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Comparing Insightly vs Salesforce? Discover the differences between these two popular CRM solutions and find out which one is right for your business.

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Insightly and Salesforce are both trusted and highly-regarded CRMs, but for different reasons. Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) gravitate toward Insightly’s affordable prices, accessible UI, and rich project management features. Enterprises like Salesforce’s highly-customizable platform, powerful analytics engine, and ample app integrations. Evaluating the differences between these two options will help you decide if either one is the best fit for your business.

Here are the situations in which each of these CRMs excels:

  • Insightly: Best for SMBs seeking an affordable and accessible CRM with project management tools and kanban-style organization (free to $99 per user, per month)
  • Salesforce: Best for large companies wanting a comprehensive CRM with deep analytics and myriad customization opportunities ($25 to $330 per user, per month)

Insightly and Salesforce are both great choices overall, but neither may fit what you’re seeking for your business. Should that be the case, we recommend you expand your search by reading our articles on the best overall CRMs and the best industry-specific CRM solutions. Otherwise, continue reading for at-a-glance information about these two platforms.

Insightly vs Salesforce at a Glance

insightly logosalesforce logo
Price Range (Annual)Free to $99 per user, per month$25 to $330 per user, per month
Core FeaturesFocus on data organization through project managementFocus on providing deeper client insights and analytics
Ease of UseSuitable for users of varying CRM experienceDesigned with the CRM power user in mind
Customer ServiceAll plans include live chat supportAll plans come with support during local business hours
ReportingBest for quick and easy reporting on deals and tasksIdeal for generating any type of CRM report
Workflow AutomationPrimarily automates tasks related to the pipelineAutomates nearly every sales and administrative task
Mobile AppCollects data via call logging and business card scanningCaches data for offline access, imbued with AI
App IntegrationsOver 1,000 apps availableOver 7,000 apps available
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Insightly and Salesforce are both capable CRMs, providing companies with tools for organizing sales data, streamlining workflows, and working remotely. However, their approaches to these functions vary. Continue reading to compare Insightly and Salesforce across six key categories, plus three additional core CRM features. Otherwise, jump down to see how we scored each platform.

Best for Pricing: Insightly

insightly logosalesforce logo
Free-for-Life OptionYes, for 2 usersNo
Free Trial14 days (Plus and Professional plans)30 days 
Starting Price (Annual)$29 per user, per month$25 per user, per month
Enterprise Price (Annual)$99 per user, per month$330 per user, per month
Add-OnsFrom $35 per monthFrom $5 per month
Monthly BillingYesNo
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Winner: Insightly is the more economical choice overall – particularly for small and mid-size companies on a limited budget.

Insightly is an affordable option for cost-conscious small and mid-size businesses. There’s also a free version, but it’s barebones and has a two-seat limit. For expanded functionality, choose one of its three paid tiers, which range from $29 to $99 per user, per month. Most plans include a 14-day free trial, and users can opt for its entry-level tier for contact and project management tools. Upgrade for advanced workflow automation and business intelligence features.

Insightly pricing - Insightly vs Salesforce

Salesforce’s high costs are geared toward medium-to-large businesses that can handle the expense. However, the entry-level Salesforce Starter plan is slightly less costly than Insightly’s base tier at $25 per user, per month. Standard with all Salesforce plans are sales cycle management, custom reports, and a 30-day free trial. Upgrade to plans costing up to $330 per user, per month for advanced features such as real-time insights, predictive forecasting, and unlimited workflows.

insightly vs salesforce pricing salesforce


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Best for Core Features: Salesforce

insightly logosalesforce logo
Contact ManagementLink contacts to opportunities plus other related contactsComplete overview of contact activity and interactions
Lead ManagementUpdate lead status via drag-and-drop kanban boardMonitor multiple lead sources and campaigns
Opportunity ManagementTurn won opportunities into projects to manageTrack every sales stage and set up activity-based alerts
Advanced FeaturesComplete workflow automation, real-time insightsEinstein AI analytics, unlimited workflows
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Winner: Salesforce gets the edge here for its advanced sales features – specifically its rich analytics and sales forecasting.

Insightly stands out for its integrated project management tools. Creating projects in Insightly is as simple as converting won opportunities, eliminating the need to manually re-enter sales data. From there, users can track milestones, client activity, and deadlines in one central location. Insightly also has Insightly Voice, a built-in telephony service for call logging and call analysis, but it costs an extra $35 per user, per month and isn’t available for its entry-level Plus plan.

