7 Best Lead Generation Companies for Prospects 2021

Check out our independent editorial review of the best lead generation companies for sourcing qualified prospects.

Lead generation companies are businesses that help their clients find and attract new leads. Most lead gen companies serve B2B clients, and the top ones typically offer a tailored strategy including inbound and outbound marketing, lead research and qualification, and some level of lead nurturing, all with each client’s ideal customer profile (ICP) in mind. To help you choose the right company for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best options available.

Here are the top seven lead generation companies for quality prospects:

  • CIENCE (Overall Winner): Best for businesses with international clients
  • Belkins: Best for campaign transparency
  • EBQ: Best for software, hardware, or cloud tech
  • Callbox: Best for additional sales and marketing tools
  • Martal Group: Best sales tech option for fast campaign launch
  • VSA Prospecting: Best for healthcare, education, manufacturing, or tech
  • SalesRoads: Best for lead qualification via cold calls

In addition to these lead generation companies above, you might benefit from social media agencies that leverage paid efforts to generate leads for you. For more information, check out our guides on the best social media ad agencies for lead generation.

How We Evaluated the Best Lead Generation Companies

Because most businesses want to work with a lead generation company that helps them identify and qualify new leads at a reasonable price, we prioritized services offered and cost. We also took customer service and tech offerings into account. We reached out to companies directly to collect the details not listed on their website; missing information affected scoring, but every company on this list is a great option to consider.

Evaluation Criteria

We determined our scoring criteria and organized them into six categories. We then used key subcriteria to assign each lead gen company a score out of five for each category. The category scores totaled an overall score for each company.

Core Offerings:
Advanced Offerings:
Customer Service:
Tech Offerings:

Although some companies had high scores in one category or another, CIENCE seems to offer the best overall value for those looking for a company to help them generate qualified leadsBelow, check out how each one scored in terms of cost, offerings, and primary use cases.

CIENCE: Best for International Clients

Lead generation company that has offices in several countries and can communicate with leads in ten languages.

Price Range: Starts at $5,400/month request a quote

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Pricing star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Core Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Advanced Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Service star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Tech Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • Offers sample evaluation results
  • Provides detailed reporting
  • Numerous positive reviews


  • No free trial available
  • Can outsource domestic leads
  • Occasional reports of poor lead quality

CIENCE refers to themselves as a People-as-a-Service (PaaS) business that brings about positive change for clients. They emphasize their tailored approaches for each company they work with, which are primarily in software development, IT, financial services, marketing and advertising, biotechnology, and education and training. CIENCE has international employees, so they can help you properly communicate your message to international leads.

CIENCE Pricing

When you book a meeting with CIENCE, they’ll talk you through which package would help you reach your goals. However, they also offer an ROI calculator on their website so you can estimate how investing in their services compares to doing lead generation in-house. According to the calculator, working with one CIENCE SDR team costs $5,400 per month.

CIENCE Key Offerings

  • Sales Data Solutions: Curates unique, detailed sales data on your target audience and evaluates your ICP
  • Lead Research and Qualification: Uses AI and employees to build hard-to-find target audiences and qualify leads according to your ICP
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Trained copywriters handle your messaging and replies
  • Appointment Setting: Provides outbound appointment scheduling for your sales team
  • CRM Integration: Creates a single, organized view of your prospects and clients to get your sales and marketing teams onto the same page

Cience Lead Generation Companies


Belkins: Best for Campaign Transparency

A candid company that helps you understand exactly what to expect and stay updated on your own campaign results.

Price Range: Request a quote

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Pricing star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Core Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Advanced Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Service star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Tech Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • Mission-focused and transparent
  • Guarantees lead amounts
  • Numerous satisfied reviews


  • Three-month commitment
  • No prices on website
  • New company (founded in 2017)

Belkins is newer but has already secured many clients and rave reviews. Of the companies we reviewed, they put the most emphasis on campaign transparency, even providing average cost per lead and closing rate, expected pricing and results, detailed FAQs, and number of clients served and leads generated on their site. If you’re hesitant to hire a lead gen company, you can feel comfortable working with Belkins — transparency and trust are among their core values.

Belkins Pricing

Belkins offers several packages and an ROI calculator on their site’s pricing page, but the best way to understand what you’ll pay is by contacting them for a custom quote. Their plans are categorized into appointment setting, lead research, email deliverability, and LinkedIn marketing; select the Request Pricing button underneath each option to learn more.

