Sam Rinko

Sam is a former SaaS sales rep turned freelance writer. He spent his career selling real estate technology to C-suite executives before switching over to blogging, where he now covers sales, marketing, and small business topics. When he’s not researching the latest sales trends, he’s either penning short stories, hiking, or reading in NYC’s Washington Square Park.

12 Best Cold Calling Software for Sales Prospecting in 2022

Read our comprehensive guide on the top cold calling software for sales prospecting, separated into the main phases of the cold calling process.

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21 Sales Discovery Questions to Ask When Qualifying a Lead

See our 21 best sales discovery questions to effectively qualify leads plus expert tips, and learn which questions are best for you to use and why.

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How to Use the BANT Framework to Qualify Sales Leads

Learn about the BANT lead qualification framework and how to use it to quickly and accurately qualify leads on your discovery calls.

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Top 18 Lead Scoring Best Practices From Sales Experts

Read our roundup of lead scoring best practices from sales experts to build or improve your lead scoring system and prioritize high-quality leads.

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Top 12 Closing Sales Tips From Expert Sellers 2022

Read our top closing sales tips from expert salespeople to learn how best to ask for the deal, including preparation and follow-up.

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Email Nurturing: Definition & Creating a Nurturing Campaign

Understand email nurturing and who should use it, then read our step-by-step process for creating an email nurturing campaign that works.

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Best Sales Email Template + 11 Templates for Any Scenario

Read our article for 11 sales email templates for common sales situations so that you can increase your reply rates and close more sales.

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How to Write a Sales Email in 11 Steps (+ Free Template)

Read our article to learn how to write a sales email from start to finish that gets opens, reads, and positive replies from your potential buyers.

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Top 31 Cold Email Tips for Sales Prospecting Success

Check out our curated list of cold email tips from expert salespeople and veteran business professionals so you can convert more cold leads.

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