7 Best Email Verification Tools for Sales & Marketing 2022

Learn about the best email verification tools for sales and marketing, including our rankings and use cases for each of the best options.

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Email verification tools are software that salespeople and marketers use to confirm their leads’ email addresses to avoid emailing incorrect or defunct addresses. The top email verification tools help ensure a high deliverability rate by preventing hard bounces with spam-trap detection, disposable email account detection, and email verification APIs. To help you choose the right one for you, we’ve researched and evaluated the best options.

Here are the seven best email verification software tools for sales and marketing:

  • DeBounce: Best all-around email verification software ($10 starting price)
  • Clearout: Best software for third-party email marketing integrations ($21 starting price)
  • ZeroBounce: Best for lead profile enrichment and scoring ($15 starting price)
  • Mailfloss: Best software for automated email verification ($4.00 starting price)
  • NeverBounce: Best for bulk email list verification ($4.00 starting price)
  • Xverify: Best software to verify emails from affiliate leads ($5.00 starting price)
  • Hunter: Best email verification and email finding software in one (free starting price)

There are some email verification tools that also offer email finding services for prospecting. If you're looking for the best email-finding tools, check out our article on the best email finder software.

How We Evaluated the Best Email Verification Tools

Because salespeople and marketers use email verification software to reduce bounce rates and keep their email lists clean, we looked at the core features offered by each software to help prevent bounces. Next, we considered cost, especially the number of email verifications offered at different price points, as well as integrations with popular email service providers (ESP) and CRM software. Ease of use and customer service wrapped up our research.

Evaluation Criteria

We divided our scoring criteria into five categories, then we used a list of subcriteria to assign each email verification tool a score out of five in each category. We used this information to determine an overall score for each of the verification tools, including primary use cases.

Core Features:
Ease of Use:
Customer Support:

Note: All per-month prices are with a one-year commitment unless noted.

Based on our evaluation, the best email verification software overall is DeBounce, which earned the highest total score, also scoring the highest in the cost category and tying for first in integrations. Read on to learn more about each software and its features. 

DeBounce: Best All-Around Email Verifier

Provides powerful and affordably priced email verification for any business, with the credits purchased never expiring.

Price Range: $10 - $1,500, pay as you go (100 free verifications)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Cost star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Key Features star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Integrations star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Support star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Fast email verification


  • Limited file upload size
  • Limited API capabilities
  • WordPress plugin can be buggy

DeBounce is an affordable verification tool that makes detecting toxic emails easy and straightforward. It starts at 5,000 email verifications for only $10, and users receive discounts for larger orders. Though DeBounce’s cost is low, it eliminates bounces entirely, leaving users with a clean, effective email list — it even provides detailed reporting to prove it. DeBounce is great for cost-sensitive businesses looking for a reliable email verification system.

DeBounce Pricing

  • 5,000 to 50,000 Verifications: $10 to $50 (pay as you go)
  • 100,000 to 1 Million Verifications: $90 to $500 (pay as you go)
  • 2 to 5 Million Verifications: $800 to $1,500 (pay as you go)
  • Free Credits: 100 free verifications

DeBounce Key Features

  • Bulk Email Verifier: A catch-all email verifier that identifies domains that return valid for all emails tested.
  • Syntax Eliminator: Emails that have incorrectly formatted addresses are automatically removed in compliance with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) guidelines.
  • Minimize Hard Bounce Emails: DeBounce uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to check and eliminate invalid email IDs from the database.
  • Team Account Facility: This allows an organization’s team members to use one common account, and consume one source of credits.
  • Domain/MX Records Check: Scans emails’ Domain Name System (DNS) entries and marks them as invalid if the domain is invalid or the mail exchange (MX) entry is missing.

DeBounce - Email Verification Software

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Clearout: Best for Email Marketing Integrations

Provides markete with real-time email list cleaning facilitated by its abundant third-party integrations to detect bad emails.