Belkins Key Offerings

  • Appointment Setting: Uses sales experience and outbound marketing to set appointments for you
  • Lead Research: Manually sources and verifies leads with your ICP in mind
  • Email Deliverability Services: Handles email marketing software setup, email authentication, email warmup, domain reputation, and email deliverability issues
  • LinkedIn Marketing: Provides research, content creation, outreach, and audience engagement to reach the right people on LinkedIn and grow your visibility
  • Tailored Packages: Helps you focus on what you need by offering multiple package options per service

Belkins Lead Generation Companies

Visit Belkins

EBQ: Best for Software, Hardware, or Cloud Tech

A highly-specialized company (only three industries served) that charges all clients the same flat rate each month.

Price Range: $5,000 per month (flat rate)

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Pricing star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Core Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Advanced Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Service star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Tech Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • In-house, US-based team
  • Flat rate benefits big companies
  • No setup or cancellation fees


  • Less cost-efficient for small businesses
  • Some report uninterested leads
  • Specific results not guaranteed

EBQ’s lead generation services focus mainly on data, marketing, appointment scheduling, sales, and customer experience. They advertise this holistic approach to pipeline growth, stating that they assist through any and every stage of the buyer’s journey. EBQ only serves businesses in software, hardware, or cloud tech, so they can offer clients in those industries the expertise, data, and lead quality that general lead gen companies might not.

EBQ Pricing

EBQ charges a flat rate for every client, which benefits larger companies with higher budgets. All clients pay $5,000 per month, and there are no setup fees. The contract is month-to-month, so clients can pay as they go and drop off at any time.

EBQ Key Offerings

  • Data Enrichment: Scrubs your existing data and/or finds new data to provide targeted account information
  • MQL Attraction: Strengthens your brand and brings marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to you through inbound and outbound marketing
  • Appointment Setting: Schedules meetings for your sales team through cold calling, MQL follow-ups, and sales qualified lead (SQL) identification
  • Sales Support: SDRs quickly familiarize themselves with key information about your business so they can close deals for you
  • Customer Onboarding and Retention: Onboards customers for your company and product or service, then handles inquiries and nurturing to retain revenue


EBQ Lead Generation Companies

Visit EBQ

Callbox: Best for Sales & Marketing Tools

A company that provides access to an array of sales and marketing tools to help productivity and efficiency.

Price Range: Request a quote

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Pricing star-full star-fullstar-fullstar-full Core Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Advanced Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Service star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Tech Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • Specializes in 10 industries
  • Multi-touch, multichannel approach
  • Established (founded in 2004)


  • Some report poor customer service
  • Prices not on website
  • No test pilot available

Callbox is the largest B2B marketing and sales service provider in the world. They feature their multichannel approach, which includes calls, emails, live chat, websites, and webinars. They give clients’ sales teams access to sales and marketing tools, including HubSpot and Callbox Pipeline. If you don’t have a CRM yet and/or you want access to more tools to increase productivity and lead conversion, Callbox is a smart choice to get both service and products.

Callbox Pricing

No pricing is available online. Prospective clients must book a free consultation with Callbox’s sales team to understand what they’ll pay.

Callbox Key Offerings

  • Lead Generation: Finds, qualifies, and sets appointments with leads using multiple channels
  • Account-Based Marketing: Identifies likely targets, builds detailed profiles of decision makers, and nurtures leads to convert them
  • Database Solutions: Helps you enrich your data through data cleansing, customer profiling, and targeted lists
  • Event Marketing: Boosts your event turnout and conversions
  • Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing: Increases virtual attendance and conversions

Visit Callbox

Martal Group: Best Sales Tech Option for Fast Launch

A company that exclusively serves B2B tech organizations and delivers a customized strategy within a few days after signing.

Price Range: Starts at $5,000/month request a quote

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Pricing star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Core Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Advanced Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Service star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Tech Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full


  • Offers free sample leads
  • Has 100 million contacts
  • Website lists what to expect


  • No pricing on website
  • Live chat not offered
  • No guaranteed amount of leads

Martal Group’s sales team will invest up to 20 hours in the first week to learn, strategize, and finalize marketing materials for new clients, whereas other lead gen companies’ typical time period is 1–2 weeks. This makes it a good option for businesses that need an immediate campaign launch for quick leads. Martal’s website lists the services they give their clients and the average monthly leads funnel, from total prospects targeted to total flipped.

