Eze Onukwube

Eze is a New Orleans-based writer, business software expert, and technologist holding a Master's Degree in communications. Apart from writing comparison guides, his multifaceted writing includes topics as wide-ranging as DevOps, cybersecurity, and more. He is a sports enthusiast who once considered a career in professional sports but says his talents never quite matched his ambitions.

6 Best CRMs for Freelancers in 2024

Looking for the best CRM for freelancers? Check out our list of the top six CRM solutions for freelancers in 2024 to get the best features for your business.

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6 Best Lead Nurturing Software for Sales & Marketing 2023

Learn about the best lead nurturing software options, as well as their primary use cases, in our independent editorial review.

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7 Best CRM Software for Law Firms in 2023

Learn about the best CRM for law firms, plus the primary use case of each top law firm CRM option, in our independent editorial review.

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6 Best HubSpot CRM Alternatives & Competitors

Learn about the top HubSpot CRM alternatives and competitors in our independent review, including an overall winner and primary use cases

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6 Best Retail CRM Software for 2023

In our independent editorial review of retail CRM solutions, learn about the top options along with their primary use cases.

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6 Best Automotive CRM Software for 2022

Learn about the best automotive CRM software options and their primary use cases in our independent editorial review for automotive companies.

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6 Best CRMs for Startups in 2022 & Beyond

Learn about the best CRMs for startups, as well as their rankings and primary use cases, in our independent editorial review.

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7 Best Email Verification Tools for Sales & Marketing 2022

Learn about the best email verification tools for sales and marketing, including our rankings and use cases for each of the best options.

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