12 Best Cold Calling Software for Sales Prospecting in 2022

Read our comprehensive guide on the top cold calling software for sales prospecting, separated into the main phases of the cold calling process.

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Cold calling software are tools that support prospecting sales reps with a variety of tasks related to cold calling. The software includes tools that help you find verified phone numbers, comprehensively research your leads, make and track your calls, and, lastly, spot ways to improve your cold calling going forward. We’ve split up the 12 best cold calling tools into the four main phases of cold calling and highlighted their pricing and features. 

  • Cold Calling Software for Finding and Verifying Phone Numbers: Use these tools to find lead phone numbers and ensure they’re accurate. Read more below.
  • Cold Calling Software for Gathering Lead Information: Leverage these platforms to learn more about your leads so you can personalize your calls. Read more below.
  • Cold Calling Software for Telephony Features: Tools with telephony features help you place calls, leave voicemails, and record your calls and outcomes. Read more below.
  • Cold Calling Software for Analyzing Calls and Coaching Reps: Reps and managers alike can dig into call data and discover ways to improve cold calls. Read more below.

Cold Calling Software for Finding Verified Phone Numbers

The first step in cold calling is to find and verify your leads’ phone numbers. Lead databases like ZoomInfo or UpLead are often the best option for finding verified phone numbers for your leads in bulk including direct-dial numbers that bypass the operator. These tools also uncover other data about the lead and therefore might save you money on a data-gathering tool. A Chrome extension like RevDriver is also a viable option for finding correct phone numbers.


ZoomInfo is a subscription-based B2B intelligence tool with a massive searchable lead database containing data on over 235 million B2B professional profiles and 100 million companies worldwide. Subscribers can use the contact and company search features to find verified direct-dial phone numbers and mobile numbers for leads they want to cold call. They can also find intel like job titles, email addresses, education, and even company org charts.

ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo's pricing is listed below:

  • Call for Quote: Pricing tiers are Professional+, Advanced+, and Elite+
  • Free Trial: Available for Professional+

Zoominfo Key Features

Check out some of ZoomInfo’s most powerful features:

  • Searchable B2B Database: Find information, including phone numbers, about millions of companies and leads by typing in their names or other information.
  • Mobile Numbers: Find the mobile numbers of your leads within their professional profiles. This is especially important now that many people work from home.
  • Professional Direct-Dial Numbers: Use over 65 million numbers that bypass the operator or company receptionist and allow you to connect directly with the lead.
  • Buyer Intent Intelligence: Discover which companies are researching topics related to your business online and reach out to them.

ZoomInfo contact search

ZoomInfo contact search

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UpLead is a subscription-based B2B prospecting tool with a large searchable database and known for its high-quality data on over 14 million companies and 85+ million contacts working at them. Users can tap into this top database to find direct-dial and mobile phone numbers of the leads they want to connect with. Armed with phone number data that is guaranteed 95% accurate and verified in real-time, sellers can confidently make calls without worrying about wrong numbers. 

UpLead Pricing

UpLead’s pricing is listed below:

  • Essentials: $74 per month (2,040 credits annually)
  • Plus: $149 per month (4,800 credits annually)
  • Professional: $299 per month (12,000 credits annually)
  • Enterprise: Call for quote
  • Free Trial: 5 credits

UpLead Key Features

Here are four of UpLead’s best features:

  • Searchable B2B Database: Find contact information and other details about your leads, and filter contacts and companies based on your ideal customer profile criteria.
  • Chrome Extension: Find a lead’s contact information while exploring their company’s website or their personal LinkedIn profile.
  • Mobile Numbers: Reveal the mobile numbers of your leads so you can call them while they’re on the move or at home.
  • Direct-Dial Numbers: Access phone numbers that circumvent the gatekeeper so you can speak directly with the lead and save time.

UpLead phone numbers

UpLead phone numbers

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RevDriver by SalesIntel is a free Google Chrome extension that uncovers direct-dial and other phone numbers associated with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Crunchbase, and corporate website pages. From the browser tab, users simply click the RevDriver button and can see human-verified and computer-verified data. This tool is great for finding one-off phone numbers of leads while creating cold calling lists or double-verifying phone numbers from a database.

