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Check our our list of the top lead generation software types for inbound and outbound leads. At the bottom, you'll also find a full list of our lead gen software articles.

Lead generation software is a broad category of tools for collecting contact information and communicating with leads through inbound or outbound methods. Whether you’d like to build up your contact lists with high-value prospects for outreach, or want an effective tool that helps drive quality leads to you, we’ve created the following list with the best options available, including core features and who should use each type of sales prospecting software.

1. B2B Lead Database

What It Does: Searchable sales software that helps marketers and salespeople find and start to qualify new leads so they know who to target and how to reach them.

Who Should Use It: Companies looking to collect corporate leads through targeted outreach efforts.

Average Cost: Price can vary from free basic tools to over $300 per month for additional or more sophisticated features.

UpLead best b2b database

B2B database example

Key B2B Lead Database Features

The top key B2B lead database features typically include email finding and verification, lead qualifying, and CRM integration capabilities. 

  • Email Finding: Provides a resource to search for email addresses and/or a plugin to collect contact information from the web or LinkedIn.
  • Email Verification: Enables you to verify whether your existing lists of email addresses are valid to ensure you’re maximizing outreach efforts.
  • Lead Qualification: Allows you to target leads that are more likely to convert based on their similarity to your customer profile, and better position your pitch with relevant data on leads.
  • CRM Integration: Connects and syncs your lead lists with your CRM, allowing you to seamlessly transition to lead nurturing.

Top B2B Lead Database Providers

The top scoring B2B lead database providers are UpLead, Lusha, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

  • UpLead: Discover email addresses and enrich contact information via a searchable database and a Chrome extension that scrapes email addresses from sites you visit (7-day free trial)
  • Lusha: Retrieve lead contact information including email addresses and phone numbers through Lusha’s database and use their 50 million direct dial features (free starting price)
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Access to all LinkedIn profiles, including details unavailable to users with standard accounts. Find leads' contact info and interests and see which mutual connection would be best to introduce you (30-day free trial)
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2. Email Finder Software

What It Does: Allows sales professionals to search databases for lead contact information or scrape email addresses from websites and social media.

Who Should Use It: Salespeople looking to generate outbound leads through the ability to apply filters to searches and automate lead gathering.

Average Cost: Free options with a capped number of monthly credits, up to $500+ including pay-per-credit options.

snovio dashboard
Email finder software example

Key Email Finder Software Features

The most common email finder software features typically include Chrome extension tools, social media integrations, bulk search capabilities, and automated lead list building. 

  • Chrome Extension: Allows email finders to scrape email addresses from the websites or social media pages you visit.
  • Social Media Compatibility: Some email finders are more capable than others when it comes to pulling contact information from professional sites like LinkedIn.
  • Bulk Search: Process thousands of company domains simultaneously to build up your list of prospects fast.
  • Automated List Building: Pre-set your desired criteria to automate the process of adding emails to your lead lists.

Top Email Finder Software Providers

The top scoring email finder software include Snovio, VoilaNorbert, and Hunter.io. 

  • Snovio: An affordable email finder that can be used as either a Chrome extension or a searchable database. Integrates with LinkedIn and Facebook and includes automated lead nurturing campaigns with analytics on performance (free starting price)
  • VoilaNorbert: With an advertised 98% accuracy rate and a pay-as-you-go plan, VoilaNorbert is a solid option for salespeople looking for a no-frills email finder that gets the job done right and allows room for scaling up ($33 starting price)
  • Hunter.io: Available as a browser extension or a searchable database, Hunter.io offers automatic email verification and relevant data on email addresses retrieved, including where and when they were found (free starting price)
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3. Email Verification Software

What It Does: Verifies whether existing lists of email addresses are valid so you can maximize hits and minimize bouncebacks.

Who Should Use It: Salespeople preparing to launch email marketing campaigns can maximize their efforts by using email verification tools to reduce the number of bouncebacks.

