19 Best Sales Blogs: What You’ll Learn & Who Should Read

Find the best places to learn new or improve sales skills with our top sales blogs, including descriptions of each and who they serve best.

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Sales blogs are resources written by individuals or companies to help salespeople achieve results and stay up to date on sales skills, tips, news, and innovations. Throughout your career, it’s important to know where to go for quality content and which outlets work best for the sales position that you currently hold. So, we’ve curated a list of the top sales blogs for various employee levels and company goals.

The top sales blogs are categorized into the following:

  • Sales Blogs for Sales Reps: Learn how to develop your career as well as generate, nurture, and close leads. Read more below.
  • Sales Blogs for Sales Managers: Understand the best methods for strategy, team-building, and execution. Read more below.
  • Sales Blogs for Revenue Growth: Content to grow top-line sales and strategies to beat company or team revenue goals. Read more below.
  • Sales Blogs for General Business: Blogs with general business information good for salespeople. Read more below.

We determined our list by scouring online ratings and reviews of the top blogs available, as well as interviewed verified sellers for their most helpful resources. If you're looking for resources beyond these blogs, also check out our articles on the best sales books for longer-form information as well as the best sales podcasts for an audio format.

5 Best Sales Blogs for Sales Reps

The sales blogs we’re recommending for sales reps are those that offer in-depth instructional content to help sales reps of all levels improve their game. We are focusing primarily on blogs that provide actionable content specifically for the sales process rather than blogs that provide information on management or big-picture leadership strategies.

Sales hacker square logo

Sales Hacker​

Who Should Read It: Everyone looking for sales tips, but the value begins at the sales rep role.

Sales Hacker is a popular resource for all sales roles, offering frequent blog posts, seminars, podcasts, forums organized by role or objective, and online courses to help you become a better salesperson. They offer content that serves sales reps, managers, and nearly anyone else in the field. We recommend you start reading Sales Hacker’s content as a sales rep, utilizing their resources to kickstart your career, and continue referring to them as you move up.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Sales Hacker

  • Direct Sales Skills: You will find a plethora of actionable tips and tricks to improve your closing skills when talking to prospects.
  • Expert Advice: Their library of podcasts, seminars, and courses led by experts in the field will provide some “inside baseball” to help you avoid common mistakes.
  • Skills That Evolve With Your Career: As you move up, you can utilize their higher-level managerial and big-picture content to sharpen your skills in your new position.

Sales Hacker is a versatile resource that offers top-of-line information through every possible vehicle. You can find the information that meets you where you are in your sales career, and you can choose whether you want to read, listen to, or watch their educational content.

Hubspot square logo

HubSpot Sales Blog​

Who Should Read It: Beginner-to-intermediate sales reps looking for quick, consumable tips and longer-form courses.

The HubSpot Sales Blog is a full-fledged sales training program offered by marketing and CRM software company HubSpot. They offer plenty of templates and examples for all of their tips, and even some free courses for a guided learning experience. They also provide blog posts and ebooks to help you learn the basic skills that every sales professional should practice.

What You’ll Learn by Reading The HubSpot Sales Blog

  • Plug-and-Play Tips: HubSpot offers many listicles that cover voicemail greetings, sales pitches, and email subject lines that you can plug right into your correspondence.
  • Sales Planning: Many of HubSpot’s articles cover a plan-based sales process, which can help beginners develop and maintain consistent results.
  • Sales Mindset: When you’re feeling discouraged, HubSpot has some motivational articles with quotes from sales experts to help restore your drive and confidence.

The HubSpot Sales Blog is a great resource for sales representatives that need to get a handle on the basics. They are also a great place to look for innovation in the sales process, like ways to take advantage of remote meetings; to leverage technology in your sales flow; and to let go of older, out-of-date marketing and sales tactics. Their articles are often relatively short and easy to read, and offer actionable advice that you can use right away in your workplace.

sales insights lab 1

Sales Insights Lab

Who Should Read It: Sales professionals that prefer video-based content over written blogs.

