Sam Rinko

Sam is a former SaaS sales rep turned freelance writer. He spent his career selling real estate technology to C-suite executives before switching over to blogging, where he now covers sales, marketing, and small business topics. Sam specializes in lead generation, lead nurturing, and deal closing articles for Selling Signals. When he’s not researching the latest sales trends, he’s either penning short stories, hiking, or reading in NYC’s Washington Square Park.

6 Best Social Media Advertising Agencies 2023

Read our independent review of the six best social media advertising agencies that generate leads, plus their use cases.

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Sales Prospecting: How to Generate Outbound Leads

Generate the highest quality outbound leads with our detailed guide on sales prospecting and the best strategies for quality prospects.

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Sales Funnel: Definition & Steps to Create One (+ Tips)

Learn everything you need to know about a sales funnel, from how to create one to the best sales funnel software and tips for managing it.

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6 Best Facebook Ad Agencies for Lead Generation 2023

Check out our independent editorial review of the six best Facebook ad agencies for generating leads, including their use cases.

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6 Best Sales Funnel Software for Sales & Marketing

Discover the six best sales funnel software for building, tracking, and managing a sales funnel, along with their pricing and use cases.

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Lead Generation Process: Inbound, Outbound & More

Learn how to create and implement a lead generation process for both online (inbound) lead generation as well as outbound sales prospecting.

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14 Best Sales Techniques From Expert Sellers in 2023

Learn about the best sales techniques and tactics backed by sales professionals that you can use to close more deals this quarter.

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Sales Funnel Management: 10 Methods to Manage Your Funnel

Learn a powerful step-by-step process for conducting sales funnel management that will help you generate more revenue with fewer inputs.

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6 Key Sales Funnel Stages (+ Strategies & Examples)

Learn about the six key sales funnel stages and which sales and marketing tactics to use in each, and see an example of each stage.

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