12 Free LinkedIn Summary Templates to Attract Leads

Get free scenario-specific LinkedIn summary templates designed to help salespeople and business owners generate leads on the platform.

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A LinkedIn summary template is a set of prewritten text and prompts that help salespeople write an effective About section on their LinkedIn profile. The prompts tell you what to fill in, such as your company name, your target audience, or a benefit of working with you. These allow you to personalize your summary while still adhering to an ideal structure. Read on for 12 LinkedIn summary templates that make writing your lead-generating summary quick and painless.

  • Free General LinkedIn Summary Template: Use this standard LinkedIn summary template to help you write an effective About section. Read more below.
  • Key Elements of an Effective LinkedIn Summary: Learn about the five key elements that work together to make a strong LinkedIn summary. Read more below.
  • 11 Free LinkedIn Summary Templates for Any Situation: Find the perfect LinkedIn summary template for your specific scenario and business type. Read more below.

For the step-by-step process for writing a LinkedIn About section, check out our guide on how to write a LinkedIn summary. There you’ll also find some great tips and examples of powerful summaries written by real salespeople.

Best Free General LinkedIn Summary Template

Grab our free general LinkedIn summary template to streamline the writing process and guarantee a winning structure. Our template contains the five major elements of highly effective LinkedIn summaries, from a hook to a call-to-action (CTA). And you can easily customize it to make it fit your own needs. If you want a template that’s more situation-specific, keep reading and you’ll find 11 other great options.

LinkedIn Summary Template Infographic
LinkedIn Summary Template Infographic

Key Elements of a Strong LinkedIn Summary Template

There are five crucial elements that most effective LinkedIn summary templates have, such as a strong hook at the beginning and a conversational tone throughout. Taken together, these five components ensure that your profile summary captures a potential lead’s attention, engages them, and convinces them that you and your business can satisfy their needs.

Use a LinkedIn summary template that has all five of these lead-generating elements:


Value Proposition

Credibility Builders


Conversational Tone

Begin with a relevant pain point, startling statistic, or something else that grabs your ideal customer’s attention so they read the rest of your summary. Aim to create an emotional reaction in the reader while simultaneously assuring them that your business is relevant to their specific needs.

Here's the hook from our free general template:

LinkedIn summary template hook

Somewhere within the summary tell your visitors who you help, how you do it, and the benefits they receive. Aside from a brief description of your product or service, focus on selling the results you have achieved for your customers rather than the features. Your readers are likely new leads, and you need to get them excited about a potential future first before explaining the ins and outs of how you get them there.

LinkedIn summary template value proposition

Sprinkle in some experiences, credentials, or recognizable client names to prove your business’s legitimacy. Credibility builders serve to relieve any doubts your profile visitors might harbor about your ability to help them accomplish their goals.

LinkedIn summary template credibility builder

Tell the reader what to do next, whether it’s to book a demo or to send you an InMail message. Make your CTA one of the final sentences of your summary. And encourage the reader to take the CTA by briefly explaining how their lives will improve if they follow through.

LinkedIn summary template CTA

Use informal language and the second person “you” throughout to make the leads feel like you’re talking to them. Steer clear of uncommon words, long sentences, or academic prose that might cause the reader to lose their attention or start to think of you as unrelatable.

Our general template uses a conversational tone throughout, which it reinforces in a secondary part of the CTA:

LinkedIn summary template conversational tone:CTA

These are principles of great LinkedIn summary templates, not hard rules. That said, if a template excludes one of the above elements, it should have a logical reason for doing so. Also, try your best to be succinct — the more fluff, the greater the chance you have of losing your profile visitors before they get to the end of your summary and reach the CTA.

11 LinkedIn Summary Templates for Various Scenarios

Every salesperson is in their own unique situation. They might be a sales representative at a company, a freelance consultant, or anything in between. Further, there are many different LinkedIn summary styles and messaging approaches a seller could choose from, the best option relating to their target audience’s preferences. Therefore, we’ve created 11 strong LinkedIn summary templates, each built for a specific scenario. Continue on to find your match.