Price Range: $23.20 - $4,440 monthly subscription or $21 - $1,100 pay as you go (100 free verifications)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Cost star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Key Features star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Integrations star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Support star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • Robust data security
  • Great email service provider integrations
  • Over 20 refined validation checks


  • Comparatively expensive pricing
  • Validating large lists can be difficult
  • Can be technical

Clearout is an email verification service that protects users’ reputation with many third-party integrations. It integrates with popular email marketing services like HubSpot and Mailchimp so users can verify the associated email list before hitting “send” on an email campaign. Since Clearout supports most marketing platforms, businesses whose marketing and sales teams send frequent email campaigns to generate and nurture leads will enjoy using the software.

Clearout Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription:
    • 5,000 to 50,000 Verifications: $23.20 to $68 per month
    • 100,000 to 1 Million Verifications: $88 to $880 per month
    • 5 Million Verifications: $4,440 per month
  • Pay-As-You-Go Plan:
    • 3,000 to 100,000 Verifications: $21 to $350
    • 250,000 to 500,000 Verifications: $625 to $850
    • 1 Million Verifications: $1,100
  • Over 5 Million Verifications: Call for quote
  • Free Credits: 100 free verifications

Note: Credits can also be used for email finding

Clearout Key Features

  • Website Integration With Clearout APIs: When a user registers on a form connected to Clearout, its real-time validation helps prevent fraudulent entries.
  • Syntax Validation: In addition to syntax checks, Clearout goes a step further by fully cleaning an email list by matching them to standard syntax.
  • Instant and Bulk Email Verification: Unlock customer emails from an uploaded bulk list or verify them instantly in real-time with its REST API.
  • Ecommerce Integration: Clearout integrates with HubSpot, Mailchimp, and other popular eCommerce and marketing sites.
  • Data Security: Clearout protects data in transit and in rest using 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to protect your data.

Clearout - Email Verification Software

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ZeroBounce: Best for Lead Insights & Scoring

A leading email marketing tool that improves email deliverability with smart scoring and provides in-depth lead insights.

Price Range: $15 - $2,760 monthly subscription or $16 - $3,050 pay as you go (100 free verifications)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Cost star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Key Features star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Integrations star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Support star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • All-in-one email solution
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Slow response rate
  • Filters can be inaccurate
  • Limited live chat support

ZeroBounce is a cloud-based tool that helps users identify the best leads. It filters out invalid emails and adds key lead details to your email list, like name, age, and location. You can also use verification credits toward ZeroBounce Score, which identifies leads that interact most with your emails so you can focus future nurturing efforts on them. ZeroBounce is best for sellers and marketers looking to clean their email lists and learn more about their leads.

ZeroBounce Pricing

  • Monthly Options (No Annual Commitment Available):
    • 2,000 to 10,000 Verifications: $15 to $64 per month
    • 25,000 to 100,000 Verifications: $150 to $385 per month
    • 250,000 to 1 Million Verifications: $625 to $1,500 per month
    • 2 Million Verifications: $2,760 per month
    • Enterprise (Over 2 Million Verifications): Call for quote
  • Pay-As-You-Go:
    • 2,000 to 10,000 Verifications: $16 to $65
    • 100,000 to 500,000 Verifications: $390 to $1,100
    • 1 Million to 2 Million Verifications: $1,755 to $3,050
    • Enterprise (Over 2 Million Verifications): Call for quote
  • Free Credits: 100 free verifications

ZeroBounce Key Features

  • Verifying Key Email Demographics: With its IP address geolocation, it identifies relevant lead details like region, country, time zone, and ZIP code.
  • Email Marketing and Tracking: Provides marketers with subscriber and campaign management in addition to other email monitoring tools.
  • ZeroBounce Score: Detects email activity levels using AI to determine how subscribers will interact with emails.
  • Deliverability Tools: Identifies factors impeding deliverability like bot-created, spam, or abuse emails.
  • Bulk Email Verification: Validate whether emails will bounce — in bulk and in real-time — to increase boost metrics and reduce bounces.

