Top 25 CRM Software Benefits & Advantages by Experts 2022

Read our curated list of CRM software benefits and advantages to closed more deals and nurture client relationships effectively.

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CRM software provides many benefits and advantages for companies and salespeople that increase productivity and deal-closing. We asked sales experts to share the biggest benefits and advantages for salespeople, sales teams, and your customers. By reading this, you'll be able to determine exactly how CRM software can improve your sales.

Here are the top CRM software benefits and advantages according to sales experts:

With the above in mind, let's check out the top overall CRM software benefits and advantages for salespeople, marketers, teams, and your overall business.

Salesperson CRM Software Benefits & Advantages

Check out the top CRM software benefits for salespeople and marketers, including ways to optimize your workflow and conversion rates.

Kristin Kalra

Krittin Kalra

Founder, Writecream

Organize Your Leads & Workflow

"CRM helps you organize your leads and manage your workflow. It allows you to manage your contacts, leads, and prospects in one place. It saves you time and money and is a one-stop solution for all your business needs." - Krittin Kalra, Writecream

Rameez Usmani

Rameez Usmani

CMO, WebHostingAdvices

Increase Conversion Rates

"The purpose of lead generation and meaningful customer relationships is to raise conversion rates, and simply having a CRM can enhance conversion rates by up to 300%. That is a massive increase. It's certainly more effective than revamping your company's social media approach again. With lead nurturing, automation, access to extensive customer information, detailed reports, and improved internal communication, it's easy to see why CRM software can drastically raise conversion rates." - Rameez Usmani, WebHostingAdvices


Taylor Murchison

SEO Growth Director, On The Map

Close More Deals Efficiently

"I believe better sales results can be attributed to CRM software. The best CRM software can help you identify and reward your most valued customers, as well as customize your communications with them, in order to boost customer engagement and conversion rates. In addition, you may quickly identify weak points in the sales process, such as unanswered emails or phone calls that are not followed up on and fix them immediately." - Taylor Murchison, On The Map

Adam Garcia

Adam Garcia

Owner, The Stock Dork

Streamline Lead Nurturing

"A CRM tool simplifies lead nurturing by keeping track of prospective customers' information and monitoring the whole sales process, allowing you to pinpoint exactly when a lead requires additional involvement. Using CRM, you can utilize tools like lead scoring to help identify leads who are ready to buy and those who require additional nurturing. You can also tag, filter, and sort your leads based on any criterion, as well as examine the whole history of your relationship with any specific contact at any moment, making it simple to nurture your leads and current client relationships." - Adam Garcia, The Stock Dork

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Marc Stitt

Marc Stitt


Improved Customer Retention

"Following the acquisition and conversion of leads, it is critical that you put out the effort necessary to retain them as customers and promote customer loyalty. High customer turnover can have a number of negative effects for your company, such as lower revenue or disruption in cash flow, so leverage your CRM and the information it gives about your clients to encourage repeat business. To assist you to identify problems and rapidly fix them with your customers, the CRM will feature sentiment analysis, automated ticketing, customer service automation, and user behavior tracking." - Marc Stitt, FMX

Shane McEvoy

Shane McEvoy

Managing Director, Flycast Media

Keep Robust Contact Records

"A good CRM platform provides plenty of benefits for businesses including tracking all website, phone and email interactions through lead nurturing, providing a complete view of the customer's journey. As all contact details, interactions, sales records and messages are stored in one place this allows for easy access, and list segmentation through selection criteria. With robust reporting options team members can also track performance and optimize sales processes for better results." - Shane McEvoy, Flycast Media

Sara Johansson

Sara Johansson

Customer Success Manager, Onsiter

Discover New Potential Clients

"CRM systems help in the identification of potential customers. They keep track of existing client profiles and can utilize them to figure out who to target for maximum clientage returns. New customers are a sign of planned growth. A growing company using CRM software, on the other hand, should see more existing customers than new prospects each week. Growth is only necessary if existing customers are well maintained, even if new prospects are recruited." - Sara Johansson, Onsiter

Team CRM Software Benefits & Advantages

Take a look at these top CRM software benefits for sales and marketing teams, as well as your overall business. Included are ways team members can operate more effectively and efficiently.