The Unique Selling Proposition Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Salespeople or business owners who have an incredible value proposition and want their profile visitors to know all about it.

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement explaining why your business is better than the competition. It states a differentiator that is highly valuable to your customers, like free one-day delivery. This LinkedIn summary template has you focus on your USP so that visitors remember your business and perceive it as separate from the rest of the industry. Without throwing too much shade, it also gets the lead thinking about your competitors’ faults.

Here’s a powerful summary template for highlighting your unique selling proposition:

Are you a {target audience — e.g., a sales manager} who’s fed up with {negative trait of most comparable businesses — e.g., hard-to-use CRMs}?

Getting {cost of negative trait — e.g., poor adoption from your sales team}?

We totally understand. At {company name}, a {short descriptor of company}, we made it our mission to provide {unique selling proposition — e.g., a CRM built by salespeople that you can master in just 5 days}.

No more {pain point from negative trait} or {2nd pain point from negative trait}. Just {benefit — e.g., pure simplicity}.

If you want to learn more, {call-to-action}. I’m here to help.

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The Pain Point Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: A salesperson who has extensive knowledge of their target audience’s most common pain point and wants to hook and hold them with it.

If you’ve done your customer research and are confident that there are one or two pain points that annoy a vast majority of your ideal customers, mention these issues right away in your LinkedIn profile summary — a relevant pain makes for the perfect hook. Next, build the rest of the summary around why you and your business are especially well-suited to solve this issue for them. Finally, close with a CTA encouraging them to get in contact with you in some way.

Read on to see a summary template that convinces readers you can solve their issues:

{Target audience — e.g., marketers} often tell me there’s nothing more frustrating than {common pain point} because it almost always leads to {cost of pain point}.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to get rid of {pain point} forever.

{Product, business, or service} has helped {number} of my clients fix this problem by {1-sentence explanation of how your solution solves the issue}.

Time and time again my clients come away with {1-2 benefits of solving the problem}.

If this is something that’s nagging you, {call-to-action}.

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The “Trust Me, I’m Experienced” Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Someone selling high-end services like consulting, financial advisory, or coaching who wants to position themselves as an industry veteran.

Some customers will work with high-end service providers only if they have requisite industry experience. This template works to show your years in the field and the amazing results you’ve achieved for clients. Further, it demonstrates your inside knowledge by dropping a statistic that alters the lead’s view on a certain issue or challenge. Shaking their perspective should indicate that you’re more knowledgeable than them about the issue and therefore perfect for the job.

Here’s a fantastic LinkedIn summary template for positioning yourself as an expert:

When {startling statistic relating to a common customer challenge — e.g., 50% of small business owners go under because of sales-related issues}, it’s obvious companies need to focus on {improvement areas} to achieve their {1-2 common goals}.

{Number (6 or more)} years ago I {accomplishment for the client — e.g., doubled a client’s sales in just 3 months}.

{Number (5 or more)} years ago I {2nd big accomplishment}.

Today, with over {number} of years of experience in {industry}, I spend my time helping {target audience} achieve {value proposition}.

If you want {result}, give me a call at {phone number}.

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The Customer Success Story Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Salespeople who want to harness the power of storytelling to engage profile visitors and educate them about their business’s value.

Telling a story about how you helped a customer is a great way to come off as credible and caring. Of course, make sure the customer is okay with your using them as an example. By focusing your profile on the customer rather than yourself, you show profile visitors that your priority is their success. The structure of the below outline starts by discussing a problem the customer had, the great results you got them, and how you did it. It ends on a friendly note.

Here’s a LinkedIn summary template for sharing a customer success story:

{Reputable client similar to your target customers} came to me telling me they needed to {goal}, but kept running into {challenges}.

Their situation was all too familiar to me, so I recommended a solution that’s helped numerous similar businesses.