RevDriver Pricing

RevDriver’s pricing is listed below:

  • Call for Quote: Offers free and paid versions

RevDriver Key Features

Below are RevDriver’s most impactful features:

  • Mobile and Direct-Dial Numbers: Discover lead phone numbers by heading to their social pages or corporate websites and clicking the RevDriver Chrome extension.
  • Human-Verified Data: Access 95% accurate phone number data that has been verified as correct by real people running tests.
  • CRM Integrations: Import your RevDriver findings into the most common CRM software so you can enrich your database with lead phone numbers.
  • Chrome Extension: Use RevDriver’s functionality in a side window while you’re on the social network so you don’t have to leave the page.

RevDriver Chrome extension

RevDriver Chrome extension

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Now that you have your leads’ phone numbers, you can start to collect some more data about them and their company, including their age, work experience, and more hard-to-get data that will help you personalize your cold calls. 


Additional Reading:

For more ways to track down your lead’s phone numbers, check out our article on the top ways to find business phone numbers. In it, you’ll find other software tools like reverse email lookups as well as strategic techniques.

Cold Calling Software for Gathering Lead Information 

Cold calling software for gathering lead information refers to data enrichment tools that help you discover missing attributes and data points for your leads and their companies. That includes technographic, demographic, and firmographic information, all of which can help you better personalize your cold calls to speak to their probable circumstances, needs, and pain points. This data also helps you qualify leads, which is a vital step of the lead generation process. 


Clearbit is a B2B data enrichment tool that automatically adds around 100 demographic, firmographic, and technographic attributes to every contact and account in your marketing automation platform or CRM, thereby providing you with insights into your lead. This lead gen software also updates the lead information automatically every 30 days, so you can be relatively sure that you’re operating on the right information when you use it to personalize your cold calls.

Clearbit Pricing

Clearbit’s pricing is tailored to a client’s specific situation:

  • Call for Quote: Packages include Acquisition, Conversion, and Operations

Clearbit Key Features

Here are some of Clearbit’s best research features:

  • Contact and Account Enrichment: Uncover firmographic, technographic, and demographic attributes about your leads for personalization and lead scoring.
  • Integrations: Clearbit will automatically fill every account and contact with data in your CRM or marketing automation platform.
  • Instant Enrichment for New Records: When a new record of contact or account is created, Clearbit will instantly upload the data to help you score the lead.
  • 30-Day Data Refresh: Every 30 days, Clearbit refreshes all of your records so that you’re working with updated, accurate data.

Clearbit data enrichment

Clearbit data enrichment

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Datanyze’s Chrome extension reveals contact and company data associated with a lead’s LinkedIn profile or company website so that you can dive deep as you do your research. Its database is large, with data on over 120 million professionals, and it can reveal firmographic attributes like a company’s funding history, top competitors, and key products. It also tells you which technologies your lead’s company may use, making it great for tech salespeople.

Datanyze Pricing

Below are the pricing tiers for Datanyze:

  • Nyze Pro 1: $21 per month (960 credits per year)
  • Nyze Pro 2: $39 per month (1,920 credits per year)
  • Free Trial: 90 days with Nyze Lite (10 credits per month)

Datanyze Key Features

Here are four of Datanyze’s most impactful features:

  • Firmographic Data: Learn about a B2B professional’s company revenue, size, job postings, and more to find ways to break the ice on the call.
  • Technographic Data: Discover what technology solutions your target companies have begun or stopped using.
  • Segmented Lists: Tag contacts and companies to automatically save them into a list, which you can then export to Salesforce or as a CSV.
  • Icebreakers: Learn about news and events that are relevant to your lead’s world so that you can more tactfully begin conversations.

