Top 8 Places to Buy Business Leads

Learn where to buy quality leads, along with who each option is right for, in our independent editorial review of the best lead generators.

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You can buy business leads several ways, including lead generation companies that generate and follow up with leads for you, lead databases that aggregate and sell leads from all over the internet, and enterprise companies that sell access to internal leads. The best ones deliver leads that fit your niche and ideal customer profile within a reasonable time frame. To help you choose, we’ve evaluated the best options in each category and what they do best.

Here are the top eight sources to buy quality business leads:

  • Best option for a low starting price
  • CIENCE: Best platform to find international leads
  • SalesRoads: Best for leads that have been qualified over the phone
  • ZoomInfo: Best B2B lead database for quantity of leads and data
  • UpLead: Best database for specific search filters
  • Soleadify: Best database for technology search filters
  • Experian: Best lead seller for credit and finance information
  • D&B Hoovers: Best lead seller for advanced searches

How We Evaluated the Best Places to Buy Business Leads

Leads can be purchased from many sellers, but it’s important to know which will best help you identify and nurture the ones that could become future customers. Businesses that generate leads by purchasing typically want options that have a large pool of prospects, offer the features they need, simplify the process of finding and nurturing leads, and don’t break the bank. Specifically, when considering the best versions of all three, we looked at the following:

  • Automatic Lead Generation: All of the options on our list provide a virtually automatic way to source leads. We chose ones that offer leads for a fee and handle most of the lead generation and nurturing processes for you.
  • Niche-Specific Features: Some businesses have specific needs, so we included the services that offer features that fit niches like technology-based searching and credit verification information.
  • Integration: Information is useless if you can’t use it, so we looked at how well the tools offered by each option integrate with a wide variety of CRM software.
  • Cost: We only included lead sellers that charge a reasonable price for their service, and we evaluated their pricing structures, such as per-lead and subscription-based pricing.

Every option on this list has its strengths and weaknesses, but they’re all solid, trustworthy places to purchase leads. Each will serve your business in a different way, but there’s a choice on this list for everybody. Read on to learn more about each lead source.

Lead Generation dot Com Logo Best Low-Cost Source

Who Should Use It: Businesses contracting out all of their lead generation for the first time and want a low barrier to entry.


Cons is an end-to-end lead generation service that launches and manages multichannel lead generation campaigns — both organic and paid — for a fee. While costs vary depending on the campaign strategy, offers one of the lowest entry points available, with a free consultation and options starting below $1,000. This makes it a great choice for those looking to buy leads on a budget or run tests before investing. Pricing

  • Call for Quote: Reach out directly for a quote and a free consultation. Key Features

  • Dedicated Management Team: Your project gets a dedicated team to ensure you’re always talking to the same reps.
  • Custom Integrations: No matter what CRM you use, they will be able to import leads and nurture them the way you want.
  • Lead Follow-Up: After you make use of their full suite of lead generation strategies, you can also have them follow up and nurture those leads.
  • Offers Inbound and Outbound Tools: In addition to their inbound strategies, helps with websites, landing pages, and PR/marketing visibility.
  • Multichannel Marketing Approach: They offer a full lead generation campaign, complete with calls, emails, PR, and social media.
Cience Logo

CIENCE: Best for International Lead Gen

Who Should Use It: Businesses with a larger budget that need premium international services from a multilingual provider.



CIENCE is a premier lead generation company offering everything from lead gen to custom sales research. Focusing on cutting-edge technology, they find and manage the leads that most closely match each client’s niche. Because they’re a pricey company, they’re best for businesses with an international market that will utilize their wide reach and all 10 languages their team can speak.

CIENCE is also rated number one in our lead generation company comparative guide.

CIENCE Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription: Starts at $5,400/month, minimum 100-day subscription.

CIENCE Key Features

  • International Operations: They have offices in multiple countries, providing a local presence for international leads.
  • Cutting-Edge Sales Development Research: CIENCE gathers demographic, firmographic, technographic, and psychographic data for in-depth info on your market.
  • CRM Services: For those who like to go one place for everything, CIENCE offers CRM services to help you organize and contact the leads you buy.
  • Lead Nurturing: Not only do they generate leads for you, but they can also nurture those leads with phone calls and emails.
Salesroads Logo

SalesRoads: Best for Cold Call–Qualified Leads

Who Should Use It: Businesses that prefer leads who have already been qualified over the phone.



SalesRoads is the most specialized company we’ve discussed, as they qualify every lead via a cold call. This ensures that all of your leads can be reached by phone, which works well for call-heavy sales teams. This provides a quality advantage at the cost of quantity. While you have to get a quote to receive pricing, reviews suggest the cost can be a little high. However, businesses that want cold call–qualified leads will likely see the outcome as worth the price.

SalesRoads Pricing

  • Call for Quote: Pricing is only available via quote, but they offer a 28-day guarantee.

SalesRoads Key Features

  • Cold Call–Focused Lead Qualification: Qualifies over the phone to increase familiarity and depth of information gathered.
  • Appointment Setting: Gets in touch with decision makers and sets follow-up appointments with your business.
  • Complete Sales Cycle Support: SalesRoads assists with every step of the sales process, all the way through the close.
  • Follow-Up Qualification: The SalesRoads SQL assessment includes a question about follow-up interest, ensuring you know how likely a prospect is to accept a meeting/call.
Zoominfo Logo

ZoomInfo: Best B2B Lead Database

Who Should Use It: B2B sellers that need a list of quality leads but don’t want to pay to have a third party reach out to them.