Just {number of months} after implementing/starting/receiving {product or service}, they saw {desirable results — e.g., a 24% increase in customer retention}.

{1-2 sentence explanation of how your solution helped them attain these results}.

Hoping to achieve something similar? {Call-to-action}.

Excited to see if I can help!

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The Relatable Personal Story Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Business owners looking to make an emotional connection with their profile visitors while also expressing their business’s value.

Use this summary template to show your customers that you’re both passionate about your work and incredibly skilled. Begin by explaining how you’ve always had a knack for what you do now for money. Then transition into the moment you decided to start your business and briefly explain who you help, how you do it, and why you love it. Of course, passion isn’t all your leads care about, so drop a customer testimonial. Also, tweak this template to fit your actual life path.

Read on for a great summary template for coming across as relatable and skilled:

Ever since I was {age} I had an obsession with {skill/subject related to your services — e.g., the written word}. I used to {short anecdote showing your love for the skill/subject}.

When I was {age}, I {relative accomplishment — e.g., won a personal essay contest}.

But somewhere after {event — e.g., graduation}, I drifted from my calling.

It wasn’t until {incitement — e.g., the pandemic} in {year} that I actually listened to my inner child and left my job in {old industry} to start my own {type of business}, where I’ve been proudly helping {customer type} {desirable accomplishment — e.g., rank their blog posts on Google for high volume searches} for the last {number} years.

{1 sentence expressing what you love most about helping your customers}.

I also love when they say nice things back 🙂

{Client testimonial}.

If you’re a {target audience} who needs {product or service}, {call-to-action}.

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The 5-Point Business Introduction Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Salespeople who get a lot of cold leads visiting their profile and want to use their summary to introduce the most important facets of their business.

This summary template divides important information about your business into five sections: what you do, how you do it, who you work with, your background, and your contact info. Each section is denoted by a headline, making it easy for profile visitors to skim your summary for the specific information they need. This style also does a great job of giving your leads a foundational education in you and your business, allowing them to self-qualify for your services.

Below is a template that tells visitors a little about each important part of your business:

What I Do

{1-2 sentences explaining the problem you solve and the results you accomplish for your customers}

How I Do It

{1-2 sentences describing your process, features, or approach}

Who I Work With

{1 sentence outlining your ideal customer and their primary needs. 1 sentence listing some recognizable brands}

My Background

{1-2 sentences showcasing your history in the industry to prove your expertise}

Contact Me

{phone number}
{email address}
{company website}

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The 3 Key Benefits Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Salespeople or business owners selling one primary service who want to clearly articulate its benefits to hook the scanning reader.

This template presents your business’s main benefits in three bullet points, making them clear and digestible for the reader. To fill up the rest of the template, share a brief business origin story and tell your visitors the types of customers you help. Including these two elements will make you come across as passionate and customer-focused. Also, weave in some well-known clients to indicate credibility and, as always, end with a strong call-to-action.

Keep reading for a summary template that hypes up your product or service:

Are you a {target audience— e.g., a project manager} looking to:

{Benefit 1 — e.g., Improve Efficiency}: {Sentence covering how you achieve this result}
{Benefit 2}: {Sentence on how you achieve this result}
{Benefit 3}: {Sentence on how you achieve this result}

In {founding year}, after noticing {common customer problem}, {company name} was founded.

Ever since, we’ve been helping companies like {reputable brand} and {reputable brand} {short value proposition} with our unique approach to {service description}.


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The Content Promotion Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Authors, content creators, and other entrepreneurs who also use a lot of other networks aside from LinkedIn to publish useful content their leads will enjoy.

This summary template works well for content creators, influencers, and writers because it uses the summary to drive traffic to the places you share your content. It first hooks the reader by discussing who you help, the topics you discuss, and the benefits your readers or viewers experience. Next, it lists the other networks you’re active on and gives people a reason to follow you on each one. Lastly, it offers a free piece of content to kickstart the relationship.