Datanyze example technographics

Datanyze example technographics

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LeadGenius is a software platform that uses machine learning and a global team of data scientists to uncover hard-to-find data about leads and companies. That includes buying intent signals, firmographics, and more. Unlike similar tools, LeadGenius has a personalized web crawler that can be configured to collect data relevant to your specific ICP criteria, making it perfect for those wanting a bespoke approach to lead research automation for prospecting.

LeadGenius Pricing

LeadGenius’s pricing tiers are listed below:

  • Free Version: 15 contacts per month
  • Premium: $50 per month (200 contacts per month)
  • Enterprise: Call for quote

LeadGenius Key Features

LeadGenius’s best research features are listed below:

  • Insights and Signals: Machine learning and a team of data scientists surface buying intent signals on accounts so you can cold call at the right time and prioritize leads.
  • Integrations: Integrate LeadGenius with your prospecting tools so that the contact and account data flows seamlessly between them.
  • Unique Verticals and Personas: Understand your verticals and personas with AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to hyper-target and personalize your outreach.
  • Data Enrichment: Fill in the gaps in datasets in your CRM or other prospecting tools through LeadGenius’s sophisticated data enrichment tools.

LeadGenius data gathering options

LeadGenius data gathering options

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With a bunch of intel on your leads, you can now begin using software that enables you to create call lists, place calls on from your desktop, and log them automatically. 

Cold Calling Software for Telephony Features

Cold calling software with telephony capabilities refers to the software that allows sales reps to efficiently make their cold calls, log and record them, and leave voicemails. Typically, sales reps will integrate these telephony tools with their CRM software so they can access lead data relevant to the cold call and call directly from their desktop platform. Below are two telephony tools built by CRM companies and one cloud call center platform. 

Salesforce Sales Dialer

Salesforce’s Sales Dialer tool allows you to use telephony features directly on the CRM platform, making it perfect for those planning to use or already using Salesforce as their CRM. The tool helps you create call lists, make calls, drop voicemails, log calls, and report on those calls. Users can use the click-to-dial feature to quickly place a call by simply clicking on the telephone number on the contact’s record, and voicemail drop to automatically leave messages.

Note that Sales Dialer is an add-on to the CRM. To use it, you have to first purchase Salesforce Sales Cloud, and then buy Sales Dialer on top of it.

Salesforce Sales Cloud & Sales Dialer Pricing

Below is the Salesforce Sales Cloud’s pricing:

  • Essentials: $25 per user, per month
  • Professional: $75 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $150 per user, per month
  • Unlimited: $300 per user, per month
  • Free Trial: 14 to 30 days

Here are the prices for the Sales Dialer add-on:

  • Outbound: $25 per user, per month
  • Inbound: $5 per user, per month
  • Minutes: $15 per organization, per month for 1,000 minutes

Salesforce Sales Dialer Key Features

Read about Sales Dialer’s best telephony features:

  • One-Click Calling: Make a call quickly by clicking the lead’s number within their contact record in Salesforce.
  • Voicemail Drops: Record generic voicemails beforehand, then drop them to your lead when they don’t pick up.
  • Automatic Call Logging: When you finish a call, the software will automatically log the call to the CRM, and you’ll have the ability to write notes and other information.
  • Call Lists: Easily prepare call lists of leads and view their relevant information as you work down the lists. Users can find power dialers on Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce one-click dialer

Salesforce one-click dialer

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HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot CRM’s sales software upgrade, HubSpot Sales Hub, offers a wide range of cold calling features, from list-building and desktop dialing to automatic call logging and recording. The tool works well in tandem with the CRM’s other features, which allows you to easily prepare queues of contacts and their data for a day of cold calling. Users also enjoy the efficiency of the one-click dialer that allows them to quickly place calls from their desktop browser.

HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing

  • HubSpot CRM: Free, but no cold calling software included
  • Starter: $45 per month for 2 users
  • Professional: $450 per month for 5 users
  • Enterprise: $1,200 per month for 12 users
  • Additional Users: $23 to $120 per additional user, per month

HubSpot Sales Hub Key Features

  • Call Queuing: Build out cold calling lists with relevant lead information so you can come organized to your cold calling block.
  • One-Click Desktop Calling: With a click of the mouse, you can connect to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone.
  • Call Logging and Recording: Automatically log and record every call you make to cold leads within the free HubSpot CRM.
  • Conversational Intelligence: An AI bot provides call transcripts and call analysis so you can improve your cold calls going forward.

HubSpot call queues

HubSpot Sales Hub call queues

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AirCall is a cloud call center platform designed for sales teams that do a lot of cold calling and want to do it more productively. Features like power dialing and one-click dialing limit downtime between calls so you can spend more time talking with leads. And integrations with CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce allow you to surface relevant contact details and past call notes as you place your calls. The platform also has coaching features like call whispering and recording.

AirCall Pricing

Check out AirCall’s pricing tiers below:

  • Essentials: $30 per user, per month
  • Professional: $50 per user, per month
  • Custom: Call for quote

AirCall Key Features

AirCall’s most powerful telephony features are listed below:

  • Power Dialer and One-Click Calling: The power dialer automatically calls the next number in the queue once a call ends. Or, call straight from your desktop with one click.
  • CRM Integrations: Integrate AirCall to your CRM so that you can see relevant data on the AirCall platform as you call a lead.
  • Call Logging and Recording: Log the outcomes of the calls and record them so that sales managers can listen to the calls and offer feedback.
  • Call Whispering: Speak to teammates and give them advice while they’re on a call with a lead.

AirCall desktop dialer

AirCall desktop dialer

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Becoming great at cold calling takes more than just making the calls. Like an athlete studying game tap, you have to analyze your cold calls to figure out what’s working and what’s not. A solid sales coaching software will help you here. 

Cold Calling Software for Analyzing Calls & Coaching Reps

Cold calling software for analytics and coaching encompasses tools that help sales reps and managers review reps’ cold calls and discover insights that help them improve them as time goes on. They accomplish this through conversational AI, which automatically records cold calls and analyzes the conversational data within them. These tools can help reps and managers understand what topics, behaviors, and tactics lead to booked meetings. 


Gong is a sales coaching platform that provides sellers and managers with a suite of tools to assess cold call performance, spot weaknesses, and replicate success. Using artificial intelligence, Gong automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes every cold call to reveal insights about what’s working and what’s not. This way, sales coaches gain visibility into the topics and behaviors that stump reps on cold calls, and can then guide them accordingly.

Gong Pricing

Gong offers customized pricing plans:

  • Call for Quote: Pricing depends on your company size and the contact methods you use to sell

Gong Key Features

Here are some of Gong’s best features:

  • Conversational AI: The platform automatically analyzes call recordings to uncover metrics like keywords and rep-to-customer talk ratio so you can uncover issue areas.
  • Key Performance Insights: AI tells you why sales reps are succeeding. For example, it may state that “Collin talks 30% more about security on his cold calls than other reps.”
  • Sales Rep Overviews: By analyzing each salesperson’s soft skills, adherence to the script, and topics discussed, the AI gives reps personalized recommendations.
  • Coaching Accountability: The software can track coaching metrics like calls listened to or feedback given to ensure that each sales coach properly supports their reps.

Gong sales rep insights

Gong sales rep insights

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Revenue.io is a conversation intelligence solution built for salespeople. Its conversational intelligence feature tells you why your top performers are so successful. Coaches can take those uncovered success tactics and teach them to their other cold-calling reps. And its Moments tool even gives reps data-driven advice during live cold calls based on the data it analyzes, making it a great tool for teams that want to automate and scale their sales coaching.

Revenue.io Pricing

Revenue.io offers customized pricing plans:

  • Call for Quote: Tiers include Core, Professional, Pro Plus, and Elite

Revenue.io Key Features

Revenue.io’s key coaching features are listed below:

  • Conversational Intelligence: Surface the tactics, topics of discussion, and behaviors of top-performing sales reps so you can replicate success across your team.
  • Real-Time Guidance: The Moments tool tells reps if they’re speaking too slowly, dominating the conversation, asking too many questions, or making other mistakes.
  • Library of Coachable Moments: Give reps access to recorded training sessions and conversation intelligence insights to ramp and train reps more efficiently.
  • Help Notifications: AI will alert managers when a sales rep is struggling on a call and needs some assistance.