Average Cost: Based on number of emails verified, from $3 to $10 per 1,000 addresses.

DeBounce - Email Verification Software
Email verification example

Key Email Verification Software Features

The most important email verification software features are anti-bounce tools, data security protection, syntax corrections, and email verification. 

  • Anti-Bounce Tools: Track and eliminate invalid email addresses from your database to minimize bounce back rates.
  • Data Security: Protect pulled user data, including emails and other identification through security channels.
  • Syntax Validation: Check for syntax errors in email lists and if necessary, clear out any incorrect addresses.
  • Bulk Email Verifier: Import and verify email addresses from full lists instead of running verifications address by address.

Top Email Verification Software Providers

Our top ranking email verification software providers includes DeBounce, Clearout, and ZeroBounce. 

  • DeBounce: Starting with 5,000 email verifications for only $10, DeBounce is an affordable tool that provides users with clean email lists with no bounce. With intuitive user interface, you can access detailed reporting dashboards ($10 starting price)
  • Clearout: Integrate Clearout with other popular email marketing services like HubSpot or Mailchimp to verify the email addresses on your mail list before sending out mass marketing emails ($21 starting price)
  • ZeroBounce: Removes invalid and misspelled addresses from your list, helping improve your inbox placement and email campaign performance. Increase your IP reputation by removing risky addresses that mark your emails as spam ($15 starting price)
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4. Lead Generation Website

What It Does: A website is your foundation for inbound lead generation, allowing you to capture leads, provide customer support and convert sales.

Who Should Use It: Sales teams and individuals who want to generate inbound leads may begin with a lead generation website.

Average Cost: $48 to $1,000+ annually depending on its size, functions and features.

example home page pop up form
Lead generation website example

Key Lead Generation Website Features

Top features and tools for lead generation websites typically include domain and web hosting, web page templates, customization tools, and optimizable SEO features. 

  • Domain Registration and Web Hosting: Purchase a domain name and publish your website online, allowing you to utilize additional lead generation tools.
  • Templates: Website builder software provides pre-designed templates for your site, including for opt-in forms and landing pages.
  • Customization: Ability to customize your website with your choice of colors, images, icon and button sizes and additional pages.
  • SEO Features: Optimizes your website so it ranks higher in search engine results, driving traffic and increasing the number of inbound leads you get.

Top Lead Generation Website Providers

Some of the most popular website providers for lead generation are WordPress, GoDaddy, and Squarespace.

  • WordPress: Allows you to publish and update your website with simple user interface and endless customization tools. Choose from free or paid templates, and plugin options to extend your page’s functionality and search engine ranking. (free starting price)
  • GoDaddy: An all-in-one provider that can help you register, host, and/or build your website with its free website builder. With a range of pricing tiers and useful features – GoDaddy can serve as a one-stop shop for getting your website online (30-day free trial)
  • Squarespace: Known for its incredibly easy-to-use website builder with great-looking templates, Squarespace even offers plenty of advanced features and analytics tools available to boost your site’s performance (14-day free trial)
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5. Lead Capture Software

What It Does: Broad category of tools that helps salespeople collect contact information from leads, primarily via online forms on a lead generation website.

Who Should Use It: Sales teams looking to maximize lead generation through their website by utilizing a software in the creation of web forms where leads are able to enter contact information.

Average Cost: Free to $400 monthly for feature-rich plans and multiple users.

Lead Capture Software example
Lead capture software example

Key Lead Capture Software Features

Lead capture software core features includes web forms and page surveys, performance analytical insight, and third-party integrations. 

  • Web Forms: Allows you to add a form to your web page where leads can enter their contact information including, name, email address, and phone number.
  • Web Page Surveys: Enables you to add a survey to your website as a means for collecting contact information and data.
  • Performance Analytics: Monitor reports reflecting detailed information on how your lead capture forms are performing.
  • Integrations: Integrates with social media, messaging apps, or your CRM to capture leads from more places and add them to existing contact lists.