Sales Insights Lab is run by YouTube content creator and sales trainer Marc Wayshack, and each article on the blog is accompanied by a video. This gives you the option to listen to or watch every single lesson that he teaches, and you can absorb all of the information he has to offer without having to read a single word. He focuses primarily on skills that will help the average sales rep, so it’s perfect for people who are still in this role.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Sales Insights Lab

  • First Contact Strategies: Sales Insights Lab offers deep dives on cold calling, cold emailing, and cold canvassing for salespeople who need to improve their first impressions.
  • Beginner Tips: Many of the tips relate to common beginner struggles like overcoming nerves, strengthening basic persuasion skills, and moving on from rejection.
  • Objection Handling: Marc sets himself apart by providing specific examples of what to say on calls so that you know exactly how to handle objections.

Sales Insights Lab offers a level of specificity that many other blogs do not. When you’re trying to sharpen up your delivery, being able to hear the tone and cadence of the words on your script is priceless, and this makes it a great blog for people who want text and video options when learning new information.

sales gravy logo

Sales Gravy

Who Should Read It: Beginner salespeople looking for information on how to develop a salesperson personality.

Sales Gravy is another generalized sales advice blog, but they include more articles on how to develop your personality as a salesperson. Articles with tips on how to improve your physical fitness to get less tired at work, how to reduce call anxiety, and how to demonstrate empathy to your prospects make Sales Gravy a solid place to go for advice on how to live your life in a way that improves your career and relationships.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Sales Gravy

  • Shedding Emotional Struggles at Work: Sales Gravy offers many articles that give tips on fighting anxiety, exhaustion, and frustration in the workplace.
  • Ambitious Prospecting Attitude: Many articles cover the importance of prospecting whenever you have time, how to do so effectively, and how to make time to prospect.
  • Lifestyle Change: Unique articles that cover how physical health/fitness, a coachable attitude, and building connections with your coworkers can improve your results at work.

Sales Gravy covers the mental and emotional side of sales better than most of these other blogs. This is an important aspect to get input on, as obstacles like exhaustion, frustration, and anxiety will diminish the results you get from the workplace-specific advice in these blogs.

sales for life logo

Sales for Life​

Who Should Read It: B2B sales reps that want to leverage social media and online networking.

Sales for Life is a B2B-focused blog that writes most of their content based on social media and networking. They discuss topics like building out your network with your portfolio, building a buyer-centric social profile, and generating more B2B leads through social selling. This makes them a specialized resource for B2B salespeople working on this specific part of their sales skills, which is growing in relevance as social media takes over more of the sales industry.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Sales for Life

  • Tips on Developing an Online Presence: Create an online presence on different social media outlets to attract more inbound leads.
  • Portfolio Building: Learn how to build a portfolio of your previous sales, so you can prove to your leads that you provide quality service to a variety of customers.
  • Testimonials From Successful Social Sellers: Sales for Life has articles that tell you how different companies have found success selling through social media.

Sales for Life is one of the more innovative blogs on this list, and so it provides a unique value to B2B sales representatives. If you’re looking to improve your social selling skills, check them out.

5 Best Sales Blogs for Sales Managers

The blogs in this section focus more on sales planning, recruiting, and coaching a sales team. For that reason, they offer information useful mainly to sales managers rather than reps, helping you improve your ability to meet team goals.

Star results logo

STAR Results

Who Should Read It: Beginner managers looking to pick up the basics of sales management.

STAR Results has a solid sales management blog option for beginners to get their basics down. Many of their articles focus on basic skills for sales managers, and have a broader scope than other sales blogs to ensure you get the big picture of sales management right away.

What You’ll Learn by Reading STAR Results

  • “New Way” vs. “Old Way” Comparisons: Most of their articles show you how each subject has changed over time, and the difference between each way of doing things.
  • Essential Management Skills: Articles usually target the basic management skills that every manager should know, as opposed to deep dives on convoluted topics.
  • Direct Contact Options: Most of the articles include an email that you can contact if you have questions on the article’s content.

The STAR Results blog helps you avoid the more complicated sales blogs that dive deep into information that beginner sales managers don’t yet need. They cover key management skills like lead generation, team development, and recruiting while also offering additional information that will be useful throughout your whole career.

center for sales strategy logo

The Center for Sales Strategy

Who Should Read It: Sales managers and recruiters looking for long-form educational articles on team development.

The Center for Sales Strategy writes extensive articles on sales management and recruiting that help you build a better sales team. They offer articles that cover how to motivate your team, how to develop a sales strategy, and how to identify the personality of a good salesperson. These are fundamentals of sales leadership, and each article offers a ton of detail, with most even including videos elaborating on the subjects within the article with more examples and tips.