Adam wood

Adam Wood

Co-Founder, RevenueGeeks

Bridge Communication Between Marketing & Sales

"CRM software improves internal communication and makes it simple for marketing and salespeople to communicate with one another—no marketing and sales couple's counseling is required. When everyone on the team has access to the same customer data, it's simple to keep everyone on the same page." -  Adam Wood, RevenueGeeks

Michael Hess

Michael Hess

eCommerce Strategy Lead, Code Signing Store

Automate Operational Workflows

"Simply employing an operational CRM boosts corporate efficiency by 73%. It allows you to simply configure triggers, actions, and conditions to automate time-consuming, repetitive processes (no coding required). CRMs are designed to automate workflows, marketing campaigns, and the complete lead nurturing and business process. Workflow automation essentially eliminates the human labor and time required to generate leads and create customer connections." - Michael Hess, Code Signing Store

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Tim Parker

Tim Parker

Director of Marketing, Syntax Integration

Save Your Team Time & Money

"CRM helps you save money by allowing your team to focus on more vital duties. Instead of having a team member comb through all of the customer data to try to make sense of it, a CRM system can do it for you. This saves both time and money for your team. A CRM system will allow you to stretch your budget even further. You'll save money by searching through data and retrieving information that will help you develop a stronger campaign. When you save money on conversions, you open up the possibility of a higher return on investment (ROI). A CRM system can help you cut costs while also providing the possibility to gain more conversions." - Tim Parker, Syntax Integration

Joe Manna

Joe Manna

Content Manager, Alyce

Improve Your Sales Process

"I believe that implementing a CRM system has significant Sales Management CRM benefits for all facets of your organization. Sales representatives can automatically capture leads from a variety of sources and segment them according to characteristics such as demographics, shopping habits, tastes, and preferences; this is accomplished through the CRM Leads Module. Salespeople can improve the sales process by tailoring their response to each individual lead by obtaining key insights from the advertising division. Capable of transferring leads through the entire gross sales funnel is a difficult task, and lead management is a feature that can help simplify this process." - Joe Manna, Alyce

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Shane Liuw

Shane Liuw

SEO Expert, First Page Digital

Automate Contact Management

"A customer relationship management system (CRM) enables your sales force to keep track of contacts and customer relationships. They can track drip campaigns and interactions throughout the sales cycle to maintain a consistent and satisfied customer experience. By automating contact management and communication, a CRM aids in the acceleration of routine procedures and tasks, hence enhancing efficiency." - Shane Liuw, First Page Digital

Luke Genoyer

Luke Genoyer

Marketing Director, Global Call Forwarding

Stay On Top of Sales & Marketing Performance

"From a marketing standpoint, we're able to see how many leads were generated in a given time period and track that performance over time. We're able to see top landing pages for signups, contact form submissions, etc. It helps us identify what's working well so that we can double down on those things. We're also able to track salesperson performance (% of leads closed, number of major accounts signed up, etc.). We can pull this information on a case-by-case basis, but we also find value in scheduled reports." - Luke Genoyer, Global Call Forwarding

Nelson Sherwin

Nelson Sherwin

Manager of PEO Companies

Collaborate With Your Entire Company

"I think the biggest benefit of using a CRM is that it makes it easy for multiple people from different departments to work with the same information. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or any other department, if you have access to the CRM and the information it contains, you can use it and contribute to it. Once information has been entered into a CRM, it immediately becomes easily accessible and valuable to anyone who needs it." - Nelson Sherwin, PEO Companies

Zach Goldstein

Zach Goldstein

CEO & Founder, Public Rec

Visualize Sales Funnels

"CRM software is beneficial because it presents clean, consolidated dashboards and helps us visualize our sales funnel easily. We integrate our sales metrics to assess where in our sales funnel our customers drop off. It is easy to address each drop-off point because the software streamlines understanding across our teams." - Zach Goldstein, Public Rec

Todd Ramlin

Todd Ramlin

Manager, Cable Compare

Analyze Data Efficiently

"One of the most important benefits of using a CRM is that it goes beyond storing information by providing detailed analytics. The analytical tools of CRM software can contextualize data and turn it into actionable items and easy to understand metrics. The metrics that a CRM can provide allow you to judge your marketing campaigns and make adjustments where needed." - Todd Ramlin, Cable Compare

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Richard Reid

Richard Reid

Senior Consultant, Kaya Consultancy Group Ltd

Inform & Shape Future Sales Strategy

"Any CRM system is only as good as the information captured within it, with post-opportunity feedback providing the greatest value for development of sales and pricing strategies, an area that is often neglected by sales teams. Success rates at product/service level by geography, industry sector, or competitors involved in the process should be used to inform pricing strategies at a macro or micro level – a 100% win rate would suggest that prices could be increased, whilst a low win rate might suggest that for certain future opportunities lower pricing may drive improved sales revenues." - Richard Reid, Kaya Consultancy Group Ltd