ZeroBounce - Email Verification Software

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Mailfloss: Best for Auto Email Verification

A “set it and forget it” tool that automatically removes invalid email addresses daily to eliminate hard bounces.

Price Range: $14.17 - $166.67 monthly subscription or $4.00 - $1,300 pay as you go (7-day free trial)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Cost star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Key Features star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Integrations star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Customer Support star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • Easy, one-time setup
  • Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL detection
  • Fixes typos in email addresses


  • Cleaning reports can be confusing
  • Lacks 24/7 support
  • Data security undisclosed

Mailfloss is an automated email verification software that aims to improve users’ email domain reputation. Once users complete the one-time, one-minute setup, it consistently checks their email lists via automated daily cleanup. When it finds invalid email addresses, it can fix typos, remove or unsubscribe the addresses, and/or update the addresses’ custom fields. Mailfloss is right for busy businesses that want to use “set it and forget it” email verification.

Mailfloss Pricing

  • Monthly Options: 
    • Launch Lite (10,000 Verifications): $14.17 per month
    • Launch Business (25,000 Verifications): $40.83 per month
    • Launch Pro (125,000 Verifications): $166.67 per month
  • Pay-As-You-Go:
    • 2,000 to 50,000 Verifications: $4.00 to $80
    • 100,000 to 1 Million Verifications: $150 to $600
    • 2.5 Million Verifications: $1,300
  • Free Trial: 7-day free trial

Mailfloss Key Features

  • Automate Preferences: Provides ways to deal with invalid emails such as auto-remove, auto-unsubscribe, auto-tag, and auto-update custom fields.
  • Automatic Daily Cleanup: The Mailfloss process is completely automated so you can set it once and let it work without any manual intervention.
  • Domain Protection: Its decay protection feature detects disposable email addresses, protects from abandoned emails, and reduces hard bounces.
  • Improves Deliverability: Mailfloss improves inbox deliverability by removing duplicates, preventing spam, and getting more emails in the inbox of real customers.
  • In-Depth Email Detection: Uses its Deep Clean engine, Mailfloss detects hard-to-verify Yahoo and AOL addresses with laser accuracy.

Mailfloss - Email Verification Software

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NeverBounce: Best for Bulk Email Verification

Provides bulk and real-time email verification by quickly detecting threats, removing duplicates, and verifying emails.

Price Range: $8.00 - $799.20 monthly subscription or $4.00 - $3,000+ pay as you go (one-time free test)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Cost star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Key Features star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Integrations star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Support star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full


  • Fast turnaround time
  • No historic data used
  • 20+ step proprietary cleaning process


  • Expensive
  • Inadequate support
  • Few CRM integrations

NeverBounce is an email deliverability tool that provides bulk email list cleaning services through its dashboard or API. Users can upload email lists of any size to the dashboard and then clean and download the results, or they can connect directly to its custom API to verify bulk lists. Purchased credits never expire, making NeverBounce a good option for those who verify many emails at a time, but do so infrequently.

NeverBounce Pricing

  • Monthly Options: 
    • 1,000 to 50,000 Verifications: $8.00 to $79.20 per month
    • 100,000 to 500,000 Verifications: $127.20 to $399.20 per month
    • 1 Million Verifications: $799.20 per month
  • Pay-As-You-Go:
    • 500 to 100,000 Verifications: $4.00 to $500
    • 250,000 to 1 Million Verifications: $1,000 to $3,000
  • Enterprise Packages (Over 1 Million Verifications): Call for quote
  • Free Test: One-time free test

NeverBounce Key Features

  • Bulk Email List Cleaning: Upload your list and let NeverBounce’s high-risk detection, 20+ step proprietary process analyze and clean the list with precision.
  • Tight Security: Users’ data, including emails, are protected with bank-level security.
  • Team Accounts: This allows businesses to share access and credits across their entire organization with permissions granted by admins and account owners.
  • Programmatic Customization: It has a REST API for single and bulk/list verifications, and SDKs available for PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET languages.