What You’ll Learn by Reading The Center for Sales Strategy

  • Recruitment Skills: As stated above, their articles include many tips on how to identify good candidates for sales roles, as well as how to attract prospects to your business.
  • Big Picture Planning: Many of their articles cover how to develop a sales strategy for your sales team and inform your reps properly on the specifics of executing it.
  • Motivator Skills: Learn about motivating your sales team, time-tested strategies that work, and ineffective strategies to avoid.

The Center for Sales Strategy offers a ton of information on almost all relevant aspects of sales management and recruiting. The content can get pretty long, but if you’re looking to be as informed as possible, this blog is a must-read to improve your abilities as a manager, recruiter, and motivator.

Engage selling logo

Engage Selling

Who Should Read It: Sales managers looking for condensed information on workplace productivity.

Engage Selling is a manager-focused sales blog that offers more succinct content to help you immediately improve your team’s productivity. They cover pipeline management, sales planning, and team member training. Their articles are easy to read, sometimes include videos with more detail on the article topics, and give a lot of value without demanding too much of your time.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Engage Selling

  • Pipeline Efficiency: Read many tips and guides covering how to get more out of your sales pipeline through the content of your calls and emails to each lead.
  • Sales Leadership: Their articles cover many different ways for you to motivate and inform your sales team and increase their productivity through quality leadership.
  • Training Tools: Many of their “how-to” style articles offer information that will help you improve your sales team’s conversion, and increase individual productivity.

If you’re looking for a faster reading experience that will improve your ability to lead your team, Engage Selling is a great place to go. Not everybody has time to go over exhaustive guides on every subject, so Engage Selling delivers their key points in a condensed format.

Topline leadership

TopLine Leadership

Who Should Read It: Sales managers that want information focused on team leadership and motivational skills.

TopLine Leadership is a team-leadership-focused sales blog that teaches you how to better motivate your direct reports. They deal with subjects like employee psychology, maintaining team momentum, and successful coaching strategies. They offer unique value in their focus on the mental and emotional aspects of managing a sales team, which will help you meet the goals on the practical end as well.

What You’ll Learn by Reading TopLine Leadership

  • Coaching Methods: Much of your job as a sales manager is learning to motivate and guide your sales reps, and TopLine offers extensive information on coaching your team. 
  • Performance Metric Guidelines: In addition to teaching how to improve your sales team, they also offer guides on how to measure your sales team’s success.
  • Awareness of Team Momentum: Recognize the momentum of a sales team and how a slump in conversion (or a pandemic) can lead to lower productivity and higher turnover.

TopLine Leadership’s unique focus on the coaching side of sales management gives them a unique value proposition for sales managers. We think all sales managers should check out their guides to increase their ability to connect with and coach up their sales team. These are invaluable skills that will improve not only your team’s metrics, but also your relationships with those who work under you.

Datanyze square logo

The Datanyze Dispatch​

Who Should Read It: Sales managers in the SaaS industry or those who sell software products.

If you work in SaaS (software as a service), then some of the more general sales blogs don’t always apply to your specific sales situation. The Datanyze Dispatch is a SaaS-specific sales blog that aims to fill that gap and offer news and guides that relate to SaaS sales. They cover a wide array of sales subjects, but each article directly relates to software news and sales.

What You’ll Learn by Reading The Datanyze Dispatch

  • Industry News: In addition to the regular “how-to” and list articles, Datanyze offers articles covering current events and new innovations in software markets. 
  • SaaS-Specific Sales Tips: Sales management and planning guides, similar to other blogs we have mentioned, but each guide is custom-tailored to the software industry. 
  • Technology Recommendations: Articles discussing innovative softwares and technologies that will help you streamline your sales process.

If you are a SaaS sales manager, the The Datanyze Dispatch is our favorite blog for your unique needs. They ensure that they cover all of the same tips and information that more generalized blogs do, but they explain it within the context of a SaaS business. This makes it easier for you to directly apply their strategies in the workplace.

5 Best Sales Blogs for Revenue Growth

The blogs in this section offer advice on sales leadership at the executive level, focusing primarily on revenue growth strategies that need to be implemented from the top. So, those best served by these blogs are high-level sales managers or company executives with adequate power to implement the revenue growth strategies described in the content.