Opportunity management in Insightly - Insightly vs Salesforce

Salesforce, on the other hand, is one of the most loaded CRMs on the market. Each plan comes with a wealth of contact, lead, and deal management tools, including 360-degree views of client and lead data so no detail is overlooked. That’s in addition to Salesforce’s rich analytics and sales forecasting, areas in which Insightly is lacking. Telephony can be added to any Salesforce plan from just $5 per month for features like call logging, forwarding, and caller ID.

Opportunity management in Salesforce - Insightly vs Salesforce

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Best for Ease of Use: Insightly

insightly logosalesforce logo
Ease of SetupMostly straightforwardTime-intensive
Learning CurveLow to moderateSteep
Common Positive ReviewsClean UI, excellent project managementHigh level of customization, robust integrations
Common Negative ReviewsBroken integrations, user support costs extraLengthy setup, confusing UI that’s prone to crashes
Knowledge Base
Community ForumsWith premium support plan
Certification ProgramsTrailhead Academy
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Winner: Insightly offers plenty of functionality for veteran CRM users, while its visual UI won’t totally alienate newbies.

Insightly will suit users who are already familiar with CRMs, but the barrier to entry is low enough that newbies won’t be too intimidated by its array of features. A colorful and visual UI, combined with a fairly simple setup, makes Insightly a more palatable option for businesses that neither have the time or resources to devote to in-depth training sessions. However, Insightly lacks certification programs, and its knowledge base isn’t as comprehensive as Salesforce’s.

insightly vs salesforce ease of use insightly
Salesforce’s customizable, complex UI will appeal to CRM power users, but even they won’t be spared the hours it’ll take to properly set up and learn it. And proper setup here is key, as any implementation missteps can translate to future errors. That’s the trade-off for being one of the most feature-rich CRM platforms on the market. While Salesforce has a steep learning curve, users can rely on its free learning resources thanks to its comprehensive Trailhead Academy.

insightly vs salesforce ease of use salesforce

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Best for User Support: Salesforce

insightly logosalesforce logo
Standard Business Hours4am to 7pm PST (daily)Weekdays during local business hours
Support ChannelsEmail, phone, live chat (chatbot and live rep)Phone, email, live chat for all plans
Premium Support PlansFrom $1,500 per yearFrom 30% of the net cost of CRM plan
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Winner: Salesforce provides a greater range of free amenities, from email and live chat to step-by-step onboarding tutorials.

Insightly offers limited chat support for all users and email assistance for its paid subscribers. To avail yourself of phone support and faster turnaround times, you need to purchase Premier Success plans, starting at $1,500 per year. Customers subscribed to this plan also need guided onboarding for a one-time fee of $1,500, which includes implementation guidance and ongoing CRM support. Insightly’s user support has a solid reputation overall, but it comes at quite a cost.

insightly vs salesforce user support insightly
Every Salesforce plan comes with standard email, live chat, and phone support (for business-stopping issues). There are also premium support plans available that add amenities such as 24/7 support, one-on-one coaching, and advanced diagnostics. Pricing for Salesforce’s premium support plans is available upon request. While its premium help is an additional cost, users can check out free learning resources on CRM implementation via Salesforce Trailhead.

insightly vs salesforce user support salesforce

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Best for Reporting: Salesforce

insightly logosalesforce logo
Basic Report TemplatesAll plansAll plans
Custom ReportingAll plansAll plans
Advanced ReportingProfessional: 100
Enterprise: Unlimited
Enterprise and Unlimited
Reporting DashboardProfessional: Up to 100 reports
Enterprise: Unlimited reports
Up to 20 reports per dashboard
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Winner: Salesforce’s powerful reporting engine allows businesses to generate any type of CRM report so they can see key information at a glance.

Insightly includes nine legacy reports that focus on opportunities and activities. These templates are a quick and simple way to run reports, so they’re extremely limited in their parameters. However, all plans include the option to generate unlimited custom reports using drag-and-drop filters. Custom dashboard cards can be created using Insightly data on the Professional and Enterprise plans; however, lower tiers only feature Insightly’s fixed standard dashboards.

Dashboard in Insightly - Insightly vs Salesforce

Salesforce also includes pre-made and custom reports with all of its plans – and extends the ability to create custom dashboards to even its cheapest options. Better yet, Salesforce’s higher-tier plans offer more variables and deeper analytics than Insightly’s comparable tiers. Features like cross-filtering and bucketing will help businesses better manage their data while also granting them greater freedom in generating CRM reports most relevant to their goals.