Top Lead Capture Software Providers

The top three lead capture software are Freshsales, OptinMonster, and Leadpages. 

  • Freshsales: Capture leads with Freshsales’ smart web forms, landing pages, or bulk messages. Then, strengthen your sales pipeline with FreddyAI lead management tools that help score leads and forecast revenue (free starting price)
  • OptinMonster: Specify and tailor content campaigns with pre-made pop ups, forms, or click-triggers using lead’s location, cookies, and even real-time actions . This will make hyper personalized lead capturing experiences (14-day guarantee)
  • Leadpages: Create online landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars to collect leads and convert sales with no limit on the number of leads you can collect or pages you’re able to publish (14-day free trial)
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6. Landing Page Builder

What It Does: After clicking an offer link in an email campaign or online ad, visitors are sent to a standalone web page with lead capture forms embedded to collect contact information.

Who Should Use It: Companies or sales teams looking to offer a webpage devoted entirely to capturing lead information.

Average Cost: Free to $500 per month depending on the number of users, features, or number of leads collected.

Landing Page Builder example
Landing page builder example

Key Landing Page Builder Features

All landing page builders should include features like template libraries, drag and drop tools, third-party integrations, and A/B testing. 

  • Template Selection: Use pre-made templates to create visually appealing landing pages and increase your conversion rate.
  • Drag and Drop Builder: Customize and build your landing pages with simple and intuitive drag and drop functionality.
  • Integrations: Allows you to take the leads generated from your landing pages and move them through your sales pipeline by integrating with your lead management software.
  • A/B Testing: Create multiple landing pages and compare performance to make sure they are optimized for your targeted audience.

Top Landing Page Builder Providers

The top ranking landing page builder providers were HubSpot, Leadpages, and Unbounce. 

  • HubSpot: Easily and quickly create landing pages using HubSpot’s free editing features including the drag-and-drop tool. This solution is great for HupSpot CRM users to automate the data pulled from landing pages (free starting price)
  • Leadpages: Offering unlimited leads and traffic across its three pricing tiers, Leadpages supports landing page features, pop ups, and alert bars. Consider upgrading to access advanced A/B testing and more (14-day free trial)
  • Unbounce: Compatible with WordPress, Unbounce allows you to choose from over 100 available templates and includes a drag and drop function to build the perfect landing page through easy navigation (14-day free trial)
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7. Live Chat Software

What It Does: Provides a platform for potential leads and customers to interact with you or your team from their mobile device or computer.

Who Should Use It: Companies or teams looking to offer an added communication feature to their website to both generate leads and provide customer support.

Average Cost: Free plans with basic functionality and limited users, up to $1,000 monthly for large businesses with many users.

Live Chat Software Example
Live chat software example

Key Live Chat Software Features

The best live chat software options should include features like chat options, customization, AI automation, and data reports. 

  • Chat Options: The platform’s ability to use multiple chat functions such as text, voice or video to support lead generation.
  • Customization: Included builder tools let you customize the look of your chat service to sync with your branding.
  • AI Automation: Chat bot can automate the chat service to help with the most common inquiries and route leads for further assistance.
  • Analytics: View data on past chats to see which requests are most common and improve your ability to move leads through your sales funnel.

Top Live Chat Software Providers

The best live chat software options currently in market are HubSpot CRM, Freshsales, and ChatBot. 

  • HubSpot CRM: HubSpot offers a range of tools with their service hub platform with their free-for-life plan, as well as paid options with additional advanced features. The free plan includes live chat, VoIP, reporting analytics, and more (free starting price)
  • Freshsales: No matter what pricing tier within Freshsales’ CRM, office live chat functionality that allows you to directly answer questions from website visitors. Utilize built-in dialer tools as well to increase contact management (free starting price)
  • ChatBot: Automates customer service by providing an AI-powered bot capable of chatting live with leads or existing customers. Customize it with drag and drop builders, integrate with social media, and support multi-lingual customers (14-day free trial)
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8. Website Visitor Tracking Software

What it Does: As more and more potential customers visit your website and landing pages, website visitor tracking software reveals who they are and/or which company they represent.

