Sam Rinko

Sam is a former SaaS sales rep turned freelance writer. He spent his career selling real estate technology to C-suite executives before switching over to blogging, where he now covers sales, marketing, and small business topics. Sam specializes in lead generation, lead nurturing, and deal closing articles for Selling Signals. When he’s not researching the latest sales trends, he’s either penning short stories, hiking, or reading in NYC’s Washington Square Park.

How to Create & Use Facebook Lead Ads in 9 Steps

Learn how to use and create Facebook lead ads to capture leads and grow your business. Discover the best practices for creating effective lead ads.

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How to Create & Optimize a Lead Generation Website

Generating leads is essential for any business. Learn 12 ways to optimize your website for lead generation, including SEO, content marketing, and more.

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Lead Qualification Ultimate Guide: How to Qualify Leads

Lead qualification is the process of determining whether a lead is worth pursuing. Learn how to qualify leads and identify the best prospects for your business.

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Pipedrive vs Salesforce CRM | 2023 Comparison

Compare Pipedrive vs Salesforce to find the best CRM for your business. Read our in-depth comparison to make the right decision.

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How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) + Examples

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement that defines your business and sets it apart from competition. Learn how to create a USP and see examples.

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How to Create a Lead Generation Funnel That Works

Learn how to create a lead generation funnel for your business. Discover strategies, tips, & tactics to turn leads into sales quickly & efficiently.

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Lead Distribution: Benefits, Strategies, Steps & Software

Read our article on lead distribution, where we explain how it works and the steps to create your own system to better manage inbound leads.

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Lead Scoring: Definition & How to Score Leads Effectively

Learn about lead scoring in our comprehensive guide, including how to design and implement your own scoring system for quality prospects.

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Sales Pipeline Management: 11 Ways to Manage Your Pipeline

Read our article to learn a step-by-step approach to sales pipeline management so that it consistently turns valuable leads into customers.

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