Revenue.io call analysis

Revenue.io call analysis

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Chorus.ai is a conversation intelligence tool under ZoomInfo’s umbrella that helps sales development teams understand what makes a good cold call and replicate success. Users gain helpful insights from the conversational AI, which identifies talking points that result in booked meetings. It can even surface new pain points or objections from a call, so users can learn about their individuals and average leads and refine their process, training, and cold call script accordingly.

Chorus.ai Pricing

Chorus.ai offers customized packages:

  • Call for Quote: Chorus and ZoomInfo bundles are also available

Chorus.ai Key Features

Below are some of Chorus.ai’s best features for improving cold calls:

  • Talk Tracks Analysis: Discover which talk tracks lead to booked meetings. Answer questions like “Does bringing up ROI on a cold call help me book meetings?”
  • Objection and Pain Point Surfacing: Illuminate key insights like new objections from your cold calls, and share them with product and marketing for improved collaboration.
  • Cold Call Central: AI automatically records if the cold caller reached a gatekeeper, connected with a lead, left a voicemail, and hit an automated call routing system.
  • Account Executive Handoff: Chorus will take notes for SDRs during their cold calls to streamline the lead hand-off process to account executives.

Chorus Talk Tracks analysis

Chorus Talk Tracks analysis

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With conversation intelligence tools, sales managers can more effectively coach their reps, and reps can more intelligently analyze their own calls for insights on how to improve. Now that you know of some great tools for each step in the cold calling process, keep reading to learn techniques that you can use to book more meetings regardless of which software you use. 

How to Optimize Your Cold Calls

Below are some cold-calling best practices to make sure you’re making the most out of your cold call software and opening as many new and promising sales opportunities as possible. These include creating a call list, planning cold calling blocks, using a cold call script, and beginning the conversations by mentioning common and relevant pain points.

Create a Call List

Come to cold calling blocks prepared with a call list in your CRM or calling software so that you can fly through your calls and reduce downtime between each call. Have all the information you need about the lead on your desktop beforehand as well. Even better, use a power dialer that automatically calls the next number on the list after your call ends. This keeps you in the conversational flow state by removing task-switching friction, and it also saves you time.

Plan Cold Calling Blocks

Try to do 20-25 cold calls in a power hour so you can enter and stay in the right cold-calling mentality. Do nothing but cold call. After a few wins, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident, and that will make your next calls more effective. When you stop calling, you lose all of your momentum, then when you return for your next cold calls, you’ll start from a cold state of mind. It’s like subbing out a basketball player right when they get hot.

Use a Cold Call Script

Write a cold call script that you can alter slightly for each lead based on their unique situation and probable pain points. When you reuse and memorize a script, you become a master at the language, and this confidence will show in the tone of your voice. Plus, when you can start each call in pretty much the same way, you save time because you don’t have to think of an opener for every new cold call.

Lead With Pain Points

After initial greetings, bring up some pain points that you believe will be relevant to the lead based on the information you’ve gathered about them. Consider using your conversational intelligence or coaching software to figure out which pain points most frequently result in booked meetings. This intel will help you refine your approach and call script.

Cold calling software alone is never going to help you blow past your quota. You have to master the fundamentals of cold calling first, and use the software to make the fundamental skills go further, not as a substitute for them. 

Bottom Line: Best Cold Calling Software

Cold calling software is any tool that streamlines or enhances an aspect of cold calling. Typically, users build a tech stack that covers the four parts of the process: finding phone numbers, gathering lead intel, placing and logging calls, and coaching reps. Sometimes this means using two wide-reaching tools. Other times, users will use four point solutions. As long as all four bases are covered, you set yourself up for productive and effective cold calling.

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