Who Should Use It: Sales teams who already have high quality websites or landing pages, and want to track, monitor, and score the actions leads take throughout their engagement on the site.

Average Cost: Free versions offer standard features, while upgraded plans that reveal more visitors and info can be less than $100 to several hundred dollars per month.

Leadfeeder website visitor tracking software
Website visitor tracking example

Key Website Visitor Tracking Software Features

The most important website visitor tracking software features are visitor identification, activity tracking, lead scoring, and advance search and filter tools.  

  • Anonymous Site Visitor Identification: Shows you who is visiting your website, including the company they work for plus key demographics.
  • Web Activity Tracking: Understand what your visitors are doing once they reach your site, including page visits, clicks, and more.
  • Lead Scoring: The software will use demographics and behavior information to rank and score the leads it believes are most likely to close.
  • Search and Filter Tools: Automatically organize your website visitors, including individual leads and businesses, within a detailed database.

Top Website Visitor Tracking Software Providers

The top scoring website visitor tracking software included Leadfeeder, HubSpot CRM, and ZoomInfo. 

  • Leadfeeder: Shows which companies are visiting your site, including key intel like the job title and contact info of the specific representative who viewed the site. You can also confirm the right person from each company to contact (free starting price)
  • HubSpot CRM: With free website visitor tracking tools, track the basics of your visitors, such as company name, firmographics, and activity like page views and downloads. It also offers upgrades for more detailed info and cold outreach tools (free starting price)
  • ZoomInfo: Help qualify your web visitors by comparing the gathered information with your ideal customer profile. Using the database and the WebSites feature, you can then learn all about your top leads and prioritize them when you reach out (14-day free trial)
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9. Lead Management Software

What It Does: After you’ve captured a lead, your lead management software allows you to nurture the lead to deal-close.

Who Should Use It: For sales teams or individuals that have more than a few leads to juggle, lead management software can help you stay on track and engage prospects at the right time.

Average Cost: Free plans available which include standard features, while premium plans with advanced features that support more users can be over $1,000 per month.

lead management software example
Lead management example

Key Lead Management Software Features

Lead management software key features typically consists of pipeline visibility, email tracking, integration capabilities, and customer reporting. 

  • Sales Pipeline Visibility: Allows you to identify the status of leads within your sales cycle, qualify them and take action to move them through your pipeline.
  • Email Tracking: Provides an organized view of your emails and their status so you can easily determine when and how to follow up.
  • Third Party Integrations: Connects your lead management software with tools such as your email service provider, POS system, accounting software, or cloud storage.
  • Customer Analytics: Segments customer data and provides ROI insight, allowing you to make sound decisions on your products/services and communication strategies.

Top Lead Management Software Providers

The three best lead management software options are Freshsales, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and monday sales CRM. 

  • Freshsales: Prioritize lead management within your CRM with sales features like lead activity tracking and lead scoring. The FreddyAI assistant can perform intuitive sales forecasting and predictive analytics (free starting price)
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: Use this sales relationship management platform to enhance your sales pipeline and reporting by tracking and organizing sales metrics like follow ups, conversations, and opportunities (14- to 30-day free trial)
  • monday sales CRM: A cloud based lead management software provider that reports contact and project statuses in visual and easily navigated dashboards. Build custom dashboards with color-coding and drag-and-drop features (free starting price)
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Bottom Line: Lead Generation Software

Lead generation tools make the process of collecting, qualifying and effectively engaging with leads more efficient, boosting your potential to find more high quality leads and convert more sales. With software that speeds up your process and enhances your ability to generate leads, you’ll be able to begin qualifying your leads.

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