Trey LaRocca

Trey is a former salesperson and current Orange County-based tech, sales, and finance writer. His specialties include sales guides, personal finance articles, and reviews across financial and credit products. In his free time, Trey writes fiction and practices boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Lead vs Prospect vs Opportunity: What's the Difference?

Learn the differences between leads, prospects, and opportunities. Understand how to turn leads into prospects and opportunities.

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PPC Lead Generation: How to Generate Quality PPC Leads

Learn the strategies for generating PPC leads. Discover the best practices for successful lead generation campaigns.

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Top 64 Sales Statistics to Improve Any Selling Situation

Check out our curated list of key sales statistics for salespeople, including lead generation, lead nurturing, deal closing, and management stats.

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Top 7 Ways to Generate High-Quality Business Referrals

Read our guide on how to get referrals from your customers and contacts, including how to maintain a steady stream of quality business referrals.

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Door-to-Door Sales: The Ultimate Guide

Check out our ultimate guide on door-to-door sales, including how it works, who it's right for, and how to do it well.

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18 Effective LinkedIn Headline Examples for Sales in 2023

Looking to improve your sales LinkedIn profile? Check out some expert LinkedIn headline examples for sales and learn why they work.

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Assumptive Close: Definition, How to Use It & Alternatives

Improve your conversion by checking out our guide on the assumptive close, complete with how-to steps and specific examples.

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Call Reluctance: Definition & Best Ways to Overcome It

Having trouble making your daily call goals? Check out our article on call reluctance, including tips and strategies on how to overcome it.

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Buy Email List: Pros, Cons, Options & Alternatives

Deciding whether to buy email lists of sales leads? Learn about the benefits and drawbacks, where to find reliable sources, and alternative options.

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