Sales Benchmark Index logo

Sales Benchmark Index​

Who Should Read It: Department managers and executives wanting specific data to improve their revenue growth.

Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) aligns more with the practical and analytical sides of the sales process, and serves you better the higher you are on the corporate ladder. They offer an extensive library of insights on marketing, sales, pricing, customer experience, and many other aspects of a sales-based business. They also offer their own full-length research reports to provide you with the statistics behind their recommendations.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Sales Benchmark Index

  • Statistically Proven Keys to Success: SBI offers a unique level of data behind the tips and guides that they recommend, giving you more confidence in their implementation.
  • Revenue Growth Strategies: Their Revenue Growth Maturity Model helps business leaders identify key risks to their revenue growth.
  • Industry Specific Insights: Their blog allows you to filter by industry to ensure you are getting the most relevant information to your specific sales context.

Sales Benchmark Index is the highest-level information source of the group, and some of the insights and strategies they offer can only be implemented by department managers and/or executive staff.  If that’s you, this is your best option, as they offer extensive methodologies and complete sales strategies that can help even the most veteran sales leaders grow revenue.

predictable revenue logo

Predictable Revenue​

Who Should Read It: Sales leaders looking for outbound lead generation programs to grow revenue.

The Predictable Revenue blog focuses on providing actionable tips and guides on how to perform outbound lead generation strategies like email campaigns, chatbots, and social media campaigns. These are great for sales leaders who have control over the general marketing strategies of their business.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Predictable Revenue

  • Mass Email Strategies: Articles cover a wide variety of email strategies, like how to write a successful mass email and how to custom-tailor emails to your audience.
  • Social Media Outreach: Many articles cover how to perform better social media outreach and how to create an attractive social media brand for your leads.
  • Software Recommendations: Some articles will cover software and AI tools that will help you sift through leads, attract more, and reach out to them on social media.

If you’re looking for more tips on growing your business’s pipeline through strong outbound marketing, the Predictable Revenue blog has many articles to help you do so. Their specialty in social media and email make it a particularly strong resource for both modes of communication.

Miller Heiman group logo

Miller Heiman Group

Who Should Read It: Sales leaders looking to ensure that their revenue growth practices are as updated as possible.

The Miller Heiman Group blog is centered around new developments in the world of sales leadership. Each article is focused on a new way of growing sales, training your reps, and improving your technological skills to keep up with modern sales patterns.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Miller Heiman Group

  • Emerging Strategies for Success: Most of the blog covers new ways of training, generating leads, and selling to ensure that your company is up-to-date.
  • New Technologies: Software and artificial intelligence are common subjects on this blog, and you’ll find recommendations and guides on how to use new tools.
  • Social Awareness: A few of the articles cover how the ever-changing political and social landscape changes the way businesses should market their business/product.

Miller Heiman Group covers many different ways for your company to keep up with the times, as well as new skills and strategies being used by other companies that may work for you. We recommend that sales leaders looking to update their business practices check out this blog to avoid investing in suboptimal or outdated growth strategies.

Search engine landlogo

Search Engine Land

Who Should Read It: Sales leaders that want to improve revenue by optimizing their website for SEO.

Search Engine Land is a blog that offers information on search engine optimization as a method for revenue growth. In the age of the internet, SEO is key to maintaining your inbound and outbound lead generation by making your website easy to find and access. Search Engine Land ensures that you know what tools to use, and how to improve your position on major search engines like Google and Bing.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Search Engine Land

  • SEO Tips: Articles cover many different strategies that you can use to improve your position on search engines.
  • PPC Ad Tips: They also cover PPC ads, typically those offered by Google Ads, and how those can be used to compliment a solid SEO framework.
  • SEO News: Many articles cover changes in the policy of search engines and website hosting platforms that affect SEO strategies.

If you are looking to ensure that your business is highly visible on the internet, check out Search Engine Land to figure out how. Their focus on SEO brings unique value, as it is an essential aspect of revenue growth for any modern company.

CXL logo

Conversion XL​

Who Should Read It: Business leaders who want to grow revenue by improving their conversion percentage on leads.

