Top 12 Closing Sales Tips From Expert Sellers 2022

Read our top closing sales tips from expert salespeople to learn how best to ask for the deal, including preparation and follow-up.

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When you and your prospect have reached the end of your sales process, there's a correct way to go about closing the sale so that your prospect agrees to the deal and signs the contract. Luckily, there are several tactics you can use as you prepare to close the sale, officially make the ask, and follow up according to their response. We asked sales experts for their advice on how best to close deals, then compiled the top answers so you can apply their tips to your own closing process.

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Tips to Prepare for the Close

When preparing to ask your prospect to finalize a purchase with you, there are certain tips and tricks to help you connect with your customers and ensure you ask for the right sale at the right time. Below, learn what our sales experts have to say about how best to prep for a deal close.

Elizabeth Harr

Elizabeth Harr

Partner, Hinge Marketing

Research Your Industry & Prospect

"Show that you’ve done your homework. The best way to do this is by sharing an observation along with relevant data that backs it up. This will convey that if they choose you, they’ll be in for more than the bare minimum. They are in for a relationship that will educate and help elevate their thought process."

— Elizabeth Harr, Hinge Marketing

Logan Mallory

Logan Mallory

Vice President, Motivosity

Build a Strong Relationship

"When you’re able to create a relationship with a prospect, you’ll build mutual trust, rapport, and connection. All three of these things are key to a successful and effortless close, because you’ve laid the ground work ahead of time. Building a relationship helps the deal feel more natural and less 'salesy.' You’re providing value to the prospect while getting to know each other, so they’re primed and ready to say yes when you make your final proposal."

— Logan Mallory, Motivosity

Alan Duncan

Alan Duncan

CEO, Solar Panels Network USA

Identify the Right Solution to Sell

"Create a personal connection with the customer by clearly demonstrating that you understand their needs and are committed to helping them find the right solution. Once you have established trust, you can then begin to discuss your product or service in more detail. It's also important to be flexible in your approach and be willing to adjust your offer to meet the customer's specific needs. By taking the time to really understand the customer and what they are looking for, you'll be in a much better position to close the sale."

Alan Duncan, Solar Panels Network USA

Sumeer Kaur

Sumeer Kaur

CEO & Founder, Lashkaraa

Personalize Your Pitch for Each Prospect

"You want your sales pitch to focus on the customer. Build your pitch around the needs, interests, and goals you found out about during lead nurturing and explain how you can accommodate them. Put the individual customer first rather than focusing on closing the deal. It will feel more authentic and personalized, and you are far more likely to close the deal."

Sumeer Kaur, Lashkaraa

Tips to Actively Close the Sale

Once you feel prepared for the close, there are important tips and tricks for actually solidifying the deal and coming out with a closed/won sale. Read on to learn the different tricks our sales experts use when they close their own sales.

Gauri Manglik

Gauri Manglik

CEO & Co-founder, Instrumentl

Ask Only When the Time Is Right

"Know when to close the sale. It sounds simple, but it's absolutely true. For example, if you're working with someone who has been trying out your product for several weeks, they might be ready to make their purchase decision during that last meeting — but if they're still in the discovery phase and haven't even tried your product yet, you should probably wait until they have before making any commitments on either side. Knowing when to close the sale allows both parties to move forward together rather than leaving one party behind (and possibly regretting it later)."

— Gauri Manglik, Instrumentl

Tom Snyder

Tom Snyder

Founder & Managing Partner, Funnel Clarity

Let the Customer Guide the Sale

"The customer is the one that ultimately qualifies themselves and closes any sale. The clarity with which a decision maker can articulate what they are looking to fix, accomplish, or avoid often has a significant impact on how quickly they'll make a buying decision. If they're able to clearly state what they need by the end of your sales process, it's likely a safe choice to go ahead and ask them to buy the solution that you believe will help them."

— Tom Snyder, Funnel Clarity

Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart

Certified Public Accountant, Step By Step Business

Use Assumptive Closing

"When closing a sale, try the assumptive close, which involves using terms and languages during your pitch that assume you have a signed deal. As an example, a lawn service provider could ask, 'How often would you be needing us to maintain your lawn after this project?' This statement signifies that the salesperson has the assumption of a done deal and intends to further the client relationship through initial service plus maintenance."

— Mark Stewart, Step By Step Business

Craig Heward

Craig Heward

Sales Manager, seoplus+

Work According to the Client's Timeline

"Align your close with the specific timeline of the customer and the potential pitfall of missing that date of theirs. Work backwards on their timeline and the length of the process for your organization to meet their timeline with confidence and comfortability for the client. For example, 'If we don’t get an agreement by this date, then your starting timeline is in jeopardy. If we miss that date, what would that mean to the success of your organization's plans?' "

— Craig Heward, seoplus+

Rahul Vij

Rahul Vij

CEO, WebSpero Solutions

Communicate a Sense of Urgency

"The scarcity sales close, often referred to as the now-or-never close, uses a good ol' FOMO (fear of missing out) to persuade a prospect to buy. You entice the prospect with a discount or an additional perk, but only if they take on-the-spot action and make a purchase. This mostly works when the potential customer is honest about wanting to buy but only needs a little prodding."

— Rahul Vij, WebSpero Solutions

Daniel Carter

Daniel Foley Carter

Director, DanielFoley

Use Perks to Convince Clients to Close

"Offer a unique perk (discount, gift, bonus, attractive quote, etc.) to your consumers who are still hesitating in order to convince them to purchase. This strategy is effective because individuals are frequently hesitant to commit, even if they desire what you give them. Therefore, simplify the decision-making process for them (to your advantage). For example: 'If you join up now, I can provide a 25% discount.' "

— Daniel Foley Carter, DanielFoley

Tips for After the Close

Your job isn't quite done after closing the sale. From here, it's crucial to express your gratitude, make the transition easy for your new customer, and keep the lines of communication open. Here are some key tips from sales pros who have experience with following through on a sale:

Charmaine Chan

Charmaine Chan

Founder, IceSword US

Thank Your New Customer

"After making a sale, always say thank you. This is the most important unwritten rule of sales. It can be in the form of an appreciation email, a thank-you card attached to the invoice, or just voiced gratitude. This opens a channel for a long-lasting relationship that will lead to more sales and gives the customer the feeling that they've solved their problem and given something of value to another person. When you make a sale, follow up with the customer, as existing customers are more likely to bring further revenue to your business."

— Charmaine Chan, IceSword US

Max Benz

Max Benz

Founder & CEO, BankingGeek

Schedule Regular Follow-ups

"Following up with customers is one of the best ways to close sales. By keeping in touch with customers after they have made a purchase, you can build relationships and trust, which can lead to repeat business and referrals. There are a few different ways to follow up with customers, such as through phone calls, emails, or even personal visits. The key is to find a method that works best for you and your customers. Some businesses may prefer to send a quick email after each purchase, while others may want to make regular phone calls to touch base. The important thing is to keep the lines of communication open so that customers know they can always reach out if they need help or have questions."

Max Benz, BankingGeek

Bottom Line: Closing Sales Tips

When it comes to closing a sale, it's important to properly nurture your leads and ask them for the deal to make them want to do business with you. Also key are the actions you take after closing the sale to stay organized and continue building a relationship with your new customer. Make sure to use the tips from our sales experts to increase your close rate and get your prospects all the way through your sales process.

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