J.R. Johnivan

JR Johnivan is a contributing writer for Selling Signals and a self-identifying tech nerd with a background in programming and hardware. He uses his understanding of tech to help people make SaaS- and software-related decisions through comparative guides. For Selling Signals, JR writes about CRMs and related software to help readers choose the best option for their business.

7 Best CRM Email Marketing Tools for 2024

Looking for the best CRM email marketing tools? Check out our list of the top seven email marketing tools for 2024. Get the most out of your email campaigns!

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7 Best Marketing CRM Software for 2024

Compare the seven best marketing CRM platforms to find the perfect fit for your business. Get started with CRM software and maximize your marketing efforts.

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7 Best Collaborative CRM Software for 2023

Looking for the best collaborative CRM software for 2024? Check out our list of the top seven CRM solutions for teams of all sizes.

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6 Best Operational CRM Software for 2024

Find the best operational CRM software for your business. Learn about the features, pricing, and use cases of the top six CRM solutions for 2024.

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6 Best Analytical CRM Software for 2024

Analytical CRM software helps businesses gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. Discover the six best analytical CRM software for 2024.

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7 Best Social CRM Software for Sales & Marketing 2023

Discover the best social CRM software available, including the top features and benefits. Find the perfect software to meet your business needs.

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6 Best Mailchimp CRM Software for Sales & Marketing

Read our independent editorial review on the best Mailchimp CRM software for email marketing and automation.

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6 Best Outlook CRM Software & Integrations 2022

Check out our evaluation of the best Outlook CRM software, including each platform's pricing, features, and email integrations.

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6 Best QuickBooks CRMs for Accounting Integrations

Read our independent editorial review of the best QuickBooks CRMs and their primary use cases.

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