Dashboard in Salesforce - Insightly vs Salesforce

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Best for Workflow Automation: Salesforce

insightly logosalesforce logo
Workflow Editor InterfaceVisual drag-and-dropVisual point-and-click
Workflow TypesEmail sends, data entry, task creationDeal management, approval requests, notifications
Workflow Rule LimitsUp to 50 rules per object type (Professional and Enterprise only)Starter: No workflows offered
Professional: Up to 5 flows
Enterprise: No limits
Unlimited: No limits
Workflow Templates
Workflows From Scratch
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Winner: Salesforce is capable of automating nearly every sales process and admin task without any coding required.

All Insightly plans come with templated sequences called activity sets, which are used for creating automated tasks or events related to the sales pipeline. However, Insightly’s Professional and Enterprise plans allow for broader workflow sequences and more specific triggers, with a maximum of 50 rules permitted per object type. For more flexibility, developers can create custom actions in multiple coding languages via lambda functions (Enterprise only).

insightly vs salesforce workflow automation insightly

Salesforce’s point-and-click Lightning Flow Automation tool grants users the ability to automate nearly every sales function – no outside coding required. It can even automate internal administrative tasks such as expense reports, performance reviews, and employee onboarding. Users can also create intelligent workflows based on changes in customer behavior with Salesforce's latest advancement in generative AI via Einstein GPT, combined with Data Cloud.

Automation setup in Salesforce - Insightly vs Salesforce

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Best Mobile App: Salesforce

insightly logosalesforce logo
Mobile App CostFreeFree
Mobile App PlatformsiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Mobile Sync With CRM
Offline ModeNoYes
Average User Rating4.4/5 stars (Apple App Store)
4.0/5 stars (Google Play)
4.7/5 stars (Apple App Store)
3.8/5 stars (Google Play)
Standout FeaturesBusiness card scanner, 
call logging, audio notes
AI-powered insights, customizable elements
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Winner: Salesforce’s mobile app not only has offline access (crucial for field workers who lack a stable connection), it also features AI-powered analytics.

Insightly has a free mobile app for iOS and Android that serves as a companion to its parent software. In addition to offering the project management tools present in the main CRM, the Insightly mobile app can also collect new contact data via a built-in business card scanner, record audio notes up to 60 minutes long, and log phone calls with no additional cost required. While Insightly’s mobile app is quite solid, it lacks offline access to data – a huge omission.

Insightly mobile app

Salesforce’s free mobile app, also available on iOS and Android, does have offline access. It can cache data for up to seven items at once, including dashboards and opportunities. The Salesforce mobile app also includes AI-powered insights from Einstein Analytics – a feature that’ll be expanded upon in the near future with the introduction of the Einstein Voice Assistant, which will work with Siri and Google Assistant to help call up data and streamline tasks.

Salesforce mobile app

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Best for App Integrations: Salesforce

insightly logosalesforce logo
App MarketplaceInsightly AppConnectSalesforce AppExchange
Number of Total AppsOver 1,000Over 7,000
Custom Integrations
Visit InsightlyVisit Salesforce

Winner: Salesforce boasts over 7,000 apps in its Salesforce AppExchange, compared to the 1,000+ offered by Insightly.

Insightly offers more than 1,000 CRM app integrations for different industries, including native connections to Xero, PandaDoc, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. However, you need to subscribe to Insightly AppConnect for $249 per account, per month for direct app access. Businesses that require integrations outside of those provided by Insightly can use a connector such as Zapier, or develop custom apps if they subscribe to Insightly’s Enterprise tier.

insightly vs salesforce app integrations insightly
The Salesforce AppExchange features over 7,000 apps, spanning a range of use cases and a variety of industries, from finance to real estate. Notable integrations include DocuSign, Slack, Asana, and Eventbrite. Companies that need a tailor-made app can build one on the Salesforce Web Services API, which is included with Salesforce Sales Cloud’s Enterprise and Unlimited, but costs an additional $25 per user, per month with Salesforce Professional.

insightly vs salesforce app integrations salesforce

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Who Shouldn’t Use Insightly & Salesforce?

Insightly and Salesforce certainly have their fans; each CRM has received a substantial amount of kudos from a wide range of business owners and sales professionals. Despite that, neither CRM is a one-size-fits-all solution. There’s a possibility that you may not get what you need from either Insightly or Salesforce.