Here’s a LinkedIn summary template for promoting your other marketing channels:

Thanks for visiting my profile! My name is {your name} and I’m on a mission to teach {target audience — e.g., small business owners} how to {topics you teach in your content}. I’ve helped numerous people do {1-2 results}.

To start your journey toward {desirable goal — e.g., living off of passive income}, follow me here:

{Social network — e.g., Twitter} for {benefit — e.g., updates on small business finance trends}{Twitter handle}

{Social network — e.g., the (Facebook page name) Facebook page} for {benefit}{Facebook page link}

{Continue listing the networks you want to drive traffic to}

And while you’re here, grab a free copy of {top-of-funnel free content} to learn {what they’ll learn}.

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The Reputable Clients Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Small B2B business owners who need to prove their legitimacy by focusing on some well-known brands they’ve helped.

Some small business owners use their summary primarily to convince potential leads reviewing their profile that they’re the real deal. This template starts off with a section for your value proposition so leads can learn what you do. Next, it has you list 3-4 of your most well-known clients and provide a client testimonial. It ends with a call-to-action telling leads how to get in touch. A summary based on this template will help you turn skeptical visitors into excited leads.

Below is a template that will show leads you’re a trustworthy and successful business:

Hi, I’m {your name}, owner of {business name}, and for the last {number} years I’ve been helping {target audience} achieve {results}.

My clients include:

{Reputable client name 1}
{Reputable client name 2}
{Reputable client name 3}
{Try to list 1-2 more clients}

Check out what {most reputable client} has to say about our services:


Want to {common customer goal}? {Call-to-action}.

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The Consultant Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Consultants trying to shout out their credentials and successes without seeming cocky.

Consultants must show their leads two things: their experience working as a professional in the industry, and the results they’ve achieved as a consultant. The template helps you demonstrate both while also coming across as authoritative, not braggy. It also tells visitors who you want to work with and what problems you commonly solve, so visitors can assess if you’re a good fit. Your specificity about your area of expertise suggests that you’re truly an expert.

Here’s a template that’s perfect for consultants of all types:

For the past {number} years, I’ve worked at {company type you now consult — e.g., early-stage startups} either as {job title — e.g., a CRO} or {job title — e.g., the first revenue team hire}.

Most recently, I {big consulting accomplishment you achieved for a client}.

I’m currently looking to work with {ideal customer type — e.g., early-stage startups} to help them {problem you solve}.


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The Short Company Promotion Summary Template

Who It’s Right For: Sales representatives who want to book a sales meeting via a short but persuasive summary or direct visitors to a company website.

This LinkedIn summary template works best for sales representatives who are selling the products and services of someone else’s company. It starts by quickly telling readers who you help, the results customers receive, and the basics of the solution. Then, it sells leads on taking a meeting with you by expressing the benefits of it. Lastly, it offers another way to learn about your company so that leads who don’t want a meeting can still enter the sales journey.

Read on for a summary template that concisely promotes your company:

Currently {action verb — e.g., helping} {target audience — e.g., property managers} {phrase about what your business does — e.g., stay on top of building violations and avoid heavy fines} with {a few words about the product or service — e.g., compliance monitoring software}.

For help in this regard, book a meeting with me at {Calendly link}. During the meeting, I’ll assess your {process/area you fix — e.g., current violation monitoring process} and see if we’re the right team to improve it. If we’re not, I’ll provide other recommendations.

If you want to learn more on your own, check out {business name} at {company website URL}.

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Pick the best LinkedIn summary template for your specific situation, personalize it by filling in the prompts, and enjoy the uptick in leads reaching out to you about your product or service or accepting your connection requests once they've had a chance to learn about you.

Bottom Line: LinkedIn Summary Template

A high-quality LinkedIn summary template will help you write a summary that attracts profile visitors and converts them into leads, and gives leads a strong reason to accept your invites to connect. When selecting a template, pick one that’s right for your specific situation and approach to lead generation. And don’t be afraid to take what you love most about two or even three templates and combine them into your very own.

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