NeverBounce - Email Verification Software

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Xverify: Best to Verify Affiliate Lead Emails

Email verification tool built to eliminate hard bounces and identify the quality of leads from affiliates.

Price Range: $5.00 to $2,500 monthly subscription (100 free verifications)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Cost star-full star-fullstar-fullstar-full Key Features star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Integrations star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Customer Support star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full


  • Built-in auto-correction
  • Phone and mail verification
  • Easy implementation options


  • Expensive per unit verification costs
  • Signature management not available
  • Large lists tend to take time

Xverify is an industry leader in email verification for digital marketers and sellers. Businesses that receive leads from affiliate marketers can use its affiliate tracking tools, which provide reports identifying high- and low-quality emails. Businesses can then act on the reports by continuing to work only with the sources that provide the highest percentage of valid leads. Xverify is for those who buy leads and need to ensure they pay for valid contact information.

Xverify Pricing

  • 500 to 25,000 Verifications: $5.00 to $150 per month
  • 50,000 to 1 Million Verifications: $250 to $1,500 per month
  • 2.5 Million Verifications: $2,500 per month
  • Over 2.5 Million Verifications: Call for quote
  • Free Credits: 100 free verifications

Xverify Key Features

  • Affiliate Marketing Options: Xverity provides affiliate marketers with reports detailing the accuracy of the data coming from their affiliates.
  • Affiliate Tracking API: Xverify provides an affiliate tracking Application Programming Interface (API) to determine the quality of leads in real-time from affiliates.
  • Built-in Fraud Protection: Xverify ensures the username is registered at the domain, isn’t a temporary account, and isn’t linked to online fraudsters.
  • Combined Verification Services: Its API provides phone and postal address verification to save money on shipping products because of incorrect mailing addresses.
  • Multiple Implementation Options: Xverify provides sophisticated tracking via JavaScript or its API (to pass affiliate details).

Xverify - Email Verification Software

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Hunter: Best Email Verification & Finder

Helps salespeople find emails and build clean email lists that can be used for cold outreach and prospecting.

Price Range: Free to $279 monthly subscription

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Cost star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Key Features star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Ease of Use star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Integrations star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Customer Support star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full


  • Easy to use
  • Come with a free account
  • 50 free verifications each month


  • Can’t discover personal emails
  • Chrome extension is buggy
  • Lacks whitelisting options

Hunter is a SaaS platform that helps users both find and validate email addresses. With Hunter, search for leads’ email addresses by name and company domain and/or verify the email addresses you already have. Specifically, sales teams can use the email finder with the email verifier to quickly build a clean email list of prospects to contact, making Hunter ideal for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution for finding and verifying emails.

Hunter Pricing

  • Free Version: Supports 50 email verifications per month
  • Starter (1,000 Verifications & 500 Searches): $34 per month
  • Growth (5,000 Verifications & 2,500 Searches): $69 per month
  • Pro (20,000 Verifications & 10,000 Searches): $139 per month
  • Enterprise (60,000 Verifications & 30,000 Searches): $279 per month
  • Over 60,000 Verifications: Call for quote

Hunter Key Features

  • Highly Simplified Prospecting: With only a company or domain name, Hunter helps you find details about the email addresses of the organization.
  • Strategic Prospecting: Hunter provides additional information like the “position” data point, which indicates whether they might be purchase decision makers.
  • Email Pattern Matching: Provides searchers with the most common email format used in the company from various possible combinations.
  • Lead Management Feature: Allows users to either import leads or add them manually.

Hunter - Email Verification Software

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Bottom Line: Best Email Verification Tools

Data quality is an important part of sales and marketing. The last thing salespeople and marketers want is for an email list containing duplicate, catch-all, spam trap, deactivated/non-operational, or disposable email addresses to result in hard bounces, reducing their sender score. These seven best email verification tools offer lead generation software that can keep your email account healthy and clean to reduce bounce rates.

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