Who Shouldn’t Use Insightly

The following businesses would want to consider options beyond Insightly:

  • Companies Needing Sufficient (Free) Support: Insightly support is fantastic, but unless you’re willing to pay a handsome sum for it, you’ll be left wanting.
  • Small Businesses Looking for a Scalable Free CRM: Insightly’s free platform offers basic CRM tools but only allows two users, and is light on essential features.
  • Data-Driven Enterprises That Need Ample Reporting: Insightly’s reporting engine is by no means bad, but there are other CRMs that offer more in this area.

If your business belongs to any of these categories, don’t opt for Salesforce right away. Check out our independent Insightly review for a detailed analysis of when it may or may not be suitable for your needs. Then, take a look at who shouldn’t choose Salesforce below.

Who Shouldn’t Use Salesforce

Salesforce won’t be suitable for these organizations or situations:

  • Sales Teams New to CRMs: Salesforce is not very beginner-friendly. If your sales team is largely new to CRMs, choose something that’s more accessible for first-time users.
  • Small Businesses, Startups, and Solopreneurs: The expense and complexity of Salesforce will be too much for a sole proprietor, startup, or small business to handle.
  • Businesses Without In-House Tech Support: Users report that Salesforce is prone to crashes. Without an internal tech team, you may lose a lot of time — and possibly more.

Before deciding against Salesforce, check out our review of Salesforce CRM. There, you'll find an independent breakdown of the CRM as well as a roundup of user reviews.

3 Best Alternatives to Insightly & Salesforce

Insightly and Salesforce are both capable CRMs, but they might not be the best fit for your business. Whether you’re seeking advanced features at a lower price, or want a free CRM that’s ready to scale with your company, you do have other options to consider. Below is our list of the three best alternatives to Insightly and Salesforce. One of these may be the CRM you need:



HubSpot CRM

Freshsales is rated as our top general CRM for salespeople, and is renowned for its AI-powered tools and high-level customization capabilities. Its free plan, offered for up to three users, includes robust contact management tools, a built-in telephone, and a live chat widget. Freshsales is an excellent sales CRM, but you need to upgrade to higher tiers for multiple sales pipelines. If you need more than one visual pipeline even in the lowest tier, try Pipedrive.

Freshsales - Insightly vs Salesforce

Pipedrive is a user-friendly CRM known for its highly-visual and customizable sales pipeline. It offers an affordable option for teams that are mostly unfamiliar with CRM software at $14 per month as a starting price. Along with its 24/7 chat support, it's straightforward and easy to implement if you're needing a CRM quickly. However, if you’re looking for a CRM with stronger automation capabilities and AI-powered tools, we recommend looking into Freshsales.

Pipedrive - Insightly vs Salesforce

HubSpot CRM is top-rated free CRM software that’s scalable and easy to upgrade with premium features should the need arise. Its free-for-life version offers robust sales and marketing tools and hosts up to 2,500 users. However, premium upgrades may be too expensive for individual users and smaller teams. If you’re looking for software with more affordable paid tiers, check out Freshsales, which is our best overall CRM.

HubSpot - Insightly vs Salesforce

We've also written articles on the best Insightly alternatives and the best Salesforce alternatives, which discuss other CRM options' features, pricing, and use cases. Check them out to learn more about your choices beyond Insightly and Salesforce.

How We Evaluated Insightly vs Salesforce

In assessing the similarities and differences between Insightly CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud, we focused on six key criteria businesses and sales teams weigh most when shopping for CRM software. We then split these categories into weighted subcriteria and assigned an overall score out of five to determine the winner for each category.

Evaluation Criteria

First, we scored the core features and pricing of each CRM, as these factors are significant for teams and companies needing a cost-efficient sales platform. Next, we looked into each option’s ease of use, followed by customization and advanced features. Lastly, we took into account the type of user support solutions each CRM offers.

Core Features:
Ease of Use:
Advanced Features:
Customer Support:

Bottom Line: Insightly vs Salesforce

On paper, Salesforce may be the “winner” thanks to its outstanding feature set, high level of customization, and better user support access. But Insightly is an excellent CRM in its own right, with a price point and user interface that’ll appeal to small businesses new to CRMs. Before making a decision on which CRM to go for, sign up for a free trial or live demo, browse through in-depth articles like this one, and read our independent review of the best CRMs for salespeople.

This article was written by Alison Barretta and updated by Kezia Jungco.

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