Jen Sako

Jen is a Pittsburgh-based writer with a background in hospitality and tourism sales. Her specialties include sales and marketing tech, SEO writing, and travel content. When she isn't on assignment, Jen catches up on her many newsletter subscriptions, watches no-code tutorials, and spends time with her family.

7 Best Sales Pipeline Software for People & Teams 2021

Check out our independent editorial review of the best sales pipeline software, along with the primary use case of each one.

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7 Best Call Center CRM Software for 2021

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8 Best Lead Management Software for Salespeople 2021

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6 Best Lead Scoring Software for Sales & Marketing 2021

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7 Best Electronic Signature Software for Salespeople 2021

Take a look at the best electronic signature software in our independent editorial review, and see which one is right for you.

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7 Best B2B CRM Software for Businesses

Find the best B2B CRM software available using our list, and compare the options to find the right one to help your business manage customers.

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6 Best Ecommerce CRM Software for Sales & Marketing

See our independent editorial review on the best ecommerce CRM software for your online business, including primary use cases.

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7 Best WooCommerce CRM Software Solutions

Learn how a WooCommerce CRM solution can boost your ecommerce sales, and compare their features to find the right one for your business.

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7 Best Salesforce Competitors & Alternatives for Salespeople

Take a look at our independent editorial review of the top Salesforce competitors and alternatives, along with the primary use case for each.

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