Now that we’ve gotten past the lead generation companies, we’re starting out with the best B2B lead database available. ZoomInfo has high volume and quality of leads, and they include quite a bit of insight on each lead. They scour 38 million online sources, and their information is verified by third-party expert partners. This makes ZoomInfo best for businesses that want an easy way to gather leads that fit their buyer profile and to import them to their CRM.

ZoomInfo is also rated the top software option in our sales prospecting tools editorial review.

ZoomInfo Pricing

  • Call for Quote: Pricing is only available via quote, but they do offer a free trial.

ZoomInfo Key Features

  • Industry-Leading B2B Database: One of the largest and most thoroughly verified databases available.
  • Versatile Databases: Offers solutions for salespeople, marketers, account managers, and even recruiters.
  • Advanced List-Building: Offers the ability to create lists targeting your ideal customer profile to ensure lead quality.
  • Extensive Lead Data: Extensive analysis on leads in the database, as well as versatile forms of contact, including phone numbers and social media links.
Uplead logo

UpLead: Best Database for Specific Search Filters

Who Should Use It: Niche-specific businesses, as well as other businesses that rely on highly targeted leads.



For those looking for more targeted leads, UpLead offers the best flexibility in regard to search filters, offering over 50 data filters in their database search tool. While ZoomInfo takes the cake for sheer size and data compilation, UpLead is best for search targeting based on specific customer profile criteria. For certain industries, this makes UpLead an easy first choice, ensuring that each lead imported fits your ideal customer profile.

UpLead Pricing

  • Free Trial: 5 credits (1 lead per credit) for 7 days
  • Essentials: $99 per month for 170 credits
  • Plus: $199 per month for 400 credits
  • Professional: $399 per month for 1,000 credits
  • Enterprise: Quote-based starting at 25,000 credits per year

UpLead Key Features

  • Extensive Search Filters: 50+ search filters, more than any other database of its size.
  • Superb Accuracy: Guarantees 95% data accuracy or your credit is refunded.
  • Versatile CRM Integration: Integrates with almost all major CRM softwares.
  • Useful Tech Data: Offers the ability to see what technologies and softwares leads use.
Soleadify Logo

Soleadify: Best Database for Technology Filters

Who Should Use It: Businesses that specifically need to search based on the technology and software used by leads.



Soleadify is a niche database for tech-based businesses that need tech-based search filters. While it is more limited in scope than the other two databases, it has accurate international data that allows businesses to search for leads by the tech and software programs they use. Businesses that want technology-focused lead data will benefit most from using Soleadify.

Soleadify Pricing

  • Free Version: 100 leads per month for free, unlimited searches and data sampling.
  • Call for Quote: Pricing is based on leads needed per month.

Soleadify Key Features

  • Unique Tech Filters: Find leads based on the technology they use.
  • International Lead Coverage: 43 million leads in 100+ countries.
  • Small Business–Focused: Find info for millions of small businesses.
  • Web Presence Data: Data points describe lead presence on the internet and social media, plus their interest in and engagement with similar companies and products.
Experian Logo

Experian: Best for Financial & Credit Data

Who Should Use It: Businesses that want leads they can filter based on credit rating and other financial data points.



Experian is a lead seller, meaning they sell leads from a database generated through their own operations. Luckily, Experian handles hundreds of millions of customers and compiles some of the best financial data available in their searchable lead database. Because they’re a credit reporting agency, they offer leads you can filter by credit rating and annual income, as well as many other useful financial criteria. If you work in the finance industry, this one’s for you.

Experian Pricing

  • Call for Quote: Pricing is only available via quote.

Experian Key Features

  • Credit and Financial Data: Experian is a credit reporting agency, so they have all necessary credit and financial data to verify a lead.
  • Extensive Database: 300 million leads from 120 million households.
  • Accuracy: Offers a high standard of accuracy on lead information due to the nature of their business.
  • Reputable Source: Experian is a leader in their industry and a trustworthy place to search for leads.
D&B Hoovers Logo

D&B Hoovers: Best Lead Seller for Advanced Searches

Who Should Use It: Businesses looking to target specific, reputable companies.



D&B Hoovers is Dun & Bradstreet’s score system that determines the creditworthiness of small businesses. They compile hundreds of data points, including credit and financial data, that can help their clients qualify leads before importing them to their CRM. Businesses that want to sell to specific small businesses will benefit from working with D&B Hoovers.

D&B Hoovers Pricing

  • Call for Quote: Pricing is only available via quote, but they do offer a free trial.

D&B Hoovers Key Features

  • Unique Analytics: Access to all of the credit and financial data that made D&B famous.
  • Extensive Database: 150 million+ companies in over 1,000 industries.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: 175 search filters available for more targeted leads.
  • Trustworthy Source: D&B is an industry leader, and you can trust that the leads they offer are high quality.

Bottom Line: Buy Business Leads

Whether you’re willing to pay top dollar for a lead generation service or you just need some quality databases from which to source leads, you’ve got all of the options you need here to buy business leads. Measure your needs, figure out how much time you have available to touch on the leads you gather, and choose accordingly.


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