Sam Rinko

Sam is a former SaaS sales rep turned freelance writer. He spent his career selling real estate technology to C-suite executives before switching over to blogging, where he now covers sales, marketing, and small business topics. Sam specializes in lead generation, lead nurturing, and deal closing articles for Selling Signals. When he’s not researching the latest sales trends, he’s either penning short stories, hiking, or reading in NYC’s Washington Square Park.

6 Key Sales Funnel Stages (+ Strategies & Examples)

Learn about the six key sales funnel stages and which sales and marketing tactics to use in each, and see an example of each stage.

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CRM Automation: Definition, Plus What & How to Automate

Check out our guide on CRM automation, including how it works, top tasks and processes to automate, and how to set it up.

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How to Write a Business Proposal That Closes Deals

Learn how to write a business proposal with our step-by-step guide, including a free template and professional examples plus tips.

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How to Negotiate: Steps, Phrases & Tips to Win the Deal

Read our guide on how to negotiate and learn the sales negotiation process, powerful responses, and best practices for winning the deal.

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How to Write a Business Proposal Letter (+ Template)

Read our article on the five steps for writing a business proposal letter and get a free template with top examples of successful letters.

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Sales Contract: How to Write Your Own (+ Template & Tips)

Read our article to learn what a sales contract is, how it works, and how to efficiently draft a sales contract that protects your business.

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Top 6 Sales Contract Templates & How to Create Your Own

Grab six free sales contract templates for different sales scenarios and learn how to craft your own reusable template from scratch.

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Top 23 Business Proposal Ideas to Accelerate Your Deals

Read our curated list of business proposal ideas, many of which come straight from sales experts, CEOs, and other trustworthy pros.

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How to Craft a Sales Presentation Outline (+ Examples)

Learn the step-by-step process for writing a sales presentation outline that helps you speak persuasively and on target during presentations.

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