Andrew Dale

Andrew Dale

Technical Director, CloudTech24

Create Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns

"CRM, in my opinion, delivers greater data to assist you to develop a better campaign. People will respond to your campaign in a variety of ways. You may have a better knowledge of how people interact with your digital marketing strategy by utilizing CRM. When you attract leads, you do so in a variety of ways. However, whether through social media or email, every one of your audience members has a unique experience connecting with your company. It's critical to understand their perspectives in order to design a more effective campaign for them." - Andrew Dale, CloudTech24

Serg Valencia

Serg Valencia

Founder, Serg Valencia

Prevent Company Mistakes

"My favorite benefit of relying on a CRM to prevent my sales from falling through the cracks is that I can always go back and check what happened at each stage of the sales process. This way, I can make sure that I am doing everything I can to prevent any mistakes in the future. Memory is unreliable, so going back and checking what happened is invaluable." - Serg Valencia

CRM Software Benefits for Your Customer

Take a look at the best CRM software benefits for the customer. Included are advantages that benefit both the client and the salesperson.

Anthony Mixides

Anthony Mixides

Managing Director, Bond Media

Better Manage Client Accounts

"One of the most significant components of CRM is the client management system, which allows any member of your team to log in and see the customer file. With a few clicks, you can see where they are in the sales cycle, their purchasing history, previous conversations, and data demonstrating their buying habits and behaviors, all of which can help you fine-tune your marketing and sales strategy." - Anthony Mixides, Bond Media

James angel

James Angel

Co-Founder, DYL

Personalize Your Clients’ Experience

"CRM allows you to see the entire spectrum of your audience. You'll have a better understanding of your customers and their purchasing habits, allowing you to tailor a strategy to their specific requirements. Your customers have a unique experience with your company. It's an engaging experience that encourages people to interact with your company. Your audience will have a better understanding of your company and will be more confident in making a purchase. You'll get more conversions and boost engagement with your brand if you use a CRM system." - James Angel, DYL

Jiten Puri

Jiten Puri

CEO, PolicyAdvisor

Gain Insights on Customer Interests

"Adopting a CRM system can help companies gain real-time access to valuable insights on customer behavior, preferences, and interests. The business can accordingly segregate customers into distinct affinity groups based on precise knowledge of their homogenous characteristics. This powerful but invisible understanding of the consumer intent can be used to create consistent, timely, and tailored interactions thereby enhancing not only retention but also increasing the probability of conversions. A CRM system effectively empowers the business to respond in real-time with insightful and focused actions resulting in enhanced customer happiness." - Jiten Puri, PolicyAdvisor

Burak Ozdemir

Burak Ozdemir

Founder, Alarm Journal

Track & Analyze Customer Interactions

"A CRM can help a business keep track of all customer interactions, whether it be by phone, email, or social media. This information can then be used to create targeted lead generation campaigns that are more likely to result in conversions. Additionally, businesses can see what marketing efforts are most successful in acquiring new customers and repeat buyers. By analyzing this data, businesses can better allocate their marketing resources for maximum ROI." - Burak Ozdemir, Alarm Journal

Dmitriy Bobriakov

Dmitriy Bobriakov

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Solwiser

Help to Improve Customer Satisfaction

"In today's competitive marketplace, improved customer satisfaction is essential for a company's success. By using a CRM system, businesses can develop more efficient marketing strategies that target specific groups of customers. As a result, businesses are able to increase sales and improve customer retention rates. In addition, CRM systems can help businesses to track customer feedback and identify areas where improvements can be made. By understanding the needs and wants of their customers, businesses can develop more effective marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs of their target audience." - Dmitriy Bobriakov, Solwiser

Lattice Hudson

Lattice Hudson

Founder, Lattice & Co.

Target Clients’ Preferences

"Built-in CRM technologies enable sales teams to send highly targeted email messages to relevant readers fast. CRM software saves salespeople time by eliminating the need for them to spend hours drafting emails. They can group contacts into smart lists and send tailored messages to a large number of people at once. To customize emails with the contact's or company's name, CRMs frequently employ auto-fill merge tags." - Lattice Hudson, Lattice & Co.

Bottom Line: CRM Software Benefits & Advantages

CRM software helps your business nurture client relationships and run more smoothly. A business that's run seamlessly leads to more closed deals and company growth. The benefits and advantages of CRM software far outweigh the drawbacks, so to supercharge your business growth consider investing in a CRM.

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