Martal Group Pricing

Martal offers three tiers that include lead generation, customer onboarding, and/or account management. They offer a 30-minute consultation so clients can learn what would benefit them most. Pricing starts at $5,000 per month.

Martal Group Key Offerings

  • Inbound Lead Generation: Creates custom campaigns that incorporate blogs, social media, and landing pages and offer demos to new leads
  • Outbound Lead Generation: Creates custom target lists and campaigns, then reaches out through email, phone, and LinkedIn and monitors engagement
  • Customer Onboarding: Helps with setting appointments, customizing offers, facilitating deal closings, negotiating with prospects, and onboarding new customers
  • Account Management: Facilitates customer acquisitions plus creates and carries out a strategy to maximize customer value long term
  • CRM Integration: Delivers leads directly to your CRM

Martal Group Lead Generation Companies

Visit Martal Group

VSA Prospecting: Best for Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing & Tech

A specialized company that focuses on few industries and guarantees results in those industries.

Price Range: Request a quote

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Pricing star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Core Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Advanced Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Customer Service star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Tech Offerings star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full


  • Partners with 12 list sources
  • Nearly two decades of experience
  • Provides updates during weekly meetings


  • Pricing only given via phone
  • Website lacks information
  • No chat or email listed

VSA Prospecting serves all industries, but healthcare, education, marketing, and tech in particular. Because of this focus, they’re able to guarantee results for those industries through a well-developed methodology for creating ROI-positive lead gen programs; they list case study results to prove their results. If your business is in one of the industries they cover, consider them over more general companies to receive better, specialized results.

VSA Prospecting Pricing

Pricing is not available online. Interested companies must call VSA or schedule a 15- or 30-minute call with their sales team for a quote.

VSA Prospecting Key Offerings

  • List Building: Leverages access to toolsets such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and internal and external lists
  • Lead Generation: Identifies the best leads, then provides detailed notes in weekly meetings with you
  • Appointment Setting: Qualifies the right people through calls, then schedules them to speak with you
  • Market Research: Conducts highly strategic and conversational surveys to uncover market intelligence
  • Call Center: Works to thoroughly understand your company and product or service in order to become an extension of your team

Visit VSA Prospecting

SalesRoads: Best for Lead Generation via Cold Calls

A company that discovers lead information primarily through phone calls, saving you time and delivering SQLs.

Price Range: Request a quote

Overall Rating star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Pricing star-fullstar-full star-fullstar-full Core Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Advanced Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full Customer Service star-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-fullstar-full Tech Offerings star-fullstar-fullstar-full star-full


  • Easy follow-up with SQLs
  • Accelerated results
  • Offers a 28-day guarantee


  • Metrics can be tough to retrieve
  • Focuses solely on outbound
  • Limited lead gen web page

SalesRoads identifies SQLs via phone, affirming that prospects tend to be more willing to share their pain points when they’re not asked to have a meeting. Because SalesRoads has these initial conversations and asks about follow-up interest, businesses with hard-to-uncover qualifications can benefit most from their services. For companies wanting even more help, SalesRoads offers appointment setting as a main service, too.

SalesRoads Pricing

SalesRoads details their lead generation and appointment setting services to prospective clients through a consultation. They do not list pricing on their website. However, their site does explain their promise, which states that if clients are not completely satisfied, they can cancel within the first 28 days, and SalesRoads will return any unused funds.

SalesRoads Key Offerings

  • Phone-Focused Outbound: Reaches leads on the phone to gather information that is otherwise difficult to uncover from leads
  • SQL Identification: Focuses solely on SQLs, stating that SQLs generated by sales teams are three times more likely to convert than MQLs generated by marketing teams
  • Appointment Setting: Speaks with and qualifies decision makers, then schedules them for a follow-up conversation with you
  • Full-Cycle Sales: Supports you through the entire process, from finding leads to closing deals

Visit Salesroad

Bottom Line: Lead Generation Companies

Choosing the lead generation company that best serves your industry and goals will allow you to attract more and better qualified leads, onboard them as new customers, and even maintain relationships with them. Ultimately, it will save you time by purchasing business leads so you can focus on the tasks that are tougher to outsource. Any business can benefit from at least one of the seven sales software options in this article; start with a consultation to see how they can help.

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