The Conversion XL blog is all about converting the leads that you already have. They cover ways to measure your current conversion rate, and tips to improve it to make more revenue from your pipeline without having to invest in more lead generation. Their conversion rate tips are even more effective in tandem with better lead generation and SEO strategies.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Conversion XL

  • Brand Optimization: Many articles cover how to optimize your unique sales proposition and product image to create a more attractive product.
  • Conversion Optimization Data: Browse almost 300 articles covering data-backed strategies for conversion optimization, many of them including data from their own tests.
  • Buyer Psychology: Their articles often cover the psychology of your leads, and how to leverage that knowledge to optimize your sales process for conversion.

Conversion XL covers many marketing and sales topics that will improve your revenue growth as a whole, but their focus on conversion data makes them a unique information source for making the most out of the marketing budget, staff, and pipeline that you already have.

4 Best Blogs for General Business Information

The following blogs are focused on keeping you informed on the business world in general. By providing business news, trend coverage, and strategy advice, these blogs can be useful to any sales professional, especially those in the B2B sales industry.

Harvard Business Review logo

Harvard Business Review

Who Should Read It: Business owners and sales professionals looking for analysis on modern business trends.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a longstanding business blog run by Harvard University that analyses trends that matter to business owners and entrepreneurs. They offer articles on diversity, innovation, and other emerging trends that business owners may find interesting. Keep your eye on their content to stay in tune with what B2B prospects are consuming.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Harvard Business Review

  • Innovative Business Policy Ideas: HBR does deep dives on new policies that have helped businesses grow, and how other business owners can implement them.
  • Self-Management: HBR has a unique “self-management” category, which includes ways to change your lifestyle to improve success in business.
  • Expert Advice: Many articles in HBR are written by expert guest writers, including high-level executives, university researchers, and social activists.

Harvard Business Review is a solid general source for all things business ownership. This can help you as a business owner, entrepreneur, or B2B salesperson by giving you insight on trends in your prospects’ markets.

Business Insider Square logo

Business Insider​

Who Should Read It: Sales professionals looking for up-to-date news from the business world.

Business Insider is a news site that focuses on business and finance topics and has become one of the most prominent business news websites available. As expected, they’re focused primarily on breaking stories, and less on deep dives on business trends, policies, and practices.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Business Insider

  • Updated Government Policy: Sales professionals and business owners alike will benefit from real-time updates on new government policy that may affect their income.
  • Business News: Business Insider’s main focus is breaking news stories relating to business, tech, and finance.
  • Real-Time Market Data: Finance-focused business professionals can find stock market data, updated in real time, on Business Insider.

Business Insider is the place to go strictly for business news. While it provides some analysis, it will make a better tool for those just looking for the latest business news and market data.

Shopify sqare logo

Shopify​ Business Blog

Who Should Read It: Business owners and sales professionals involved in ecommerce sales.

The Shopify blog is a business blog run by the ecommerce platform of the same name. As a result of their niche, much of the information on the blog is related to ecommerce, and loaded with tips on growing an online business.

What You’ll Learn by Reading Shopify:

  • Ecommerce News: News stories relating to online stores, and success stories of businesses on the platform.
  • Actionable Ecommerce Tips: Shopify offers guides to help any online business owner grow their sales.
  • Online Retail Tool Recommendations: They also offer articles that explain both hardware and software that you can use to start a business, as well as DIY guides to get you started.

If you’re an ecommerce seller or business owner, Shopify is a great resource for new insights on how to grow your business. There will be a bit of self-promotion involved with many of their advice articles, but that’s par-for-the-course with sales platforms and their blogs.

problogger logo


Who Should Read It: Salespeople and business owners looking to increase visibility by creating a blog for their business.

ProBlogger is a sales blog focused on teaching readers the practical skills of creating and maintaining a quality blog. This can be useful for business owners who want to add another revenue stream and lead generation tool for their business.

What You’ll Learn by Reading ProBlogger

  • Article and Copy Writing: ProBlogger provides actionable advice on how to write quality website copy and blog articles.
  • Website Monetization: They offer a ton of tips and tricks to monetize your blog or social media groups to create an extra revenue stream.
  • Web Design: Many of their articles cover how to make your blog more attractive, and how often you should review it in order to freshen up the look and organization.

If you’re considering creating a blog to increase your income or advertise your business, ProBlogger is a strong resource to help you learn the basic skills you’ll need to get started.

Bottom Line

This list of sales blogs has something for everybody. No matter who you are or where you are in your sales career, there is quality information out there to help you improve your results and make more money. Check out our options, read as much as you can, and watch your pipeline and income grow as you learn.

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