot CRM is a leading free CRM software that scales easily into any of its premium levels. Its free-for-life plan supports up to 2,500 users and offers a wide variety of sales and marketing tools. Its lowest paid plan starts at $18 per user, per month, but its higher-level upgrades might be too expensive for small teams and individuals. For a more affordable paid software, check out Pipedrive.

freshsales vs salesforce hubspot

You can also look into our list of the best Freshsales alternatives and best Salesforce alternatives for a broader view of their competitors. Read those to compare the features, pricing, and other criteria of even more CRMs to determine which is a truly perfect fit for your team.

How We Evaluated Freshsales vs Salesforce

To help you decide between Freshsales and Salesforce for your business, we chose six essential factors for teams that need a strong sales CRM. We then weighted those categories, divided them into critical subcriteria, and scored them out of five to determine the winner of each.

Evaluation Criteria

We emphasized pricing and core features, which are key pillars for any sales team looking for a CRM. We then looked into each software’s advanced features, ease of use, and suite of customization options, since sales teams need to be able to tailor their CRM to their specific use case. Lastly, we investigated their customer support options and overall review sentiment to get a sense of what users really think of each tool.

Core Features:
Ease of Use:
Advanced Features:
Customer Support:

Bottom Line: Freshsales vs Salesforce

These two CRMs have radically different strengths; while Salesforce runs away with features and customization, Freshsales is the clear winner for usability and pricing. Both are excellent CRMs in their own right. Before deciding which option is best suited to your specific needs, consider signing up for a free trial or live demo, or read our independent review of best CRMs for salespeople.

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