Allyssa Haygood-Taylor

Allyssa is a sales writer with a background in B2B sales and account management. After earning her degree in English and communications, she spent her selling career supporting Fortune 1000 IT and finance companies including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Credit Karma. As a staff writer for Selling Signals, her specialties include lead nurturing, lead generation, and sales software topics. When she's not writing or updating articles, you can find Allyssa writing poetry, traveling, or picking up any new creative hobby.

Top 14 Email Nurture Campaign Best Practices

Email nurture campaigns are an effective way to engage leads. Learn sales experts' 14 best practices for successful email nurture campaigns.

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Top 6 Lead Nurturing Strategies for 2024

Lead nurturing is essential to customer success. Check out the top six strategies to help drive conversions and get more qualified leads in 2024.

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Unlocking the Power of Customer Referrals: A Guide for 2023

Understand what a customer referral is and how you can use it to benefit your business. Learn more about customer referral programs and their advantages.

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6 Best Email Drip Campaign Templates for Salespeople

Email drip campaigns are an effective way to engage customers and grow your business. Explore top templates for success in 2023.

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Top 7 Email Drip Campaign Examples

Discover the top email drip campaigns from real businesses and our analysis of each one, including how it effectively engages customers.

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When’s the Best Time to Cold Call? Improve Your Answer Rates

Discover what times you should be making cold calls to maximize the chances your prospect answers the phone and eventually converts.

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7 Best Recruitment CRM Software for 2023

Looking for the best recruitment CRM software for 2023? Explore the top CRM software for recruitment and find the best fit for your business.

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How to Make High-Converting Landing Pages in 6 Steps

Landing pages are an essential component of online lead generation. Discover how to create highly converting landing pages to turn website visitors into leads.

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Lead Generation Form: Tips, Examples & Free Template

Ensure you're creating impactful lead generation forms. Explore best practices and design tips to create effective forms for higher conversions.

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